The 15 Best Lawn Games to Play This Summer

Summertime is the perfect time to shoot the breeze in the backyard with your family and friends. Whether your soirée of choice is a barbecue or a pool party, entertain your guests with outdoor games that are ready to play straight out of the box. From classic contests to modern matches, here are the best lawn games you can buy on the web and have shipped straight to your home for instant fun.

  1. Pallin-o Around

    bocce ball set

    A popular pastime since the Roman Empire, Bocce ball remains a favorite for its ease of setup and simple rules. This bocce ball set lets you bring the game to your backyard, a park, or a tailgating event in a convenient zippered carrying case that includes eight resin bocce balls in four cheery colors and one white pallino ball. Two to four can play, so have a ball with the whole family! Available from Target; $74.99.

  2. Chip In

    backyard golf game

    Can’t decide on a game of golf or cornhole? Play both, either solo or with a pal, with this two-in-one lawn game from Chippo. Grab a club and tee off from the included turf-covered chip mat into one of three netted holes in the lightweight, portable cornhole-style course. Included foam balls achieve the spin and height of a real golf ball without the damage, so you can swing for the fences without denting your own fence. Available from The Grommet; $189.95.

  3. Connect with Your Inner Kid

    giant connect four

    Proof that you can never outgrow the games of your youth, this giant, 3 x 2.7-foot Connect 4 game serves up fun for adults and kids from a comfortable standing position. Two can take turns sliding in the 21 red and 21 blue plastic coins into the premium wooden board in hopes of connecting four of the same color in a row and claiming victory. With the durable carrying case, you’ll never lose a piece. Available on Amazon; $78.99.

  4. Water War

    self sealing water balloons

    If you’re tired of sweating it out in the heat filling and tying individual balloons, gear up for your kiddos’ next water balloon fight with Zuru Bunch O Balloons. This 265-pack of rapid-filling, self-sealing balloons can be connected to a spigot, filled up, and closed up in under a minute so tykes three and up can spend more time splashing with friends and less time loading up on liquid ammo. Available from Target; $24.99.

  5. Social Climber


    Not all activities requiring a ladder involve backbreaking work! In fact, when you set up the Go Sports’ Premium Ladder Toss on your lawn, pure fun awaits. Pre-glued PVC pipes assemble into a tipping-proof ladder in two minutes. When setup is done, grab one of three red or three blue ball bolos (balls attached to tangle-free ropes) and toss it over the ladder so the rope catches a rung. A built-in scorekeeper on the side of the ladder makes declaring the winner a cinch. Available on Amazon; $34.80 for standard size.

  6. Nothin’ but Net


    Why waste time at your backyard barbecue setting up a volleyball net or drawing up a four square grid when you can set up this twist on the two games in seconds? Gather two teams of two, drop the round Spikeball net between you on level ground, and let the server bounce one of three included balls to you by way of the net. You have three chances to return it, so jump, dive — do whatever it takes to keep the ball from hitting the ground! When the game ends, slip it into the included drawstring bag for compact storage and easy transport. Available from Target; $59.99.

  7. Bright Idea

    light up cornhole

    Cap off your evening cookout with a game of cornhole with this innovative set of two melamine resin cornhole boards illuminated with small red lights and accompanied by eight glow-in-the-dark bean bags with handles for enhanced grip. Aim a bean bag at a hole on the board, toss, and score! What could be more simple or satisfying on a summer’s day than this old southern tradition? Available from Wayfair; $65.99.

  8. Floating Fun

    Floating Golf Game

    Putt like the pros at an idyllic waterfront golf course with this floating golf green that converts your own backyard pool or koi pond into a putting station. The recycled synesthetic turf comes with everything you need for a successful day at the course including balls, a flag, a cup, and a chipping pad—and yes—they all float, too. If you’re poolless, get in your daily strokes by parking the green on land. Available from The Grommet; starts at $125.

  9. Croquet Capers


    Play croquet like the British royals of old did — with style — by snagging this colorful and durable croquet set for your lawn party. The set comes complete with six mallets, six balls, nine wickets, two end posts, a rulebook, and a chic storage bag. The 35-inch mallet handles and lightweight, three-inch croquet balls make it easy for players of all ages, sizes, and skill levels to strike a ball through the wickets and score. Available on Amazon; $48.99.

  10. Can It

    kan jam

    Soccer and basketball not your jam? Try Kan Jam, a net-free game that has a thrower attempt to land a flying disc into the opponent’s can-shaped goal from fifty feet away. This game set smoothes your learning curve by providing everything you need for a game of two against two in the yard or at the beach, including two portable, weatherproof goals, an official Kan Jam flying disc, and instructions. Available on Amazon; $39.99.

  11. Equine Entertainment

    backyard horseshoes

    When the skies are clear, hoof it to the yard to play a game of horseshoes, which is played today much like it was nearly 100 years ago. Plant two metal stakes into the ground 40 feet apart, and take turns with a buddy tossing a horseshoe atop the opponent’s stake. This horseshoe kit, complete with 23.5-inch solid forged steel stakes and two red and two blue powder-coated horseshoes, makes a backyard setup a breeze—and ultra-durable to boot. Available on Amazon; $34.32.

  12. Solution for Sportsoholics

    Badminton Volleyball set

    Whether you’re a whiz with a shuttlecock or were born to bump, set, and spike, this combination badminton and volleyball set will satisfy your craving for competition. The multi-sport equipment set comes with a net that adjusts from regulation badminton to volleyball net height, along with four badminton rackets, two shuttlecocks, one volleyball, and a pump and needle to inflate it for non-stop play. Available from Target; $39.99.

  13. Dicey Distraction


    This six-pack of giant dice, each measuring 3.5 x 3.5 inches, lends an interactive element to Pig, Bunco, Farkle and other popular dice games. The all-weather dice made of sustainably sourced, kiln-dried New Zealand pine can survive wind, rain, and whatever else the forecast throws at them — as well as grass, concrete, and other surfaces you throw them on — looking no worse for wear. An included scorecard and markers make for easy scorekeeping, while the 10-by-10-inch wooden basket keeps lawn clutter at bay. Available from Home Depot; $69.95.

  14. Get Hooked

    hook and ring game

    Make a splash at your next lawn party by bringing home the Surf Edition of the popular Hook & Ring game. Mount the bamboo Tiki Toss board on the exterior of your home facing your yard in under five minutes, and then gather your friends, taking turns to swing the steel ring-on-a-string around the hook of the board. Be prepared: it’s more challenging than it looks! Available from The Grommet; $29.95.

  15. Fall for Fun

    giant jenga

    The stakes — and the fun factor — of the nail-biting game of Jenga are even higher when you supersize the game. With this set of 56 oversized interlocking timbers, each measuring 7.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches, you and your party guests can build a tower of 19 levels extending over five feet tall. But be careful where you poke and prod, lest it all comes crashing down! Available on Amazon; $79.99.

  16. Backyard Blast

    best backyard games

    With a few of these lawn games in your garage, the fun will never stop.

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