Stairs with a Twist: 11 Spiral Designs You'll Love

If you've always admired the the fun-loving spirit of a spiral staircase but lacked the proper space—or perhaps the courage—to install one yourself, draw inspiration from these imaginative interpretations.

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  1. Sculptural Elegance


    Like a work of art, the sculptural elegance of this spiral staircase commands focus. It's generous size and graceful lines make it the perfect solution for the long, narrow contemporary living room it inhabits.

  2. A Perfect Pairing


    The gentle curve of this staircase's banister echoes the arched window that floods the room with natural light. The compact spiral travels a surprising distance in a tidy footprint and adds a strong sculptural element to the room.

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  3. Modern Luxury


    A sleek design and gleaming finish help this spiral staircase blend seamlessly into its contemporary surroundings. The veneer-faced cabinets and globe-shaped glass pendants further support the room's clean, modern vibe.

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  4. Old-World Charm


    The timeless look of a spiral staircase in a library brimming with dark wood tones recalls European manor houses from centuries past. In this modern-day example, shuttered windows create a dramatic backdrop to the climb.

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    Dallas Design Group, Interiors

  5. Farmhouse Chic


    Reflecting its setting within a renovated silo, this spiral staircase uses barn siding in place of a traditional banister, evoking its farmhouse roots.

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    Monticello Homes & Development

  6. Double Take


    What couple wouldn't jump at the chance to inhabit a cool penthouse like this one, with its his-and-hers loft offices accessible by matching spiral stairs?

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  7. Organic Spiral


    The organic design of this wood staircase by Patrick Jouin brings a unique look to the house—both inside and out.  A steel hand rail (fixed to its center spine) supports the climb up and down the cantilevered steps.

  8. Iron and Wood


    This spacious addition features a barn-like feeling and a lovely spiral stair that unites the iron and wood details used elsewhere in the room.

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    Scott Wilson, Scott Wilson Architect, LLC

  9. Fancy Footwork


    Don't be afraid to look beyond solid risers. Here, an ornate wrought iron stairway complements the natural stone and wood materials in the room, adding visual interest to the clean-lined space.

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  10. Delicate Details


    An alcove is the ideal setting for a spiral staircase. The warm wood tone of the steps and the decorative touches on the iron newel post and spindles give this design an old-fashioned appeal.


  11. The Ultimate Staircase


    Not only does this four-story spiral unit facilitate easy movement between a townhouse's floors, it also becomes a stunning architectural element when viewed through the glass panels on the back of the house.

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