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The secret to a better home? Better tools and products to keep it tidy, healthy, and well-maintained. That's where this collection of new and quality products comes in handy. Flip through the list and discover one or two things your home should never be without.

  1. Laser Level

    Bob Vila Products Laser Level

    If you need to measure a straight line or ensure accurate cuts, no tool is more helpful than a laser level. This handy 4-in-1 Bob Vila Laser Level is an improvement on the traditional bubble level since it also features a light that projects a level line and gauges the distances between objects. The hands-free level can also determine 45-degree angles, and comes with a built-in measuring tape–allowing you to take fewer trips to the toolbox during your next home project. Available on Amazon; $19.99. 

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  2. Magnetic Wrist Band

    Bob Vila Products Magnetic Wrist Band

    No matter what's next on your to-do list, doing it yourself often comes with the added challenge of hanging onto the nails, screws, washers, nuts or bolts you need to get the job done. It only adds time to the project if you have to return to the toolbox over and over again, and it only adds frustration if you can't ever seem to find what you're looking for. The solution? Maintain your momentum and stay on task with the Magnetic Wrist Band. Embedded with lightweight yet powerful magnets, the one-size-fits-most Wrist Band holds metal fasteners securely in place, right where you need them, enabling you to finish the job in less time and with a whole lot less hassle. Available at Amazon; $14.99.

  3. Workman's Apron

    Bob Vila Products Workman's Apron

    A well-made apron should do more than simply protect your skin and clothes, which is why the Bob Vila Workman’s Apron was designed with durability and functionality in mind. Adjustable straps cross behind the shoulders for a comfortable fit, while a variety of pockets provide storage for your tools and supplies. Made with heavy-duty wax canvas, leather, and brass rivets, the apron is guaranteed to survive almost any home renovation or DIY project you can throw at it. Available on Amazon; $46.32. 

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  4. Mosquito Trap

    Bob Vila Products Mosquito Trap

    Nothing ruins an evening in the backyard like getting bitten by mosquitos. Even when you slather on sticky bug sprays, the pests hover around your food and drinks, making a nice night outside more of an annoyance. The Bob Vila Mosquito Trap resolves this problem. The light-up trap uses a built-in fan that silently pulls the mosquitos in, avoiding the need for strong-smelling chemicals. And it’s portable size makes it easy to transport to wherever you need a bit of bug-fighting power. Available at Bob Vila Products; $39.99.

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  5. Bag Clip

    Bob Vila Products Bag Clip

    Carting a heavy bag of sand, cement, or mulch across the yard isn't just awkward, it's potentially dangerous since all that stooping and straining can cause injury to your back. Lighten your load when you attach this clever clip to bags of feed, soil, even groceries. The heavy-duty grip safely holds bags in place, allowing you to transport them to and fro without breaking a sweat. Available at; $19.99.

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  6. Pruning Tool

    Bob Vila Products Pruning Tool

    Extend your reach with the help of a Bob Vila Pruning Tool. With a 20-inch reach and a 180° rotating handle, these sheers are designed to nip and slice high-up branches while reducing your need to stretch and strain to do the job. Plus, with the ergonomic handle and comfort grip, this is one tool you'll actually look forward to using. Available at; $24.99.

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  7. Workman's Gloves

    Bob Vila Products Workman's Gloves

    Every good handyman or woman needs a trusty pair of working gloves to stay protected during DIY projects. The Bob Vila Workman's Gloves are a reliable and durable choice. The flexible fabric makes it easy to do work without feeling like your mobility is limited, and an adjustable strap makes sure that the gloves fit just right. For added comfort and protection, the palms are vented and reinforced. You can take these gloves with you from the workshop to the yard. Available on

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  8. Portable Chainsaw

    Bob Vila Products Portable Chainsaw

    No need to lug out heavy tools when you make your rounds this pruning season. The 50"-long portable chainsaw from Bob Vila Products is long enough to reach higher branches while still folding down to neatly fit in a pocket-sized nylon case. Should you find branches that need trimming, saw quickly and easily through tree limbs up to 4 inches thick—this small but mighty tool powers through tasks up to 50 percent faster than traditional hand saws! Available on Amazon; $22.21.

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  9. Microfiber Towels

    Bob Vila Products Microfiber Towels

    Arguably the cleaning supply that gets the most use, the microfiber cloth's super strength is two-fold: an ability to trap dirt and dust with its tiny fibers and durability to withstand several rounds of cleaning (with washes between each, of course). This set of a dozen 16-by-15-inch towels from Bob Vila Products even features a pocket on each in which you can slip your fingers for better grip while wiping down windows, countertops, stainless steel appliances, and more. Available on Amazon; $19.99.

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  10. Painter's Palette

    Bob Vila Products Painter's Palette

    For small projects and touch-ups, many DIYers prefer to use an old coffee can, or plastic cup to hold their paint, rather than rely on a cumbersome paint tray. While there's nothing wrong with repurposing containers you have lying around the house, you may get better performance out of a dedicated palette, such as the Bob Vila's Painter's Palette. Made from unique fibers, the palette is designed to grip the paint, minimizing the risk of spills. Even if the palette tip or falls upside down, the palette prevents the kind of mess that would result from a capsized paint cup. Available at Amazon; $21.99.

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  11. Palm Screwdriver

    Bob Vila Products Palm Screwdriver

    Gripping and twisting a traditional screwdriver over a prolonged time–such as during an intensive DIY project–can tire out your joints. With the Bob Vila Palm Screwdriver, however, driving screws becomes a cinch. The ratcheting screwdriver comes with a 16-bit set, which you can secure in the integrated accessories compartment. Handy homeowners will love the palm screwdriver's quick-release bit extension and the no-effort bit attachment, which is powered by a magnet. Available on

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  12. Workman's Multitool

    Bob Vila Products Workman's Multitool

    If your toolbox already contains the essentials, what’s the point of a multitool that combines their different standalone functions? In a word: convenience. The next time you need to make a small tweak around the house, then—rather than traipse out to the garage to gather each one of the tools you may need—you can grab the Workman’s Multitool and go to work immediately. Cleverly designed and surprisingly compact, the Workman’s Multitool packs no small amount of utility into its engraved wooden handle. Besides a hammer with integrated pliers, there's also a mini saw blade, a straight-edge knife, two types of screwdrivers, and—believe it or not—a handful of other tools, all intended to help you complete the job in the time it would otherwise take you just to get started. Available at Amazon; $29.99.

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