Thank You For Entering Bob Vila's $3,000 Home Decor Giveaway!

  1. Thank You for Entering!

    Thank You for Entering!

    Thank you for entering Bob Vila's $3,000 Home Decor Giveaway from Lumens! Now that you've entered, click through to learn more about lighting your home.

  2. Know the Lighting Basics

    Know the Lighting Basics

    Homeowners shouldn't downplay the importance of lighting on their home's mood and decor scheme.  Learn about 8 common lighting mistakes almost everyone makes, and how to properly fix them.

  3. The Best Lighting for Your Bedroom

    The Best Lighting for Your Bedroom

    Though bedrooms are primarily for sleeping, they aren’t meant to be dark all the time. Familiarize yourself with nine types of lighting fixtures for the bedroom, each with its own place and functionality.

  4. Learn About Light Bulbs

    Learn About Light Bulbs

    The bulbs inside of your lights are as important as the fixtures themselves. Read about the many different types of light bulbs on the market today, so you'll be prepared the next time you have to replace a burnt-out bulb.

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