Without a Stitch: 9 No-Sew Projects to Dress Up Any Room

The most subtle changes can sometimes have the biggest impact—just witness the effect of new blinds, updated throw pillows, or fresh upholstery. Unfortunately, many of the small-but-powerful home decor projects on the Web require some sort of stitching, patchwork, or embroidery. But there’s good news for needle-phobes! If darning a pair of socks gives you the willies, rest assured that there are lots of ways to make a room pop without first having to thread a needle or fire up the sewing machine—if you even have one. With everyday items like an old sweater, fabric glue, or lots of staples, you can create an accent that can completely make a room. These delightful, low-cost improvements, from a window facelift to a chair rehab, will pay for themselves the minute a guest says, “Wow, I love this!” So, in the spirit of ingenuity, here are 10 DIY home decor projects that don’t require so much as a spool of thread.

  1. Seating Staples

    DIY Chair

    The sew factor of this reupholstery project is zero. To begin, turn the chair over and unscrew the seat cushion. Remove the old covering, replace the foam batting if necessary, and recover the cushion by pulling the new fabric taut along all sides while securing with staples. Take the rehab a step further by applying a fresh, colorful coat of paint before reattaching the cushion.

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  2. Seal the Deal

    DIY Pillows

    Pillowcases are a great way to dramatically change the look of a room without committing to a whole decor do-over. If you love the idea of making new covers but dislike sewing, try your hand at gluing! Live Love DIY explains how.

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  3. Slip-On Seating

    Living Room with Fireplace

    Everyday life can take a toll on a much-used ottoman, but a fresh cover will make it look like new. For a no-sew fix, Suburble has a tutorial that will get you up and covered in no time.

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  4. Throwing Shade

    DIY Roman Shades

    Window treatments, whether they are draperies, shades, or blinds, can revitalize a room. This DIY solution was assembled using the existing blinds, fabric, glue, and quilting binding. For a full tutorial on making a Roman shade just like it, check out Beneath My Heart.

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  5. Skirting the Issue

    Hidden Storage

    Add charm, interest, and even a bit of hidden storage space with a DIY fabric skirt. This skirted console table was pulled together almost effortlessly, using an old bookshelf, an iron, and some staples.

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  6. Upholstered Headboard

    DIY Upholstered Headboard

    It doesn't get much easier than this. A piece of plywood, some fabric, batting, scissors, and staple gun, and you can create a beautiful, no-sew upholstered headboard just like the one shown here. Up the style by having the plywood cut in a more shapely profile.

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  7. Cozy Lighting

    DIY Sweaters

    Who knew a cable-knit sweater could do more than keep you warm? When it’s hugging a ho-hum lampshade, it becomes the star of the room. To create this winter mood lighting, pull a sweater over the top of a straight-sided shade until the waistline is even with the bottom. Trim the excess material from the top, leaving about 1 inch to fold inward, then “hem” with a few dots of hot glue. Visit Unskinny Bobby for the step-by-step.

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  8. Tasteful Textiles

    Fabric Art

    "Fabric art” is a great way to create a contemporary atmosphere and tie together other elements in the room. Choose fabrics that complement your throw pillows, window treatments, or area rug, then simply wrap them around a wooden frame and staple to secure.

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  9. Kids' Hideout

    DIY Teepee

    Not all no-sew projects need to be permanent fixtures in your house. This collapsible reading nook for kids is made from wooden poles, scrap fabric, twine, and glue. While you might need to adjust the living room seating to accommodate it, there's no stitching required. The Handmade Home has the tutorial.

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