Too Many Toys? 13 Easy DIY Storage Ideas for the Whole House

No matter how hard you try, it seems you can never quite keep your floors clear of stuffed animals, toy cars, and all the other playthings that come along with little ones. Fortunately, whole-house organization can be easier—and less expensive—than you may think. Never trip over another stray toy again with these 13 DIY solutions that keep kids' items corralled and under control.

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  1. Reading Rack

    Toy storage   book bins

    Kid-height book bins are an attractive and simple way to keep favorite reads easy to grab and easy to put away. Once you’ve constructed the frame from wooden planks and furniture legs, brush on a few coats of paint to match your decor. Cover the interior with contact paper or wallpaper for a fun finish.

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  2. Costume Control

    Toy storage   dress up rack

    Make playing dress-up even more enchanting with this adorable mini clothes rack. With a couple of wooden boards, the right tools, and some paint, you can build your own version that collects costumes and—thanks to added wheels—rolls smoothly out of sight when playtime is over.

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  3. Drawer Decor

    Toy storage   rolling underbed cart

    A piece of plywood, casters, and a couple of wooden planks are all you need to assemble this under-the-bed storage for children’s toys. Rope drawer pulls allow for easy access, while chalkboard paint labels ensure that bins can be quickly identified. 

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  4. Crate Creativity

    Toy storage   rolling toy box

    A wooden crate becomes transformed into portable toy storage when you add a fresh coat of stain and colorful casters. The plywood lid, covered with foam batting and cheerfully patterned fabric, makes quick work of hiding away little playthings and serves as a cozy seat.  

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  5. Animal House

    Toy storage   stuffed animals

    Give your never-ending supply of stuffed animals a home all their own with this cleverly designed three-tier animal hammock. All you need are precut hobby wood, lath, and rope, and a few hooks to attach your swing to the ceiling. You'll love the way this smart solution keeps favorite toys organized, and children will delight in the playful presentation.

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  6. Lego Lounge

    Lego table

    Tired of stepping on runaway Legos? Create your own Lego-building and stashing station by upcycling an old coffee table. Superglue a Lego baseplate onto the table’s surface, and add baskets underneath to hold a wealth of bricks for a ready-to-play and easy-to-store solution.

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  7. Treasure Trove

    Toy storage   treasure ches

    Kids may actually enjoy tidying up when this charming treasure chest becomes the catchall for their favorite loot. The beauty of this toy bin lies in its simple construction. It all comes together with minimal tools, a straightforward pattern, and a cardboard box.

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  8. Magnetic Magic

    Toy storage   magnetic strip

    Keep little metal toys, such as miniature trucks or cars, off the floor and safe from bare feet with this brilliant storage system that repurposes a magnetic kitchen knife rack. Simply attach the rack to a wall at a kid-friendly height, and use it “hang” metallic toys. Talk about easy access!

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  9. Curtain Cover


    Take advantage of unused space underneath a crib or bed by fashioning this inexpensive skirt that requires just a bit of fabric and some Velcro. Not only does this allow you to keep toys, bins, and other extras out of sight, it also adds a punch of pattern that will make your space even more stylish.

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  10. Bench Boost

    Toy storage   sliding bench

    The practical combination of seating and secret storage has never looked as chic as it does in this DIY unit built from plywood and DPI board. You’ll need a table and miter saw to assemble, plus an electric drill, but this functional (and low-cost) piece of furniture that stealthily slides kids’ toys out of sight is well worth the effort.

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  11. Clean and Clear

    Toy storage   clear bags

    The next time you're shopping for crafting supplies, consider picking up some clear, thick vinyl—available at many fabric stores—to create these drawstring duffels. Easily customized to any size, these transparent storage cylinders mean you’ll never again have to wonder where those plastic dollhouse pieces or Lego bricks ended up.

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  12. Home Base

    Toy storage   house shelf

    Transform an old shelving unit into a mini house that’s ideal for hosting dolls or little odds and ends in the most adorable way possible. A fresh coat of paint and some washi tape add a personalized touch, while different-size compartments ensure that there will be a spot that's just perfect for everyone.

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  13. Cubby Central

    Toy storage   entertainment center cubbies

    Create your own cubby-based storage system for toys using an assortment of wood, a circular saw, and an electric drill. The key is taking proper measurements and snagging enough wood. Once the planks have been cut to the proper dimensions, assembling the framework is relatively simple. After you paint the finished product, affix labels so each type of toy has its designated place, making cleanup easy and efficient for little ones.

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