Toolboxes for the Modern Weekend Warrior

Sure, tools are an absolute necessity for DIY projects, but just as critical is the box in which you store them. A good toolbox can help ease any project along by organizing, protecting, and transporting your tools safely and efficiently. If you still picture these boxes as the dull metal tins everyone's dad once owned, think again. The 7 takes on the toolbox shown here demonstrate the wide variety available to suit both your work style and your personal style.

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  1. True Blue


    The blue enamel-finished Trusco 2-Level Cantilever Toolbox ($84) opens from the top in two directions thanks to a set of smart hinges on the side. Its upper trays jut out over the sides and can be reconfigured with removable metal dividers to create just the right spaces for everything from screws to socket wrenches.

  2. All Powered Up


    Taking a power tool along with you for the job? The DeWalt Tstak ($30) has a deep bin to fit your power tools, while a top tray holds smaller parts. If your collection expands, this container snaps together with other DeWalt toolboxes to create a mighty organizer.

  3. Tickled Pink


    If the "D" in DIY stands for dull in your book, give things a little pizzazz with this snappy 20-inch toolbox. While it might look pretty, this offering from The Original Pink Box ($30) is also durable, made from steel with a sturdy plastic base. Plus, you can fill it with the brand's fuchsia tools if you want to be completely color coordinated.

  4. A Front-Runner


    It can be a hassle find a place to put that upper tray from your toolbox when you're digging for the tools underneath. But no more! The retailer Best Made has solved this dilemma with the smartly designed Front Loading Toolbox ($94)—it opens in the front and on the top. What took so long?

  5. One Step Ahead


    With the dual-purpose Step 'N Store from Stack-On ($31), you'll not only have the right tool handy to install that curtain rod, but also the extra 14 inches you need to reach it. This step stool-toolbox combo can handle up to 325 pounds, and its removable tray and deep compartment help you stay organized.

  6. A Drop in the Bucket


    Not all toolboxes have to be, um, boxes. Case in point: The Wide-Opening Straight-Wall Bucket from Klein Tools ($57). It can carry up to 75 pounds, and thanks to its leather-reinforced polypropylene rope handles, it's extra durable and water-resistant. This heavy-duty canvas bucket is like the duffel bag of toolboxes.

  7. Bag It


    If you're an "everything in its place" kind of person, the 75-Pocket Heavy-Duty Tool Backpack from Custom Leathercraft ($150) has your name on it. With multiple zippered compartments and pockets of all sizes, this bag stores everything from extension cords and drills to screwdrivers and pliers.

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