Patio Design: Today's 7 Most Popular Materials

In the course of designing your dream patio, be sure to factor the material's aesthetics, durability, and maintenance requirements into your decision-making.

  1. Creating Your Dream Patio

    Stone Patio

    Patios are at the center of outdoor living and entertaining. In the course of designing yours, remember that the patio material you choose will play a major role in determining the appearance and performance of your installation.

  2. Flagstone

    Flagstone Patio

    A natural stone mined from quarries, fieldstone features an unmistakable look, at once earthy and distinguished. The heavy, irregularly shaped and sized stones, however, discourage installation by the casual DIYer.

  3. Bluestone

    Bluestone Patio

    Bluestone is prized for its bluish-gray hue. To retain that coloring, the material must be treated with a sealer every year or two. Because it's so dense, bluestone becomes rather warm under direct sun, so experts usually recommend it for shady yard areas.

  4. Clay Bricks

    Herringbone Brick Patio

    Clay bricks have been used for centuries to build walkways and patios, their handy size and regular dimensions facilitating installation in any number of patterns. Increasingly, homeowners choose reclaimed brick for its charm, not to mention its eco-friendly attributes.

  5. Pavers

    Paver Patio

    Made of natural stone, concrete, clay or recycled materials, pavers are a popular patio material, in part because they are so easy to work with and like brick, can be laid in a range of patterns.

  6. Concrete

    Concrete Patio

    Typically the least expensive to build, a concrete patio may be shaped, painted, stained, stamped or colored, though in its most basic form, will be nothing more than a square or rectangular slab.

  7. Gravel

    Gravel Patio

    Gravel is a quick and easy patio option that offers excellent drainage, and when installed over fabric landscape liner, it effectively deters weed growth. If you expect your patio will get considerable foot traffic, avoid round, pebble-like stones in favor of crushed gravel, whose angularity helps the installation stay in place.

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