The Royal Nursery: 12 Jaw-Dropping Room Ideas for Your Prince or Princess

Although your new arrival may not be heir to the British throne, he—or she—is no less deserving of the royal treatment. Take inspiration for your own royal nursery from these grand designs.

  1. Fit for a Prince or Princess

    Luxury Nursery

    With the arrival of a new prince, our thoughts couldn’t help but turn to the incredible nursery that’s awaiting the newest heir to the throne. You're probably not part of the royal family, but you no doubt crave a room just as special for your own baby. We’ve pulled together some of the most regal nurseries we could find to help you create a unique room for your little prince(ss).

  2. Royal Coach

    Princess Crib

    Your little girl will feel like Cinderella in this magical crib. The fairytale, carriage-inspired crib comes complete with a toy chest trunk. Just make sure your little princess is tucked in before midnight so she doesn’t wake up in a pumpkin!

  3. Traditional Times Two

    Traditional Nursery

    This nursery is traditional yet anything but typical. With a discrete alcove for each twin, they'll each feel like the unique individuals they are. A seating area lets both Mom and Dad rock the babies to sleep, and a table and chairs are ready and waiting for future teatimes and game playing. And let's not forget the chandelier and giant giraffe in the corner—subtle touches, no?

  4. Bravo Bow

    Pink Nursery

    A baby nursery doesn’t have to be pastels and teddy bears! We adore the regal touch a rich red brings to this little one’s room, designed by Bravo Interior Design of Austin, Texas. The opulence of a grand satin bow, wallpapered ceiling, and chandelier affirms that this baby is truly the apple of her parents’ eyes.

  5. Serene Majesty

    Regal Nursery

    A combination of patterns in tangerine and grape give this nursery a sophisticated edge. A Louis XIV-style ottoman and purple Lucite chandelier add a touch of glamour to the room, making it a playful but serene space to spend time with baby.

  6. In the Clouds

    Mother Goose Nursery

    You and your baby would be on cloud nine in this nursery. Cloud-swathed ceilings and walls create a calm atmosphere, perfect for nap time. Whimsical accessories scattered throughout the room bring favorite nursery rhymes to life, feeding the little one's imagination.

  7. Sleeping Cherubs

    Nursery Bedding

    Imbued with luxury, this sumptuous nursery is sure to pamper your precious little one. From the crib skirts and canopies to the molding and chandelier, not a single lavish detail has been missed. Just don’t be surprised if your baby grows up to have expensive tastes!

  8. Venetian View

    Italian Nursery

    Take away the present-day accoutrements and this Venetian-themed nursery could have come straight out of 15th-century Italy. Softened by white furnishings and plush accessories, this regal yet minimalist room stylishly welcomes a new life into the world—your own little renaissance.

  9. Suite Dreams

    Modern Nursery

    An understated palette of white, gray, and yellow lets the sleek lines of this nursery shine. Framed by a highlighted wall panel and canopy, the crib takes center stage; clearly, this is a place for the sweetest of dreams. We love the addition of a chaise longue in the corner, where watchful new parents can catch a few z’s while staying close to their new baby. .uk

  10. The Scenic Route

    The Scenic Route

    Given space constraints, some parents choose to channel all their nursery's opulence right onto the walls. Murals can transform your baby's haven into a jungle safari, a fairytale castle, a picturesque countryside, or even a sophisticated Parisian park... if you'd like your little Dauphin's first words to be "Oh la la."

  11. Sweet Lullaby

    Nursery Themes

    A classic moon and stars theme is elegant and unfussy when implemented in a monochromatic palette. Soft touches such as a crib skirt and comfy chair make this nursery a peaceful retreat where a precious little bundle can rest his head.

    Murals and more by Patrice

  12. Royal Prince

    Boys Nursery

    Every element has been thoughtfully designed in this cheerful nursery. A paneled ceiling and wallpaper border draw attention upward and keep baby's eyes engaged as he drifts off to sleep. Layers of curtains and silky valances help to shade the spectacular space when it’s time for the royal nap.

  13. Minimalist Magic

    Minimalist Nursery

    While the royals aren't historically minimalists, that doesn't mean you can't be! From its neutral palette to its rustic wooden walls, this unadorned room embodies sophistication without going over the top. This functional but chic nursery will teach your prince or princess the value of understated elegance.

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