These Were the 16 Craziest and Most Successful Kickstarter Campaigns in 2018

Looking for the latest and greatest products to simplify or improve your life? Then head over to Kickstarter, the self-proclaimed world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. The basic premise is simple: An artist, inventor, or other creative type submits a project for review. If accepted, it goes live on Kickstarter, where anyone with an internet connection can donate money to fund the project. In return, if the project hits its funding goal within the set time frame, the donors receive the new product first, before it goes on sale to the general public. Now, as 2018 draws to a close, here are our favorite 16 why-didn’t-we-think-of-that? campaigns of the year.

  1. The Travel Line

    The Travel Line

    The Travel Line, which raised more than $5 million in 2018, will greatly simplify packing for your next vacation. The product line includes a variety of backpacks, totes, specialty carriers, and packing cubes ingeniously designed to hold the maximum number of neatly organized belongings with the least amount of struggle to fit them inside. The bags are also perfect for school, gym, or your daily commute.

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  2. Scribit


    Scribit, which reached its funding goal in just two hours, is a small “writing robot” that allows you to draw whatever artwork you’d like on any vertical surface—including your walls. Tired of your design? Scribit erases as well as draws. So, go ahead and re-create the "Mona Lisa," put up a motivational quote, or lay out your daily calendar; it’s easy when Scribit is doing the work. Fun for all creative types, and a boon for parents whose kids like to color on the walls.

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  3. Silo


    Is wasted food a problem in your household? Then you need Silo, a revolutionary food-storage system. Just put food into one of the reusable Silo containers, place it on the base, and press down to activate the system. The vacuum will then suck away food-spoiling oxygen, keeping produce, meat, and leftovers fresh for days longer than regular plastic containers. But that’s not all. Silo has Alexa built-in to automatically tag and track your food, so you’ll always know what’s on hand, what’s fresh, and what needs to be eaten tonight.

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  4. Zip Top

    Zip Top

    What happens when you combine a plastic ziplock bag and a plastic food storage container? You get the Zip Top, a system of 100 platinum silicone lidless food storage containers that stand up and stay open while you’re filling them and then neatly zip shut when you’re done. No more food spilling all over the counter when the bag collapses, no more lost lids, no more single-use, flimsy plastic freezer bags—and far less spoiled food. The Zip Top containers are food-grade silicone, endlessly reusable, and safe for use in the microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher.

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  5. Moon Pod

    Moon Pod

    Forget about those not-so-comfortable beanbag chairs you remember from decades back. The Moon Pod takes that basic idea and turns it into something much, much better. Filled with high-friction, proprietary polystyrene beads, the Moon Pod supports your body in any position, giving you the feeling of floating without pressure on your skin or joints. That not only feels good, it also helps relieve anxiety, insomnia, stress, and other negative emotional states. Your kids and pets will love it too!

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  6. FinalStraw


    Disposable plastic straws litter our cities and beaches, and pollute the ocean. Be part of the solution with FinalStraw, a collapsible, reusable straw made of stainless steel and food-grade TPE tubing. Just pop the straw out of its case, unfold it, enjoy your hot or cold beverage, and then clean the straw with its squeegee. When you're done, fold the straw back into its container or pop it into the dishwasher if it needs a deeper cleaning. The case fits right on your key chain, so you'll always have the straw at hand. 

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  7. Solo Stove

    Solo Stove

    It’s wonderful to relax by a fire pit… except for the smoke that can be hard on your lungs and the environment. The Solo Stove brings you all the joys of an open fire, but with far less smoke. You can cook over it too! There are two sizes of the Solo Stove: the Yukon, which is large enough for several people to gather around, and the Ranger, which is perfect for one or two. Both operate in the same fashion: Start your fire with wood, slowly adding more until you achieve the perfect burn, and then let the double-wall airflow system work its magic by pulling cool air from the bottom and pumping it over the top, creating a double-burn that minimizes smoke while encouraging flames.

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  8. Footloose Automatic Cat Potty

    Footloose Automatic Cat Potty

    Yes, there are other auto-cleaning litter boxes available, but none with the benefits of the Footloose. Its highly efficient cleaning cycle uses a sieve and gravity to separate your cat’s business from the litter, and then seals it into a smell-proof bag for easy disposal. But that’s not all. The Footloose tracks your cat’s bathroom behavior, including frequency, time spent, waste amount, and body weight, so you can spot troubling health issues before they get worse. Its state-of-the-art ventilation system eliminates odor, and the box works with any brand of clumping litter. No wonder it’s the most funded pet product on Kickstarter.

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  9. Misen Nonstick Pan

    Misen Nonstick Pan

    While nonstick pans make cleanup a breeze, they generally don’t hold up well over time. The creators of the Misen Nonstick Pan aim to correct that with their extra-durable, highest quality nonstick skillets that last as long as the super-expensive brands, but at around half the price. Misen nonstick pans feature a PFOA-free platinum coating with an innovative titanium-infused plasma primer layer for superior durability. The base of the pan is commercial-grade aluminum with a bonded stainless steel plate, so the pan heats evenly and can be used on gas, electric, or induction stovetops.

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  10. Rite Press Coffee Maker

    Rite Press Coffee Maker

    The perfect cup of joe is a beautiful thing, and with the Rite Press you’ll enjoy perfectly brewed coffee every time. The French press design is updated with a built-in thermometer and timer, so you’ll know exactly when the coffee is ready—no more bitter or burned java—and the twist-off bottom makes for easy cleanup. Double-wall insulation keeps your brew hot for hours, so there's no need to rush that first sip of caffeinated goodness, and the micro-mesh filter won’t let a single coffee ground into your cup. With over $1 million in funding, the Rite Press is the most funded coffee-related Kickstarter ever.

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  11. Wynd Halo

    Wynd Halo

    Indoor air can be more polluted than the air outside. Fumes from cleaning products; off-gassing from carpets, furniture, and paint; smoke and cooking fumes; and other irritants build up inside the home, potentially triggering allergies and other health issues. The Wynd Halo combats all those pollutants by combining an air monitor that detects 10 different harmful substances with an air purifier containing two HEPA filters to whisk those substances away. The device automatically adjusts to maintain clean, pure air and gives you a real-time report on your indoor air quality, so you can breathe a little bit easier.

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  12. Mayu


    It’s mesmerizing to watch, and it turns tap water into clean, fresh, healthy water without chemicals—what’s not to love about the Mayu? Just fill the sleek glass container with tap water, and then set it on the vortex-generating base. As your water swirls, volatile organic compounds like chlorobenzene, chloroform, and other health-busters are removed as oxygen is added. In just nine minutes, you’ll have pure water that tastes so fresh and delicious that you’ll look forward to your daily eight glasses.

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  13. MasterSous


    What can sous vide, deep fry, simmer, sear, sauté, boil, steam, and slow cook while automatically stirring your food, precisely adjusting the temperature, and letting you control it all with your smartphone? Why, the MasterSous 8-in-1 Smart Cooker, that’s what! Just add your ingredients, turn the device on, choose your cooking method, set the desired rate of stirring, and then go about your day. The MasterSous will take care of the rest and alert you when dinner is ready.

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    If you love a good craft brew but think that brewing your own beer at home just seems like too much trouble, it’s time to celebrate with a cold one. BEERMKR, the world’s first automated beer brewing machine, produces a gallon of craft beer in just one week. No need for multiple pots, siphons, buckets, and tubes—just this sleek, square machine that fits on a countertop. The BEERMKR handles the entire cycle of fermentation and brewing, monitors CO2 production, adjusts temperature, and lets you control the entire process via Wi-Fi. All you do is add water and your favorite beer-making ingredients, and then turn the machine on. In a week or so, you’ll be enjoying delicious home brew.

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  15. BedJet 3

    BedJet 3

    No more waking up freezing cold in winter or sweating in the summer. With the BedJet 3, your bed is always the perfect temperature for both you and your bed partner, even if one of you likes it cool and the other prefers it warm. The state-of-the-art dual-sided bedcover adjusts temperature quickly and automatically to keep you sleeping comfortably all night long. Just set the desired temperature, and the BedJet 3 will handle the rest. It even works with Alexa for voice-controlled convenience, and compatibility with other smart-home systems is in the works.

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  16. Coolingstyle


    Stay cool and comfortable wherever you go with the Coolingstyle portable air conditioner. Weighing only a bit over 12 pounds, and around the same size as a backpack, Coolingstyle is powerful enough to lower the temperature in a small room within minutes. Use it indoors or out—it’s great for camping, backyard entertaining, and the beach, and it's perfect for those hot spots inside your home where warm air seems to collect. There are three levels of cooling, and the device is very easy to use.

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