50 Under $50 Holiday Gift Ideas for Homeowners

The holidays are here—almost! For many folks, this time of year requires making a little extra room in the shopping budget for gift buying. Whether you confine your gift giving to the immediate family, or include co-workers, neighbors, and the mailman in your holiday cheer, it can be a challenge to find the perfect gift. That's why we've done some of the work for you. Take a look to find some of our top holiday gift ideas for homeowners—and anyone on your list!

  1. Give Great Gifts

    gift ideas under 50

    Holiday shopping is challenging no matter how close you are to those you're giving to. On top of that, the longer your gifting list gets the more expensive it is for you and your wallet. Find great gifts for every type of person that they'll love and that won't leave you seeing red. We rounded up 50 terrific presents for the home all under $50. 


  2. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

    Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

    For more than 120 years, Lodge has created some of the best cast iron cookware in America. Their heavy-duty skillet can truly last a lifetime, which makes them the ideal gift for home chefs of all ages and skill levels. Available at Target; $22.99.


  3. Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

    Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

    There’s nothing worse than asking for a “cold one” on a hot day, only to receive a lukewarm beer instead. Help your friends (and their beers) chill out by gifting them the Chillsner chiller, which you freeze and stick directly into standard beer bottles. Bottoms up!  Available on Amazon; $19.95.


  4. MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband

    MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband

    Any serious DIYer will appreciate the gift of the MagnoGrip. Made of breathable nylon, this ingenious wearable adjusts to fit any wrist and will hold nails, screws, and even scissors and small tools. On work sites, it's as valuable as a third hand. Plus, it's the perfect size—and price—to give as a stocking stuffer. Available on Amazon; $11.90.


  5. Personalized Notepad Set

    Notepad Set

    If your old-fashioned loved one hasn’t quite gotten around to the age of digital to-do lists and calendars, or if they just prefer the pretty paper method instead, then they'll love this personalized notepad set. The perfect gift for the person on-the-go, they can keep one size conveniently on the counter and the other in their carry-all bag. Available on Etsy; $14.


  6. Wine Bottle LED Light

    Wine Bottle LED Light

    Patio lights and tiki torches can't hold a candle to these brilliant LED lights that turn any glass bottle—whether a decorative accent from HomeGoods or simply an empty wine bottle—into a stylish lamp. Just charge the bottle-topper LED for an hour, plug it back into its cork base, twist to turn it on, then put it on your bottle to impart a magical glow. The light plugs into any USB port for charging, stays lit for up to three hours, and can be used indoors or out. It's perfect for a friend who loves throwing parties! Available on Amazon; $14.98.


  7. Leather Luggage Tag

    Leather Luggage Tag

    Whether they need to travel for work or get to do so for pleasure, your wayfaring friend would appreciate a one-of-a-kind luggage tag. Made of leather, with the wrinkles and scars to give it character and prove its authenticity, the tag can be emblazoned with name and address, virtually any design or logo, or even an inside joke—really, whatever you think your loved one would get a kick out of! Available on Etsy; $20.


  8. Stanley Flask

    Stanley Flask

    As classic as it is useful, this stainless steel Stanley flask can accompany any outdoorsman on their next expedition filled with 8 ounces of a favorite liquor. Our bets are that they'll drink to their favorite gift giver—you. Available on Amazon; $15.90.


  9. Fiskars Fast-Prep Kitchen Shears

    Fiskars Fast-Prep Kitchen Shears

    People on your gift list can cut more than vegetables, meats, and herbs when making this year's holiday meal. They can slice prep time in half with a trusty pair of Fiskars Fast-prep Kitchen Shears. This tool can replace the need for knife and cutting board, and even offer better precision than that combination. After using, stick the shears in the dishwasher for an easy cleanup. Available on Amazon; $12.51. 


  10. Multifunction Breakfast Station

    MaxiMatic Cuisine Multifunction Breakfast Station

    A kitchen that's short on square footage has no room for a collection of "unitasker" appliances. Even essentials like coffee makers and toaster ovens eat up precious counter space in tight quarters. But why squeeze all those gadgets into one kitchen, when there's a single appliance that does it all? The MaxiMatic Cuisine Multifunction Breakfast Station boasts a griddle, toaster oven, and coffee pot that can cook up breakfast magic, all while fitting snugly into the tiniest galley kitchen, as well as man caves, or college dorm rooms. Available on Amazon; $37.99.


  11. Instant Badminton

    Instant Badminton Set

    Loved by kids and adults alike, badminton promises fun for all—that is, after you can get past the painstaking setup. That's the genius of the "instant" badminton set from Zume. It takes not minutes, but seconds to assemble the net and get started. An added bonus for households in which things tend to go missing: Because the base of the net doubles as a carrying case, it's easy to store and keep everything together for the next time you play. Available at Amazon; $50.99.


  12. Zippo Hand Warmer

    Zippo Hand Warmer

    For the person who is constantly shivering, a thoughtful set of Zippo hand warmers will do more than warm his or her heart. Fill each palm-sized chrome canister with lighter fluid and slide it into a pocket to stay toasty for up to 12 hours. Virtually odorless, the Zippo will work its magic unnoticed on sleigh rides or ice-scapades. Available on Amazon; $16.52 each.


  13. Needlepoint Kit

    Needlepoint Kit

    If you've got a crafter in your life, consider picking up a little something that highlights her favorite hobby. This cross-stitch kit comes with everything she needs: instructions, designs, embroidery threads, a needle, fabric, and a wooden hoop. The bright and cheerful adage is sure to make her smile—especially when she remembers who gave it to her! Available on Etsy; starting at $23.23.


  14. Culinary Torch

    Culinary Torch

    This year, give your dessert-loving friend a kitchen that can keep up with their refined tastes, starting with the gift of a culinary torch. This essential tool can caramelize the sugar crust on a crème brûlée, brown the peaks of a meringue pie, or toast the top of a classic French onion soup. Not only is it fun and easy to operate, but the Kollea Riffalable Blow Torch also serves up restaurant quality desserts and dishes from the comfort of the home. Available on Amazon; $12.99.


  15. Window Bird Feeder

    Birdscapes Clear Window Bird Feeder

    Perfect for the family bird-watcher, this window-mounted feeder will make it crystal clear that your chirpy neighbors can stay for dinner. The one-cup capacity feeder features a wide back compartment that leaves ample room for the birds to swoop in and out with ease. Available on Amazon; $10.99.


  16. DYMO Label Maker

    DYMO Label Maker

    The best way to ensure that every room stays organized is through the magic of the label maker. A must-have for any type-A personalities, this handy machine allows you to label virtually anything, making basement storage boxes full of holiday decorations, containers of pantry staples, and even files of paperwork so much easier to identify, put to use, and swiftly return. Available on Amazon; $34.99.


  17. Irwin Utility Knife

    Irwin Utility Knife

    Not all household must-have gadgets come with bells and whistles. Simple, practical, yet powerful, the Irwin folding utility knife is an essential in any homeowners' toolbox. The slim tool can make nearly any home improvement project easier—from drywall repair and roofing to grouting and caulking. Available on Amazon; $12.24.


  18. Stanley Measuring Tape

    Stanley Measuring Tape

    A must for any homeowner, the tape measure proves itself indispensable again and again, whether you're doing some rough construction or rearranging furniture. The quality models, like those from Stanley, are likely to last a lifetime, which means your gift recipient will get years of use out of this stocking stuffer. Available at The Home Depot; $14.97.


  19. Spa Basket

    Spa Basket

    You probably know at least one hardworking person who never seems to have time to take a break. Give them the gift of relaxation with this mini spa. Made from all-natural ingredients, and no harmful chemicals—and assembled in a charming basket—this inexpensive solution is a surefire way to show them you care. Available on Etsy; $33.50.


  20. Silver Leaf Pocket Knife Necklace

    Silver Leaf Pocket Knife Necklace

    When exploring the great outdoors, wearing conventional jewelry doesn’t cut it like this necklace-and-knife-in-one. Behind the elegant, silver-toned leaf pendant is a working pocket knife for plant maintenance or everyday emergencies—great to gift for the stylish adventurer on your list. Available on Etsy; $34.


  21. Corkcicle Air

    Corkcicle Air

    When your friend or family member needs a glass of wine ASAP, they don't need to worry about waiting for the bottle to chill inside their fridge door. If you gift them the Corkcicle Air, they simply need to uncork, pour a half-cup out, and replace the stopper with a chilled Corkcicle Air. This addition will chill and keep whites cool for up to an hour, and bring warm reds to room temperature in 15 minutes. That sort of instant gratification is well worth stocking at least a few for future gifts. Available on Amazon; $24.95.


  22. Myron Mixon's 3-in-1 Pitmaster BBQ Grill Tool

    Myron Mixon's 3-in-1 Pitmaster BBQ Grill Tool

    "Be prepared"—the motto of every good Boy Scout as well as of celebrated pitmasters like three-time World BBQ Champion Myron Mixon, the man behind this gift. This stainless steel 3-in-1 grill tool flips meats, slices finished fillets, and even cracks open a cold one. What more could a grill master need? Available on Amazon; $27.


  23. Tool Bucket Organizer

    Tool Bucket Organizer

    Where convenience and organization meet, there lies this 35-pocket tool bucket organizer. Designed for the DIY junkie on your list, the storage bucket's deep pockets provide space for almost any tool a handyman might need for household fixes and routine projects, while the interior of the bucket can be used to store bigger essentials like paint or potting soil. Available at The Home Depot; $28.83.


  24. Cutting Board and Knife Sharpener

    Cutting Board and Knife Sharpener

    Dull knives make chopping a serious chore. Not only do they cost time, but they're actually more dangerous in the kitchen. Consider gifting a home chef this ceramic sharpener and cutting board this holiday season. Unlike thin plastic cutting boards, this board has non-slip edges for better grip on any countertop, and it's dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. Available on Amazon; $11.99.


  25. Coffee Brewer Travel Mug

    Bodum Travel Brewer

    There’s no better way to start the morning than with the newspaper and a mug of something warm and delicious. But when you're running late, there's not nearly enough time to enjoy this simple pleasure. Now you can help your friend brew their favorite breakfast beverage on the go by gifting them this combination thermos and coffee/tea maker. Available in a variety of bright, cheerful colors and the ability to keep liquids warm for several hours, you’ll never have to sacrifice your morning jump-start again. Available on Amazon; $12.49.


  26. Cuisinart ICE 21 Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream Maker

    Cuisinart ICE 21 Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream Maker

    Sweet tooths can indulge in decadent desserts whenever they crave when you sneak this 1.5-quart frozen yogurt and ice maker under their tree this Christmas. Whether they make a classic vanilla ice cream or low-calorie chocolate frozen yogurt, the paddle whips up creamy concoctions in 20 minutes or less, while the insulated freezer bowl does away with the need for added ice. Available on Amazon; $42.


  27. Butler and Hill Custom Hometown Map Puzzle

    Hometown Map Puzzle

    Your recently transplanted friend or family member will never forget where they came from when they assemble this puzzle depicting a map of a customizable hometown anywhere in the U.S. or the U.K. and displays it in their new digs. Available in a Millboard design covering an area of 7.5-by-5 miles or a wooden design spanning 6-by-4 miles, the puzzle sports detailed and accurate topographical features, including roads, water bodies, and lauded landmarks, to remind recipients of home, sweet home. Available on The Grommet ; $39.95.


  28. HexFlex Multi-Tool


    Give the die-hard DIY-er in your life the gift of a clutter-free toolbox with this space-saving metric multi-tool that does the work of 15 essential gadgets, including #2 and #3 Phillips screwdrivers, a flathead screwdriver/boxcutter, #3, #4, and #5 hex drivers, a bottle opener, and wrenches in sizes ranging from five to 14 mm. Don’t let the elegant snowflake shape fool you; the stainless steel construction is rugged enough to handle projects both simple and complex for years to come. Available at Amazon; $10.99.


  29. Bluetooth Shower Mirror & Speaker

    Bluetooth Shower Mirror & Speaker

    There’s no better way to soak your cares away this holiday season than by blasting your favorite tunes through this two-in-one bathroom speaker and mirror. Mount the low-profile unit to the wall in the shower, above a tub, or on a wall, and the speaker’s bluetooth capabilities will allow you to stream or change tracks while you’re lathering up or shaving, while the fog-free mirror lets you admire yours truly even when a hot shower is running. Thanks to a rechargeable battery, bathtime fun can carry on for up to four hours. Available on The Grommet; $39.95.


  30. Dishwasher Sign

    Dishwasher Sign

    Tired of opening the dishwasher to grab a clean plate only to find dirty dishes instead? With a flip of this two-sided dishwasher sign, you can signal to housemates whether the dishes in the dishwasher are dirty (“Sorry, we’re dirty”) or ready for use (“Come in, we’re clean), making it the ideal gift for a new homeowner or an experienced domestic. Available on Amazon; $6.80.


  31. Tile Sticker

    Tile Sticker

    Whether you stick it to small trinkets such as remote controls or power drills, or large possessions like bikes, this waterproof bluetooth tracker rings when you “call” it through the companion mobile app to help you locate missing objects within a 150-foot range in a flash. And it works in reverse; if the forgetful Jones in your life misplaces his phone, he need only double-tap the “Tile” button at the base of the sticker to make it ring—yes, even if it’s on silent. Available on Amazon; $29.99 for a two pack.


  32. OXO Good Grips Mini Grate & Slice

    OXO Good Grips Mini Grate & Slice

    Home cooks can cut meal-prep time in half with this pint-sized three-in-one kitchen helper that packs three color-coded tools: a coarse grater, a medium grater, and a slicer. The lid of the no-slip grater doubles as a storage container with measurement markings, while the built-in food holder protects your fingers as you cut vegetables, cheese, and more to the exact size needed for your next culinary masterpiece. Available at The Container Store; $19.99.


  33. Silicone Bottle Stopper

    Silicone Bottle Stopper

    These beanie-inspired bottle stoppers are great for stocking stuffers, white elephant, or a small hostess gift. The airtight seal keeps the bubbly fresh, while the pom pom-topped cap easily pops off the bottle when it’s time to let the libations flow. Available on Amazon; $15.95.


  34. Dash Compact Air Fryer

    Dash Compact Air Fryer

    Your friend can whip up their favorite fried entres without oil or butter in this 900-watt air fryer from Dash. With the generous 2-quart capacity of the unit, they can whip up whatever they crave without the calories, be it a small side of fries for a quick lunch or a heaping platter of chicken wings for a pre-game gathering. Available at Target; $49.99.


  35. Deli Container Holder

    Deli Container Holder

    The person who is always entertaining will appreciate this gift. They can stash unsightly plastic containers holding appetizers or sides inside these sleek 4.75-inch-wide stainless steel container holders. When the guests arrive, they can serve those dips, spreads, and salads directly from the holder, which includes a hole in the base for easy removal of the plastic container within. Available at The Grommet; $22.95.


  36. Weighted Blanket

    Weighted Blanket with Removable Cover

    Available in 12, 15, or 18-pound weight options, this 50-by-70-inch fleece weighted blanket applies even pressure across the body to help the sleep-deprived or the stress-prone rest easier at night. Ties inside the plush removable blanket cover keep the weighted insert in place, while the zipper closure of the cover makes it a snap to remove and throw in the washing machine. Available at Target; $49.


  37. Wine Bottle Holder

    Wine Bottle Holder

    When the kitchen cabinet starts to overflow with bottles of red or white, encourage the wine lover in your life to stash their collection of vino in this novelty three-bottle, 17.75-inch wine holder. Chalkboard labels above each metal holder mean they’ll never mistake a merlot for a pinot noir; they can simply scrawl the type of wine on the corresponding label to serve up the best beverage for the meal. Available at Target; $29.70.


  38. Ladderball Game

    Ladderball Game

    Game enthusiasts can bring the classic lawn game of ladder toss home by setting up this game of Ladderball on their own turf, complete with two sets of 39-inch-tall ladders, six sets of red and blue bolas, and a convenient carrying case. It couldn’t be easier to play: Grab a friend and a bola, aim for a rung of the ladder, and toss; the lower the rung your bola lands on, the more points you score! Available at Hayneedle; $50.98.


  39. Silicone Lids & Straw

    Silicone Lids and Straw

    As appealing to kids as it is to adults, this set of three colorful, reusable drink lids and straws turns any glass or mug into a no-spill cup. Just stretch a non-toxic silicone lid over the cup to create a suction-like seal, poke a straw through the hole, and then drink up without drips or dribbles. Available on The Grommet; $8.95.


  40. Pour Over Coffee Maker

    Pour Over Coffee Maker

    If your coffee aficionado companion can’t stomach the Joe from a drip coffee maker, but can’t swing the cost of java at the local craft coffee joint, gift him this pour-over glass coffee maker that offers rich, flavorful coffee for those without deep pockets. The 6-cup capacity lets you brew enough for yourself or the whole family, while the mesh metal filter achieves the ideal water-to-coffee ratio—and an invigorating, full-bodied cup every morning. Available at Target; $20.


  41. Bar-B-Que GrillMat

    Grill Mat

    Turn any gas or charcoal grill into a griddle in an instant with this set of two 15-inch grill mats; lay the square mat over the grill grate before throwing down bacon, fish, or veggies, and use the round mat for pancakes or omelettes. The dishwasher-safe material makes cleanup a breeze, so the grill master can start a new session pronto. Available on Amazon; $13.65.


  42. Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Care Kit

    Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Care Kit

    Properly seasoning and routinely cleaning a cast iron skillet is a must to prolong the life and boost the looks of the pan. This cast iron care kit makes light work of cast iron maintenance, offering seasoning spray to stave off rusting, a pan scraper and scrub brush to eliminate food debris in seconds, and a handle holder to protect your fingers from the kitchen heat. Available on Amazon; $12.99.


  43. Amazon Echo Dot

    Amazon Echo Dot

    Know someone who still hasn’t implemented smart devices in their house yet? Get them started with the Amazon Echo Dot. Check the weather, set your home alarm, schedule an appointment, or even make a restaurant reservation—Alexa, the virtual assistant built into this smart speaker, can perform these and other routine tasks with a few simple voice commands. Once the giftee is comfortable with it, the Echo’s compatibility with other connected devices ranging from intelligent thermostats to smart doors will let them automate multiple interior features to achieve the ultimate smart home. Available on Amazon; $24.99.


  44. House Numbers

    hearth and hand house numbers

    Give these to new homeowners, and their house will be the talk of the neighborhood when they mount a few of these statement-making house numbers on an exterior wall. Available in a “No.” plate and numerals ranging from 0 to 9, the two-by-three rust-proof black matte accessories are as durable as they are visually dramatic. Available at Target; $4.99 each.


  45. Ice Box

    Ice Box

    There’s no need for an ice bucket when you can leave this sleek ice box on the table. The box’s lid doubles as the ice tray. When cubes are formed, pop them into the box and cover it up. Gift this to your favorite hostess. Available on Food52; $35.


  46. Roku Streaming Stick

    Roku Streaming Stick

    Offering access to over 500,000 shows and movies in a compact 3.7-by-0.8-inch USB device, the Roku Streaming Stick takes binge-watching to a whole new level for your pop culture junkie. The intuitive Roku remote allows them to power up the TV, select their favorite titles, and crank up the volume, while a companion mobile app includes voice search, private listening, and other capabilities that let them stream smartly. Available at Target; $39.99.


  47. Folding Garden Kneeler

    Folding Garden Kneeler

    Anyone who enjoys flexing their green thumb will appreciate this soft, weatherproof kneeler with a foam pad that will allow them to groom their garden in comfort. The steel frame supports their weight as they sow seeds, prune plants, or pluck weeds, while the folding mechanism makes it easy to set up, take down, and transport to and from a shed or garage. Available on Amazon; $39.95.


  48. Sansevieria Plant

    Sansevieria Plant

    Also known as the Snake plant because of its characteristic dark green-black leaves and silver-green markings, the Sansevieria container plant would make an alluring addition to the home of any busy plant lover. One of the easiest houseplants to grow, the annual plant thrives with minimal water and indirect, low to medium sun exposure. Available at Burpee; $17.95.


  49. Tomato Seed Kit

    Tomato Seed Kit

    Kick-start a friend’s vegetable garden with this heirloom tomato seed kit that packs six seed varieties from a licensed nursery, six peat pellets, and six wooden plant markers. Green fingers aren’t a prerequisite; each of the seed varieties comes with complete instructions for no-fail growing. Available on Etsy; $27.95.


  50. Portable Campfire

    Portable Campfire

    Start a cozy, self-contained fire at a campground, in a yard, or at a tailgating event with this set of two transportable quick-light logs that burn for up to two hours without the mess or hazard of a traditional bonfire. There’s no need to fuss with flint and tinder; simply light the firestarter in the opening in the side of the log to ignite the fun. Available at The Grommet; $23.95.


  51. Digital Sliding T-Bevel

    Digital Sliding T-Bevel

    This nifty gadget fits into tight spaces or wraps around cut pieces of wood to tell you the exact angle. Then it remembers that angle so you can take it back to your shop and make the right cut. The digital tool can effortlessly accompany a woodworker through an entire project since it stores multiple readings, and can calculate the reverse angle when it's time to join two pieces of wood together. Available on Amazon; $22.99. 


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