Under the Eaves: 10 Arresting Attic Rooms

Attic rooms are challenging to furnish. Their charming-but-awkward features like sharply sloped ceilings and angular dormers can make furniture arrangement a real struggle. In these often odd-shaped rooms, the factors that most affect furniture placement and decor are the degree of the ceiling's slope and the size and position of the windows. One common solution for a slope-ceilinged attic room is to use the short space at the outer edges for low, built-in storage units, bookshelves, or even a wide, flat desktop. The awkward spaces created by dormers can also be put to good use. For example, a large dormer window can accommodate a single bed tucked right into its alcove. A smaller dormer may provide prime space for a writing desk or a window seat with storage underneath. Are you getting any ideas yet? Take a look at these 10 attractive attic spaces where challenge led to triumph.

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  1. Modern and Bright


    Need space for a home office? Look to your attic. These homeowners made great use of the space under the sloping ceiling with a long, low desk that includes shelving underneath. Clean lines, simple stripped flooring, and white walls and furniture make this space bright and cheerful. 

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  2. English Style


    The English have been decorating and designing around dormer windows for hundreds of years. This charming room from a bed-and-breakfast in Keswick marries traditional features with modern touches. 


  3. Shades of Gray


    This modern take on an attic bedroom solves the problem of limited head space by forgoing a traditional bed frame in favor of a low-lying mattress on a cushioned platform. The light gray flooring, concrete-style textured walls, and shades of gray on the ceiling evoke calm and simplicity.

    Photo: lingsw.com

  4. Bathe in Beauty


    Bright white paint, sparkling faucets, and red accents turn this tight spot under the attic eaves into a functional bathroom with a modern country style. An exposed wood beam and oak toilet lid pick up the wood accents of the oak hardwood floors. And if all the visual interest in the bathroom isn't enough, bathers soaking in the tub get to enjoy the view outside.

    Photo: ericpoll.com

  5. Built-in Comfort


    Curved trim and custom single beds turn these dormer windows into cozy nooks in this delightful kids’ room. Deep drawers under the beds and a built-in unit offer storage, while wall sconces provide good reading light and remove the need for bedside tables.

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  6. Perfect Symmetry


    What makes this attic bedroom so appealing is its fresh, modern aesthetic. The platform bed fits comfortably in the space under the roof, where it rests in perfect symmetry. Alcoves built into opposite walls help to open up the space and add interest.

    Photo: honeysucklelife.com

  7. Under the Stars


    This cozy attic bedroom is perfect for an overnight guest—or stargazing. To make up for the room's squat proportions, furnishings are kept to a minimum; the bed is positioned under the highest point of the ceiling. A skylight fills the space with abundant sunshine.


  8. Head in the Clouds


    This cheerful children’s room will appeal to kids and adults alike. Who doesn’t want to hang out in the clouds? The stenciled walls and ceiling draw the eye upwards, while large floor cushions encourage curling up with a good book. Custom shelving, a wide and comfy seat, and a whimsical valance make the window a focal point of this attic room.

    Photo: busydoor.com

  9. A Quiet Place


    Do you have a dormer window in a hall or tucked off a larger room? Turn it into a cozy reading nook for one. An upholstered bench cushion plus a few throw pillows is all it takes to add a little charm to this inviting spot.


  10. Straight to the Top


    These homeowners renovated their attic to provide an extra bedroom for family. The renovation included adding French doors surrounded by custom-built shelving to house their library


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