Toiles Go Contemporary

Historic fabrics known for their scenic depictions now tell more modern tales.

  1. Pin Up

    Pin Up

    Pierre Frey's "Pin Up" cotton toile, with its jubilant beachgoers in iconic vintage swim fashion, offers a nostalgic vibe.

    Pierre Frey

  2. Chinatown Toile

    Chinatown Toile

    Brooklyn-based illustrator, artist, and wallpaper designer Dan Funderburgh has a regular soccer game with other local artists on the Lower East Side. When he was invited to create a clubhouse at the 2008 EuroCup in Vienna, he made a wallpaper that reflected the environment where he plays, but also referenced Europe's history of wallpaper.  The Chinatown Toile is produced by Flavor Paper.

    Flavor Paper

  3. Trash Day

    Trash Day

    Artist Jessica Smith treats "Trash Day" with the same lighthearted line-work that a more romantic and less mundane subject might warrant.  Hand-printed by Studio Printworks.

    Studio Printworks

  4. London Toile

    London Toile

    Art has always been a platform for social and political expression, wallpaper not withstanding. Timorous Beasties London Toile pushes the envelope a tad and presents some urban ills under the guise of a rosy color scheme.

    Timothy Beasties

  5. Toile Derby

    Toile Derby

    Toile de Deby was Flat Vernacular's first wallpaper. Designed by Payton Turner and Brian Kasper, a quirky demolition derby driver himself, the pattern is available in three colorways: "Driver's Door (navy black), "Sandbagging" (black), and "Modified Feature" (red).  The three names of the color reference 3 commonly used terms in the demolition derby world.

    Flat Vernacular

  6. Sassy Toile

    Sassy Toile

    DFC's "Sassy Toile" is inspired by dramatic comic illustrations from Mexican vaqueros.  In this story, the heroine, a young mother, ends up with the good guy and rides off into the sunset. Designed/produced by DFC's Tony Moxham and Mauricio Paniagua with Flavor Paper.

    Flavor Paper

  7. Les Travaux De La Manufacture Toile

    Les Travaux De La Manufacture Toile

    "Les Travaux de la Manufacture," designed in 1783 by Jean-Baptiste Marie, depicts the intricate workings of the Oberkampf factory in Jouy-en-Josas.  Available today through Pierre Frey.

    Pierre Frey



    Evoking charcoal sketches from an artist's notebook, Pierre Frey's NOLITA toile cotton/linen fabric documents some water towers of the lower Manhattan landscape.

    Pierre Frey

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