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  1. Natural Wood Accents


    Fallen branches and trees don't often have much to look forward to besides becoming mulch on the forest floor. But with a little ingenuity, designers are starting to find new ways of using wood and cross-cut lumber indoors as decor.

  2. Sneaky Storage

    Storageunderstairs %281%29

    Storing your belongings out in the open is so 21st century. Welcome to the clean, clutter-concealed age of hidden storage.

  3. Garage Makeover in 3 Steps


    Lawnmowers? Yard Furniture? Old paint cans? Take back your garage with these tips on bringing order to the chaos. Our roundup 10 "Neat" Garage Storage Solutions might help, too.

  4. 11 Ways to Winterize


    Get ready, folks: winter is coming. Take a look at our top tips for saving energy and keeping your house warm as the temperature begins to drop.

  5. Creative Firewood Storage


    Explore a dozen "different" ways to store firewood for your family this winter season. Make your log storage as delightful as the cozy, warm fire itself!

  6. Front Door Facelift


    Interior Domain Designs

    As the first and last part of your house a visitor sees, the front door is the perfect place to really make a statement. Browse ten eye-catching options for updating your entryway.

  7. Snow Blower Shopping?

    Snow blower

    Winter’s chill is in the air, and that means it may be time to shop for a snow blower. There are a number of factors to consider, among them average snowfall, width of sidewalks and driveways, and finally the size and weight of the snowblower. Learn more.

  8. Hot Fireplace Inserts

    Fireplace insert

    Fireplace inserts are a great way to update an existing masonry fireplace. Since they are constructed of durable steel or cast iron and utilize an insulated closed-combustion system, they also increase heat output and promote efficiency. Find out more.

  9. Ingenious IKEA Hacks


    Suze Geeks Out

    See how DIYers combine, modify, and rearrange stock items from the Swedish mega-chain to create their own unique furniture, like the mirror turned cork-board pictured.

  10. Old House, Modern Kitchen

    Kitchen reno

    Monchak A + D Design LLC

    In Upstate New York, architect Elaine Monchak's contemporary kitchen design animates the old bones of a 1789 farmhouse. See how she was able to bridge the mix of old and new in this kitchen tour.

  11. Mobile Homes: Then and Now


    Upwardly Mobile

    Visit our Mobile Homes Timeline to explore the design evolution of manufactured housing, from its humble trailer origins to its status as an American staple of increasing sophistication.

  12. Classic Pegboard

    Pegboard storage

    A favorite in garage workshops, pegboard is just as utilitarian and easy to install elsewhere in the house. In the kitchen, for instance, use it to store your pots, pans, and other instruments within easy reach. 

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    Design Sponge

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    Discover and admire beautiful and innovative home architecture, from grand Victorians to quaint cabins and all the styles in between. Take a look at the latest images and inspiration!