Stenciled Floors: The Best of Today's Designs

Stenciled floors date back to Colonial times, but these examples represent some of today's best painted floor fashions.

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  1. Anemones

    Anemone stencil 400x504

    Grow a garden path of Anemones with this 20” W x 24” H reusable flower stencil. Easy to use, even for first-time stencilers, this pattern involves a single overlay for quick applications. Consider one paint color or several; custom sizes are available. From Cutting Edge Stencils.

    Cutting Edge Stencils

  2. Medallions

    Craftser chipboard floor stencil

    This stencil was homemade by tracing the design on chipboard and creating a template. The placement and subtle coloring of Evening Violet and Black Orchid (Behr paints) are made even more dramatic when paired with the Ralph Lauren Belmont Pink-colored walls. To see a how-to, visit Craftster.


  3. Overall Patterns

    Paisley wallpaper 400x499

    Here’s an example of a pattern that was blown up to create a larger scale overall design. You can experiment with finishing techniques when painting. Applying a single base coat will let the woodgrain show through to provide a softer, more worn-in look. Multiple coats will make the pattern more defined. For a how-to on this floor, see Paisley Wallpaper.

    Paisley Wallpaper

  4. Colorful Geometrics

    Sunny goode 400x427

    Geometric patterns are classic for a reason—they never go out of style. They can also be accomplished with nothing more than a ruler, a roll of painter's tape, a can or two of paint and a design plan. Contrasting colors will create a more graphic look, while complementary hues will lend themselves to subtler patterns.

    Sunny Goode

  5. Updated Stripes

    Elle decor 400x500

    Put a twist on the simple stripe by skewing it on a diagonal. This is a great alternative to stenciled floors, and the look is is relatively easy to achieve. Consider the option of pairing two colors together or alternating broad bands of one color with natural wood, as in the example shown here.

    Elle Decor

  6. Kitchen Salvation

    Young house love 400x535

    Here’s a good example of how stenciling can help revive a floor that has seen better days. The homeowner wanted a quick fix for her peeling linoleum tile, so she tore up the old flooring and refinished the plywood with a charming stencil pattern. Another great DIY fix from Young House Love.

    Young House Love

  7. Lace Designs

    Mymarrakesh lace stencil floor guest house

    Patterns don’t have to be large or graphic to get attention. Consider this stenciled lace floor from a guest house at Maryam Montague's resort hotel Peackock Pavilions. While it may be more difficult, the look is stunning. Don't miss Maryam's how-to guide, right here

    Design Sponge

  8. Rug-Like Patterns

    Megahowto 400x354

    The alternating stencil patterns and border help to anchor this kitchen floor, provide pattern and color in the bargain. Unlike a rug, stencil floors can be swept, vacuumed, and wet-mopped for easy clean-up; they are ideally suited, therefore, to kitchens, hallways, and entryways. You can learn more at Mega How-To.

    Mega How-To

  9. Rose Garden

    Bluedoor 400x429

    This Rose Garden pattern packs a big visual impact with its 13" x 21" scale. Exercise your personal style and creativity by choosing color and pattern arrangement. The bolder the color the more attention it's certain to generate. From Blue Door 17.

    Blue Door 17

  10. Historic Patterns

    Country living 400x440

    The versatility of floor stencils allows many patterns to feel right at home, whether it’s a modern setting or a traditional country environment.  Here, the wood floor’s worn, black-and-white graphic pattern plays up the vintage nature of the furnishings and overall mood of the room. To learn more about authentic historic stencils, click here.

    Country Living

  11. The DIY Approach

    Marakeshbydesign maryam montague how to stencil floors bob vila 390x480

    To learn how to make your own stenciled floor, visit our article here. You can find other great projects in our 30 Days of Easy Summer DIY.

    Marrakesh By Desgin