Thank You For Entering Bob Vila’s $5,000 Beat the Heat Giveaway with Fujitsu General!

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Thank You for Entering!

Thank you for entering Bob Vila’s $5,000 Beat the Heat Giveaway with Fujitsu General! Now that you’ve entered, click through to learn more about maintaining your home during the summertime. 

Backyard Update

Many homeowners flock to their backyard to enjoy the warm weather. If your outdoor space could use a refresh, read about 12 easy backyard updates you can do in a day, from building a trellis to creating garden edges.

Keeping Cool

Staying cool throughout the summer is no easy feat. Keep yourself comfortable with these 12 clever ways to beat the heat.

Summer Life Hacks

Want to make the most of the season? Test out these 20 summer life hacks, which can be used inside and outside your home. 

Seasonal DIY Projects

If you’re in a do-it-yourself mood, check out these 13 creative designs for easy DIY planters. Also take a look at the smallest and smartest DIYs you can do for your home throughout the year.