Get Inspired! 17 Sensational Deck Designs

A deck can extend your entertaining space into the great outdoors of your yard. You may use it most to host friends and family, or if you’re lucky enough to have one, enjoy a beautiful view. There are many choices in materials, both in wood decks and composite decks. And there are more choices in design -- multi-level, floating, and covered, just to name a few. You can even extend your deck around the pool. Don’t have a lot of space? There are even great plans for small decks. If you’ve always dreamed of having a the kind of lovely deck you see in pictures, check out these 12 deck design ideas we love.

  1. Design Options

    Red Cedar Deck

    Decks can be small or large, unfinished, stained, sealed or painted, but they must complement the architecture of the house and make the best use of the landscape plan. This house in red cedar is a good example, with its multi-level platforms and like coloring. 

    Better Homes & Gardens

  2. Rooftop Deck

    Rooftop Deck

    While exotic woods are more durable, they can also be more difficult to work with.  This rooftop deck with outdoor shower is made of ipe, also called Brazilian walnut, which Bob Vila calls “an extremely dense material and also a renewable product—one of the best choices for outdoor decking.”

    Mataver Decking

  3. Multi-Level Deck

    Multi-Level Deck

    Remember that a deck is part of the house and the landscape, so make sure it meets your requirements for function and aesthetics. This beautifully weathered ipe wood deck, designed by landscape architect David Rolston, provides a natural extension from the indoors out and complements the architecture of the house.

    David Rolston

  4. A Great View

    Lake Deck

    If you happen to live on a lake, particularly one as beautiful as this, a deck is not only desirable but a "must have." The deck here—of weathered, western red cedar—takes full advantage of its hilltop setting, offering exquisite views on multiple levels and stairs leading down to the water's edge. 

    Western Red Cedar Lumber Association

  5. A Room Outdoors

    A Room Outdoors

    This generous western cedar deck is made for outdoor living. Not only is the choice of wood a smart one for decks, but it can be easily maintained from season to season with a fresh coat of sealer or if you prefer, left to weather naturally.

    Western Red Cedar Lumber Association

  6. Pool Surround

    Pool Surround

    Pool surrounds don't need to be stone as this beautiful wood installation proves.  Made of durable, weather-resistant cedar it frames the pool in an elegant way and, with the absence of railings, provides unobstructed views beyond. Clean, beautiful and inviting.

    Floor The Mall

  7. Floating Deck

    Floating Deck

    A raised, floating wood deck is the perfect complement for this multi-level contemporary home designed by architect Gardner Mohr.  It offers a generous extension of the indoor space while adding a modern architectural element to the landscape.

    Gardner Mohr Architect, LLC

  8. Curved Deck

    Curved Deck

    Add some visual interest to your home and landscape with a deck that goes against traditional convention.  This curvilinear installation not only adds a dramatic look to the house, but provides expansive areas for outdoor living with multiple levels and built-in seating.

    Home Design

  9. Modern Deck

    Modern Deck

    The raised ipe deck of this contemporary home, by Chicco Design, extends over the pool's edge giving it the appearance of a floating dock. It serves to anchor an area for sunbathing and entertaining while complementing the modern aesthetic of the house. 

    Chicco Design

  10. Backyard Deck

    Backyard Deck

    A wood deck can turn any backyard from ordinary to extraordinary. This multi-level design not only offers expansive areas for outdoor entertaining, but provides easy access from the second floor to the backyard. The paneled sides add a finished look to the installation.


  11. Painted Deck

    Painted Deck

    As beautiful as natural wood is, a painted deck can be a real "stunner" as well.  The deck here is painted the same color as the house to provide a unified look and a seamless transition from the outside to the indoors.

    Conrado Home Builder

  12. Small Yet Impressive

    Small Yet Impressive

    A deck with even a small footprint can be grand and impressive, like this one that leads from a sauna to a hot tub. The laid stone wall complements the weathered coloring of the deck and provides privacy and natural beauty.

    Gast Architects

  13. Inlay


    Composite decking materials can give you design options that were unavailable until now. This unique inlaid leaf design was created with the Trex Custom Curve Heating and Bending Solution. A heater and forming table make a motif like this straightforward and utterly attainable.

  14. Two-Toned


    This two-toned, multi-level deck makes a dramatic statement with its sweeping top railing, that descends down to a circular lower level. Built in benches ring a fire pit that can't help but be the neighborhood hot spot.


  15. Sunken


    This composite deck steps down to a sunken paver patio, complete with fire pit. The surrounding high backed benches provide seating without furniture, as well as privacy from the neighbor's yard.

  16. Parquet


    A hardwood parquet design makes an elegant backdrop for this city roof deck. This finished wood deck balances durability and style, and just begs to be danced on.

  17. Pergolas and Privacy

    Outdoor Living

    The pergola of this deck provides shade while the lattice wood wall panels provide privacy from neighbors. And both sit atop a composite decking surface, proving that you can mix natural and engineered materials to great effect.

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