Trading Places: 9 Reasons to Steal Furniture from Other Rooms

Furnishings are meant for one room, and one room only? Not even close! These multitaskers aren't ready to commit to a single space. In fact, swapping out between rooms creates a one-step room refresh. Try any of these unexpected moves to take your furniture game to the next level.

Hammocks Indoors

Indoor Hammock

An outdoor hammock isn't the most practical choice, especially in winter. But bring it indoors, and you'll have the perfect spot for catnaps and margaritas—all year long! Try hanging one in the sunroom, living room, or bedroom.

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Pegboard in the Bedroom

DIY Headboard

Once relegated to the dark corners of the basement and garage, pegboard has infiltrated the rest of the home. Sugar and Cloth tells you how to put up pegboard that doubles as both headboard and nightstand. 

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Dresser as Sink

Dresser into Vanity

The bathroom wars never end. Whether you're fighting for shower time in the morning or battling for more real estate in the medicine cabinet, space in a shared bathroom is a valuable commodity. Why not solve at least one dilemma by converting an old dresser into a double-sink vanity for extra storage?

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Bar Cart In the Bathroom

White Bathroom

Bar carts aren't just for nightcaps anymore! Try wheeling yours into the bathroom for added towel and toiletry storage without the hassle of installing new shelves.

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Designed by Linda McDougald Design, and photographed by Rachael Boling

Chandelier in the Bathroom

Chandelier in Bathroom

If you treat your home like your castle, consider adding that most royal of light treatments—a chandelier. Try a chandelier in unexpected spaces like the bathroom; just scale the fixture to the size of the room, and you can't go wrong.

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Coat Tree In the Bedroom or Closet

Bedroom Storage Ideas

The coat rack is a clutter-control staple, checking bulky outerwear at the door. Those same organizational assets can be put to use in a messy bedroom or closet. Pull one out of the hallway to keep your favorite clothes off the floor until you have time to put everything back in its place.

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Bookcase as Entryway Storage

Entryway Storage

A tidy entryway helps keep you—and your entire house—organized. Maintain order with ample storage—like this bookcase repurposed as a shoe rack. Leave the top shelf open for everyday essentials like your keys and wallet so you have all you need before you head out the door. 

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Bookcase in the Kitchen

Open Shelves in Kitchen

If you're lacking adequate cabinet space in the kitchen (and aren't we all?), bookcases are a perfect add-on. Keep your cookbooks close, display your best dishes, and add a few baskets on the bottom shelves for items you want to keep tucked away. 

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Library Ladders in the Kitchen

Modern White Kitchen

A lesson we've learned from the big cities: When there isn't enough space, build up. Ladders are the natural companion to this rule. Install one in the kitchen, and formerly hard-to-reach plates, serving dishes, and pantry items become easily accessible, and you're free to stash less-used items even higher.

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