The Best 9 Storage Spots You Aren't Already Using

If you’re short on storage space (and who isn’t?), it’s time to think outside the closet. Hiding throughout your home are stealthy spots where you can tuck items away or put them on display. What’s more, furniture you already own can go multi-purpose to keep stuff close by yet out of sight. Many of the ideas ahead can be DIY’d with ease—so take a look and start stowing.

  1. Step Up Your Game

    Under Stair Storage

    If you’ve got stairs, you’ve got untapped storage. The stair wall can be renovated to accommodate a built-in bookshelf, wine rack—or even a tiny office. For secret storage that's out of sight, open the wall and add a door, or sneak drawers into individual steps (an easy DIY if they’re on open stringers).

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  2. Hit the Wall

    Vertical Storage

    Vertical storage not only solves your where-to-put problems, it can make for attractive design. Whether you opt for hooks in the entryway, floating shelves in the bedroom, or a shelf over a bathroom door, making the best use of your walls will open up your options when it comes to storage.

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  3. Down Below

    Ceiling Storage

    What’s underfoot? Prime storage space, that's what! With the addition of a platform floor like this one, you're standing on an organizational gold mine. It's perfect for stashing out-of-season clothes, blankets, or even a guest bed. These floating floors are fairly simple to build on your own, with basic power tools and a free weekend.

  4. In Clear View

    Window Storage

    Most people look right through this unlikely storage spot. In point of fact, your windows could be just right for storing everyday kitchen staples. By installing a narrow shelf along the windows, you allow daylight to pour in, while de-cluttering the cabinets.

  5. Behind Cabinets

    Cabinet Door Storage

    Though your cabinets may be chock full with dried goods or dishes, you might be missing out on some prime real estate—just inside. Make the most of the space by installing slim-line spice racks, or adding cup hooks to hang measuring cups and spoons.

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  6. Sleep On It

    Underbed Storage

    Remember when cleaning your room meant shoving everything under the bed? Still a good idea—just refine it to suit your grownup status. Sturdy rectangular baskets are an obvious choice: They hold a ton and look attractive too. There’s also a variety of wheeled options on the market, but DIY-ers ought to be able to fashion their own roll-a-way using casters and reclaimed wood.

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  7. Going Nowhere

    Suitcase End Table

    Stock suitcases full of off-season clothing to make more breathing room in closets and dressers. Or take the designer tip of turning vintage valises into furniture-cum-storage pieces. Stack three different-sized cases as a tower table or put two of the same size on wooden block feet beside your bed.

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  8. Over It

    Kitchen Storage

    Those two feet between the top of cabinets and the ceiling needn’t go to waste. In the kitchen, this area is perfect for pottery or baskets (storage in themselves). One design caveat: Group larger, similar items—unalike, smaller stuff will simply look like clutter.

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  9. Open and Shut

    Door Shoe Rack

    Doors can do double duty with hooks, shelves, and organizer units that attach over the top. Think: a pocketed shoe rack to amp closet space or an extra towel rod for a small bathroom. Just resist the temptation to overload—too much weight can impinge on hinges and damage the door.

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