The Most Expensive Trailer Parks in America

If you think mobile homes are low cost—and also low on style, space, and amenities—it's time to think again. In cities across the United States, these mobile home myths couldn’t be further from the truth. Take a spin through our selection of extravagant mobile home communities and their preeminent properties to challenge your assumptions about this humblest of home options.

  1. Paradise Cove—Malibu, California

    Paradise Cove Mobile Home Community

    Set in the breathtaking bluffs of Malibu, this $3.35 million seaside sanctuary in the mobile home community of Paradise Cove spoils homeowners with three bedrooms, three marble-and-tile baths, and a sun-drenched deck with unobstructed views of Catalina Island and the intense blue of the surrounding Pacific. 

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    Zillow Digs home in Malibu, CA

  2. Paradise Cove

    Paradise Cove Mobile Home

    Thanks to a private beach within walking distance of the property, residents of Paradise Cove can immerse themselves in Malibu's favorite pastimes, from surfing to evening bonfires.

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    Zillow Digs home in Malibu, CA

  3. Point Dume Mobile Home Park—Malibu, California

    Point Dume Mobile Home Park

    From the bustling basketball and tennis courts to the relaxing pool and sauna, there's no shortage of fun or amenities at the Point Dume Club of Malibu. Given that home prices here range from $500,000 to more than $2 million, this $925,000 beach house, comfortably below the median price point, is a real steal.

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    Zillow Digs home in Malibu, CA

  4. Point Dume

    Point Dume Mobile Home

    The lucky buyer who scoops it up can luxuriate in the comforts of a ritzy three-bedroom property recently renovated with top-quality quartz countertops and designer lighting.

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    Zillow Digs home in Malibu, CA

  5. Capistrano Shores—San Clemente, California

    Capistrano Shores Mobile Home Community

    Property values at the oceanfront community of Capistrano Shores have more than doubled since residents acquired ownership of one-ninetieth of the mobile home park's land several years ago. Buyers looking for an investment opportunity with an enviable view will find it in this $2.495 million waterfront property.

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    Zillow Digs home in San Clemente, CA

  6. Capistrano Shores

    Capistrano Shores Mobile Home

    Boasting expansive windows and easy access to the San Clemente Coastal Trail, the three-bedroom dwelling turns the beach into your personal playground, whether you're indoors or out.

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    Zillow Digs home in San Clemente, CA

  7. Smuggler Park—Aspen, Colorado

    Smuggler Park Million Dollar Trailer Park

    Known as the "Million-Dollar Trailer Park," Smuggler Park is peppered with extravagant modular and mobile homes, though probably few are as distinctive as this million-dollar property. 

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  8. Smuggler Park

    Smuggler Park Million Dollar Trailer

    The little house has earned a large amount of press on TV and in outlets such as Architectural Digest. And, with views of Aspen Mountain and a short walk to the ski lift, it's a skier paradise.

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  9. Montauk Shores—Montauk, New York

    Montauk Shores Mobile Home Community

    Once a campsite for seaside wayfarers, Montauk Shores is now a contemporary mobile home community that serves up a dose of retro-modern style in each of its condominiums. 

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    Zillow Digs home in Montauk, NY

  10. Montauk Shores

    Montauk Shores Mobile Home

    This bright and airy four-bedroom condo, last sold for $460,000, marries hardwood floors and rustic furnishings with sleek finishes and modern amenities to create a laid-back cabana-style residence with plenty of contemporary flair.

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    Zillow Digs home in Montauk, NY

  11. Chateau La Salle—San Jose, California

    Chateau La Salle Mobile Home Community

    San Jose lies in the heart of hard-charging Silicon Valley, but the natural beauty of Chateau La Salle provides a soothing buffer against the hustle and bustle of technology. Though situated on the West Coast, the community exudes a countryside charm that permeates its selection of homes, including this cozy pad that last sold for $285,000. 

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    Zillow Digs home in San Jose, CA

  12. Chateau La Salle

    Chateau La Salle Mobile Home

    Indoors, hardwood floors and a stone hearth create a rustic ambience ripe for relaxation and repose. Beyond the home, community residents enjoy a slew of shared amenities, such as a swimming pool, billiard room, and recreation center.

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    Zillow Digs home in San Jose, CA

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