See the Homes That Blew Our Minds in 2017

While we'll never stop loving shiplap and subway tile, the out-of-the-ordinary designs and decor of these stunning homes gave us pause. We just can't get over these houses—from mega-mansions with helicopter pads to tiny, off-the-grid roosts—that we've run across this year. See for yourself!

  1. Ice-olation


    The neutral exterior of this Icelandic house blends seamlessly into the stunning scenery, never detracting from nature's beauty. Inside, however, residents enjoy unexpected bursts of color. Although an all-red bathroom may seem like a bold choice for most homes, we think it works in this modern masterpiece. 

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  2. Time Out

    San francisco ca

    Zillow Digs home in San Francisco, CA

    When you live in something as unusual as a clock tower, why try to disguise it? This cool pad in San Francisco fully embraces the clock into its interior design by framing the clock-face windows with minimalist furniture. The only downside to living in this penthouse apartment is that no one will believe you lost track of time when you say you're running late.

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  3. Making Waves

    Venice ca

    Zillow Digs home in Venice, CA

    This isn't your typical split-level in the suburbs. Called "The Wave House," its fluid design transfers from the exterior to the interior. Inside, it's all about the open concept and the blending of the indoor and courtyard spaces. With large sliding doors on all walls, the backyard feels almost like it's another room in the house. 

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  4. Contemporary Cabin

    Bc canada

    Tucked into the woods of British Columbia, this contemporary lodging somehow manages to feel cozy despite its sleek, sharp lines. That comforting sense of hygge emanates in part from warm touches like the built-in firewood storage and a wood-burning stove—practical home details that look like works of art.

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  5. Bigger in Texas

    Dallas tx

    Zillow Digs home in Dallas, TX

    Renowned architect Philip Johnson designed this Dallas mansion, which is equally spectacular on the inside as on the outside. With one of the grandest entryways in modern architecture as well as 6 bedrooms and 11 baths, this 7-acre property also includes a media house, modernist cabana, pool, and tennis court. 

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  6. Tranquil Tree House

    Willow ny

    Tree houses aren’t just for kids anymore. This contemporary home nestled in the forest of Willow, New York, offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The large windows in this open concept stunner highlight the appeal of living simply.

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  7. California Compound

    Los angeles ca

    Zillow Digs home in Los Angeles, CA

    This Bel Air mansion earned its claim to fame this year as the most expensive home ever listed in America—a whopping $250 million. Although we can't say whether or not the price tag is justified, it's hard not to be impressed by 38,000 square feet of luxury living—plus 17,000 square feet of sprawling outdoor decks. This opulent marvel has 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, 3 kitchens, a movie theater, bowling alley, and candy wall—just to name a few of its amenities.

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  8. Feeling Blue

    Denver co

    If you need proof that spectacular homes need not be mansions to be impressive, look no further than this charming apartment. Though more modest in size than some of the homes on our list, this one would surely catch anyone’s attention with its bright blue exterior paint job. Inside, every detail has been thoughtfully considered, especially in the kitchen, where a funky backsplash takes center stage.

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  9. Petite Palace


    While not quite as large as an actual palace, this grand house still has all the details you might expect to find in a truly regal residence, including ornate molding, golden accents, and dramatic chandeliers

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  10. Mediterranean Masterpiece


    Welcome to paradise! Thanks to a wall of windows and expansive patio seating, residents of this cliffside villa in Greece enjoy a completely unobstructed view of the water whether they're inside or out.

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  11. Cool Dwellings

    10 homes that blew our minds in 2017

    At, we appreciate creative home designs. Whether they float on water, travel on wheels, or started as something else entirely, we admire the original construction.

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