The Home Improvement Projects to Tackle Each Month in 2018

What's on your home improvement or maintenance to-do list for 2018? Rather than rushing to complete your projects all at once, try taking on a handful each season for a more productive and less stressful year. Here’s your month-by-month guide to achieving a clean, renovated, and well-kept home.

  1. January: Improve Interior Doors

    How to Paint Interior Doors

    Open yourself up to new possibilities in the new year by upgrading boring interior doors. Choose solid four-panel doors for a classic look, or create a bold statement with a coat of bright paint and eye-catching hardware.

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  2. February: Swap Your Light Fixtures

    Upgrade Your Light Fixtures

    Have the winter blues got you down? Brighten up dark corners of the house with fun, decorative light fixtures. Also consider using smart color-changing LED bulbs that allow you to set the desired color temperature.

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  3. March: Get Organized

    Smart Storage Solutions

    Supercharge your spring cleaning by installing new storage solutions in your home. Whether you hang some wall shelves or assemble a series of bookcases, you'll be on your way to better organization in no time!

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  4. April: Lay Pavers

    How to Lay Pavers

    Get the yard ready for spring by laying a new paver pathway through the garden, a project that will give your outdoor space more dimension and character. You can opt for a formal brick walkway or simply place a few granite stepping-stones into the grass for a more rustic look.

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  5. May: Patch Your Walls

    How to Use Spackle on Walls

    Homeowners tend to move wall decorations around from time to time, leaving annoying nail holes and chipped paint scattered in their wake. Grab some spackle and fix the eyesores in a weekend, which should give you enough time for the spackle to dry overnight before you touch up the walls with paint.

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  6. June: Install Ceiling Fans

    How to Install a Ceiling Fan

    Save money on air conditioning by hanging new ceiling fans to keep the air circulating throughout your home. You can do most of the prep work yourself, but be sure to work with an electrician to safely handle any necessary wiring.

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  7. July: Upgrade Your Shower Head

    Low-Flow Shower Head

    Cut down on your water bill by investing in a low-flow shower head. It's an easy switch, and when it's done you'll be able to enjoy a luxurious shower without worrying about wasting too much water.

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  8. August: Paint an Accent Wall

    How to Paint an Accent Wall

    Add a pop of color to your living space by painting one wall in your home. The unexpected design element will add visual impact, and because you're painting only a limited area, the project is relatively simple and cheap.

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  9. September: Install Crown Molding

    How to Install Crown Molding

    Crown molding makes any home look classy, and it can even hide flaws and crooked walls. But while crown molding is affordable, it’s also time-consuming to install, so start with high-impact areas of your home like the entryway or living room.

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  10. October: Organize Kitchen Cabinets

    How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

    To streamline your kitchen storage, install several different configurations of gliding roll-out systems in the cabinets. No more rummaging through dark shelves to find a matching pot lid!

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  11. November: Refresh Your Backsplash

    New Backsplash Ideas

    Amp yourself up for the holiday cooking season by refreshing your kitchen backsplash with new ceramic or glass tiles. Easy enough to do in a weekend, this minor renovation will make your kitchen look entirely new.

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  12. December: Reinvent Your Fireplace

    Modern Fireplace Ideas

    Get your fireplace ready for winter by giving it a modern upgrade. Get rid of outdated tile or brickwork, and opt instead for lighter paint colors and natural wood tones for a more contemporary aesthetic.

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  13. DIYs to Try

    DIYs to Try

    While these home projects are a bit out of necessity, consider taking on some DIYs that are for fun. Regardless of your skill level, try out these creative DIYs for your house.

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