The 9 Biggest Black Friday Myths—Busted!

Every year, buyers wait eagerly for Black Friday to ensure they snag the best deal on that must-have toy or the latest tech. But are all the deals worth it? Will you find the best prices online or in-store? And when can you expect the first Black Friday sales to show up, anyway? We've answered your most burning questions in our list of the 9 biggest Black Friday myths!

  1. Black Friday Sales Begin on Black Friday

    Black Friday Sales Begin on Black Friday

    Retailers are spreading out the deals, and proving to buyers that there are plenty of other days to get a deal. Some of the best bargains can be seen as early as a week before Thanksgiving. Amazon repeatedly runs its deals all week long, and Best Buy typically holds its Early Access sale for members the week before. Still, the best sales of the week usually start on Wednesday or on Thanksgiving Day itself.

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  2. In-Store Shopping is Always Better

    In-Store Shopping is Always Better

    Trekking to the store is the best way to get your hands on items before they sell out, and some of the best bargains are only available in person. But that's been changing over the years: now most big-box stores like Walmart, Target and Best Buy are making their doorbusters available online to reach more shoppers. 

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  3. Online Shopping is Always Easier

    Online Shopping is Always Easier

    Just because in-store shopping is often a miss, it doesn't mean that you should rely solely on online shops when it comes time to buy! When everyone rushes a site at the same time, like right after Mom cuts the pumpkin pie, websites can become overcrowded and crash, leaving your shopping experience uncompleted and you, empty-handed. Even if your surfing isn't interrupting, you could run into trouble snagging hot ticket items, which could sell out before you can place an order.

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  4. You Have to Duke it Out for the Best Deals

    You Have to Duke it Out for the Best Deals

    Maybe you've been avoiding Black Friday because you think it's a contact sport. If you're cautious, though, and choose your shopping locations carefully, you could find a relatively tame shopping arena. Sure, injuries happen, but they're relatively rare—meaning you probably won't have to don pads to get in the game. If a conflict does arrive, be ready to relinquish your treasures to your greedy opponent; it's always better to lose a brand-new TV to a stranger than to get a punch in the face, or worse.

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  5. All Black Friday Deals Are Advertised

    All Black Friday Deals Are Advertised

    It depends on the store, but typically you won't see all of the deals in store flyers. Online shops may not even advertise all their deals on the homepage (we're looking at you, Amazon!). By not releasing deal info, retailers retain the freedom to one-up each other to provide the deepest discounts, and attract the biggest crowds.

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  6. High-End Brands Don't Go on Sale

    High-End Brands Don't Go on Sale

    Significant savings can be found on luxury items, especially from outlets like Barney's Warehouse and Neiman Marcus. Additionally, Apple products will go on sale for Black Friday—but don't search for them at the Apple store, where bargains are basically nonexistent. Instead, opt to check third-party retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and MacMall to see what incentives they're offering.

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  7. Black Friday is Still the Best Shopping Day of the Year

    Black Friday is Still the Best Shopping Day of the Year

    Until a few years ago, Black Friday was widely known as the biggest and busiest shopping day of the year. But is that still the case? Well, not exactly. According to the International Council of Shopping Centers, the weekend before Christmas has taken over the top spot in recent years.

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  8. Doorbusters Are Never Worth It

    Doorbusters Are Never Worth It

    Doorbuster deals have gotten a bad rap—for good reason. Until a few years ago, the offerings were usually low-cost off-brand doodads. That's beginning to change. Today's Black Friday sales are marked by higher-quality offerings: Brands like Dell and Lenovo are replacing cut-rate no-name laptops, while high-end items like gaming laptops and 4K TVs, are now included in doorbuster promotions.

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  9. Every Black Friday Buy is a Steal

    Every Black Friday Buy is a Steal

    Savvy shopper or not, it's easy to see that not everything is a notable deal. With sales starting earlier than ever, there are more and more "filler" deals. The truly awesome bargains are there to get shoppers in the door (or to the store's website) in the hopes that they'll hang around and buy more gifts—at a hefty markup. If you do your research beforehand, you'll know just how good those prices really are. 

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  10. Don't Skip Out on Thanksgiving Pie

    black friday myths

    Do a little research before Black Friday, so you ensure that you get the best deals.

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