Warming Trends: 8 Patio Heaters to Keep You Comfy Outdoors

Fire up one of these innovative patio space heaters to keep your backyard toasty through the chilliest of nights.

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  1. Bonfire Torch


    Warm your space with a patio heater that exudes romance as well as heat. This heater's bonfire torch design reflects heat all the way up a column of fire. The flame is enclosed in a glass tube that protects it from the wind and adds an extra layer of safety between you and the fire.

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  2. Electric Hanging Halogen Heater


    Hang this electrically powered halogen heater in an area where floor or table space is scarce or nonexistent. Less expensive to operate than a propane heater, it runs on regular household electric current and is safe to use both indoors and out.

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  3. Floor-Standing Electric


    If the industrial look of a traditional propane heater doesn’t suit your style, try an electric model designed to look like a lamp. It plugs into a standard 120V grounded outlet and can generate enough heat to warm a 12-foot circle. 

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  4. Standing Propane Heater


    Don’t let the chill of evening drive your party indoors. A standing propane heater can provide up to a 9-foot radius of warmth on your deck or patio, or in your backyard. The anti-tip base conceals a propane tank, and the heater can be wheeled wherever you need it. Party on!

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  5. Tabletop Propane Heater


    Keep seated guests comfortable with a tabletop propane heater. This model runs on the disposable propane cylinders used in camping equipment, which are easy to find and easy to install. It’s weather resistant and automatically shuts off if it falls over.

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  6. Eco-Friendly


    Stay warm in style while being environmentally conscious. Chillchaser’s line of patio heaters runs on carbon fiber heating tubes, which cut running costs and carbon dioxide emissions by 50 percent when compared with gas patio models. Keeping cozy (and clean) never looked so good.

    chillchaser.co .uk

  7. Tabletop Electric


    Improve your cool-weather outdoor dining experience with an infrared tabletop heater that runs on household electricity, operates silently, and doesn't put out any toxic residue. The lack of harmful emissions means it’s safe for use indoors as well as out!


  8. Natural Gas Hanging Heater


    Let heat radiate from the rafters with a slim-bodied hanging heater. This natural gas–powered model is equipped with spark ignition for quick and effortless lighting. The mount angles up to 30 degrees, making it easy to integrate into a variety of patio designs.

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