You're Not Using Vacuum Attachments the Right Way

Chances are your vacuum cleaner came with at least one, and probably more, vacuum attachments. It probably also came with a detailed user manual that described the purpose and function of each and every attachment. If you didn't read the manual (we understand), we've got you covered. Read on to discover what your vacuum attachments are made to do.

Reach Farther

Vacuum Extension Wand

This attachment is pretty self explanatory: It extends the length of the vacuum hose and can be paired with another vacuum attachment, which fastens to the end of the wand. Use the extra length for getting to those high, low and hard-to-reach places, like the ceiling fan, under the fridge, or behind furniture. Attach the wand to your vacuum and twist on the attachment you want to use to the other end. With this handy tool, dust can no longer hide from you! Available on Amazon; $18.99 for three different-shaped extensions.

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Textile Tool

Upholstery Attachment

Dust clings to the fibers of fabric, making it difficult to budge. Win the battle against dusty cushions with an upholstery cleaner attachment. Don’t be fooled by its tiny size—the small, flat tool has a super strong suction that grabs the hidden dust from between fabric fibers. Use it on furniture, curtains, and even your mattress! Available on Amazon; $9.69.

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Sweep Feat

Bare Floor Vacuum Attachment

This flat, wide attachment should be your go-to tool for cleaning hard-surface floors. Its short bristles sweep the floor for dirt, crumbs, and hair while the center sucks up the rest of the debris. Typically featuring wheels or a swivel head, the design and shape of this attachment make it easy to maneuver around a room and clean under furniture and appliances. Available on Amazon; $16.99.

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A Brush for Dust

Dusting Brush Vacuum

You can identify the dust brush as the circular or rectangular accessory with long bristles. As the name suggests, this attachment is designed for dusting. Its long, soft hairs are gentle and won’t scratch surfaces. Use it on furniture, blinds, lampshades, or on the dashboard of your car. Dirt and dust will cling to the bristles and get sucked into the open center of the brush. Available on Amazon; $13.02.

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In the Corner

Crevice Attachment

This might be the most familiar vacuum attachment on the list. The narrow, angled crevice tool should be your go-to for cleaning areas that the vacuum is too big to reach. Slide it along baseboards, between vents, and in other tight corners to pick up dust and other debris. You can also use this attachment to clean under couch cushions—even the dryer vent. Available on Amazon; $7.09.

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High Power Grooming

Pet Grooming Vacuum Attachment

Pet owners will want to consider adding this attachment to their collection of grooming tools. The rubber-bristle brush is meant to help make your pet’s hair soft and when attached to your vacuum tube it sucks hair directly from the brush to the vacuum canister. Just beware, your pet might need to get used to the sound of the vacuum! Available on Amazon; $15.

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Step It Up

Turbo Brush Attachment

The turbo brush attachment is perfect for when you need more power than a bare-floor attachment and less heft than full-blown vacuum. With a swivel head, rotating bristles, and compact size it provides a deep clean for stairs without the need to lug the vacuum up every step. Next time you need to do a 10-second tidy, grab this attachment. Available on Amazon; $21.99.

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