Say Hello to Fall with 21 Quick and Easy DIYs

No time for fall decorating? No problem! You can finish these 21 DIYs in mere minutes—and start receiving compliments on them in no time.

A Good Apple

DIY Apple Candle

These luscious luminaries are fresh and fragrant right down to their core! To create your own version of these DIY candles from Say Yes, melt chopped crayons together with paraffin wax and apple cider mix. Pour the sweet concoction into a scooped out apple and place a wick in the soft center to infuse your home with autumn.

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Door to Adore

DIY Painted Doormat for Fall

Acrylic paint, a plain doormat, and a steady hand are all you need to bring this bespoke beauty to your doorstep. Using a paintbrush, freehand a custom welcome message onto the mat. After sketching a fall-friendly note, go over the design a second time to make it pop.

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Flower Power

DIY Flower Wreath

This photogenic wreath proves that you don’t have to be a pro to take a dramatic snapshot of autumn. Simply gather your favorite fall flowers, and secure the stems to a stick wreath form. When the wreath is full, hang it from a ribbon taped to the back of a picture frame for a picture-perfect finish.

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Handy Work

Sew Mittens DIY

Have a sweater too shabby to don this fall? Repurpose it into these tailor-made mittens from A Beautiful Mess. Laying your open palm over the sweater, trace around it with chalk and along the line using scissors. With the fabric cut, all that’s left to do is stitch the two sweater swatches together and cozy up to your new cold-busting companions.

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Turning Over a New Leaf

DIY Leaf Garland

Display the beauty of fall foliage, without bringing home a mess, with this paper garland. Five different leaf patterns, available as downloadable templates from Lia Griffith, make for perfect front porch flair when cut from metallic paper and threaded through string or twine. Alternatively, secure the leaves to a plain wreath to spruce up the front door. 

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Too Hot to Handle

DIY Fall Lantern

The secret behind this low-effort lantern is a superhero sealant called Mod Podge. Apply a coat of the craft adhesive to the outside of empty glass jars, then top with autumn leaves and another layer of Mod Podge. When the jar is dry, place a tea light inside to fill your home with rustic radiance.

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Food for the Flock

DIY Bird Feeder for Fall

When it comes to fall decor, don't overlook the bird feeder. This fruitful DIY is sure to appeal to the tastes of you and your feathered friends alike. String twine through an empty orange shell and knot the ends. Fill the shell with bird seed and then hang from a tree branch for a fragrant and festive fall touch.

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Pipe Dream

DIY Fall Vase with Copper Pipe

This faux copper pipe vase may look luxe but behind its fashionable facade are surprisingly humble materials: a tin can and wooden dowels. Once the dowels are sanded, glued to a can, and spray painted, they make a perfect home for fall flowers.

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Painting with Nature

DIY Painted Leaf Banner

If there are any colors missing from nature’s palette, this leafy garland fills them in with blocks of colorful paint. When strung from embroidery thread, the vivid foliage lends a punch of personality to a blank wall.

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All Squared Away

DIY Hand Warmers

Pocket squares are back in style—only this time, as seasonally savvy accessories. These no-sew cotton flannel hand warmers come together in minutes with raw rice and fabric fusing. Once zapped in the microwave and slipped into your coat, they'll keep you warm while you're on the go.

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Concrete Solution

DIY Pumpkin Planter

Sure, you could turn a real pumpkin into a seasonal planter, but that comes with mess and stress. For a similar look without the extra work, try turning a craft pumpkin into a faux concrete planter. This no-pulp, no-mess pumpkin can be carved with an X-ACTO knife and painted gray to evoke the enduring appeal of concrete. All that’s left to do is fill the base with rocks and succulents.

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Sweet Scent-sation

Homemade Potpourri

You can’t beat the aroma of this homemade potpourri. So why not borrow its fruity fragrance for your own home? Cranberries, oranges, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg are the key ingredients in this stovetop recipe. Simmer them in water to let the seasonal bouquet waft through the air.

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A Memorable Mug

DIY Coffee Mug Stand

Keep a mug for coffee or cocoa within easy reach with this handmade mug tree. With wooden dowels, a concrete stand, and nails, this crafty perch will ensure your trusty cup of joe is always there for you.

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Inflated Allure

Autumn Leaf Bowl

Need a quick table topper for a fall bash? Apply Mod Podge to a balloon, then apply fallen leaves around the base. When the balloon dries, release the air to watch the leaves take shape into a decorative bowl for a dining or coffee table.

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Can’t a Hold a Candle to You

Pumpkin Candle Holder

The most surprising thing about this one-of-a-kind pumpkin candle holder? You don’t need a pumpkin to replicate its radiance. Remove the top of a craft pumpkin and fill it with a glass candle holder. With the base of the candle holder adorned with fall brambles, you'll hardly notice it's not real.

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Farm-Fresh Find

Fall Basket Wreath

This DIY doorway decoration makes taking a trip to the farmer’s market as simple as stepping onto your front porch. Fill a basket with multicolored faux leaves and wheat, then hang the basket from the door with burlap ribbon to bring the harvest home.

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See the Light

Pumpkin Mason Jar Lamp

The clever construction of this lantern may look complex, but it's surprisingly simple to replicate. Inside of a carved craft pumpkin, stash a battery pack and a mason jar filled with artificial lights. Personalize yours with a custom monogram to add an extra dose of warmth.

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Leaf-Glazed Look

DIY Leaves from Plastic Bags

A DIYer’s trash can also be his treasure. Case in point: this nature-inspired window decoration made from recycled plastic bags. The blogger at Aunt Peaches made this work of art by painting, cutting, and ironing together layers of plastic bags until they resemble fall leaves. Once tied to a tension rod, they create a vision of color and shape whether the curtains are open or closed.

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Little Acorn-er of the World

DIY Acorn Garland

If your furry neighbors haven’t squirreled away all the acorns, gather the leftovers from the yard and paint the bases white. Tie each acorn to a length of twine for a one-of-a-kind garland, or simply display them in a fall-inspired centerpiece.

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Sizable Salutation

DIY Porch Welcome Sign

Give your guests a big welcome—literally—with this towering entry sign. Decorative letters coated with exterior paint can elevate even an old wooden post to new heights. Prop the post on the front porch along with other fall decor to greet your guests with the scintillating sights of the season.

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Green with Envy

DIY Plant Wreath

Simple yet elegant, this holiday wreath relies on everyday plants to exude evergreen style. The wreath form comes together with twisted willow branches, while eucalyptus (or any other flexible twigs) interspersed throughout the wreath evoke a vibrant, vine-like effect.

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Make It Easy

Make It Easy

Your fall decorating is as good as done with these simple DIYs.

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