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9 Paint Color Trends You Might Regret

Few decorating tricks transform the feel of a room as easily, quickly, and inexpensively as a fresh coat of paint. Perhaps because painting is so easy—a bit inconvenient, true, but well within the reach of even a novice DIYer—it’s tempting to go all-out with the color trend of the day. After all, if you get tired of the color or decide it isn’t really you, change is just a paintbrush away. Still, most homeowners don’t want to repaint walls on a regular basis, so if you are considering one of the following nine trendy colors, keep in mind that it might feel like yesterday’s news—or have you wondering, “What was I thinking?”—sooner rather than later.

10 Shortcuts to a Not-So-Scary Basement

If you have an unfinished basement, you probably don’t want to spend a ton of time down there. The air is musty, the floors are damp, and it feels just a tiny bit creepy. Luckily, there are some simple ways to get the feel of a finished basement without shelling out thousands of dollars. Here, 10 ways to turn your basement into a space where the entire family will want to hang out.

11 Problems You Can Solve with Paint

Every house has its problems, but you’d be amazed how many of them can be solved with a single afternoon and a common DIY staple: a can of paint. See how a few pops of color can make a huge difference for outdated or unattractive home features.

Editors’ Picks: The 9 Greatest Grays for Your Next Paint Job

Few colors in home design can be considered both fresh and traditional, but gray succeeds on both counts. It’s been called the color of the season for more seasons than we can count, and yet it’s still a go-to color pick for nearly any room in the house. Gray is a versatile neutral that, depending on its hue, can be paired with either warm colors or cool, crisp tones. Read on to find some of the most inspirational shades of gray for the home.

11 Insanely Easy 60-Minute Paint DIYs

Paint offers DIYers of any skill level an opportunity to make over drab dwellings at the mere lift of a brush, roller, or sprayer. But homeowners often paint themselves into a corner by focusing on interior or exterior walls, floors, and ceilings—which can take a day of work and then dry time—while ignoring less ambitious yet deeply satisfying mini updates, such as painting textiles, ceramics, and other home and garden accessories. Click through for 11 smaller-scale paint projects, each requiring less than an hour, that will prime your home for luxurious living.

Buy or DIY: 10 Room Dividers to Remake Your Space

Practical, flexible, and customizable, the room divider is one of the unsung heroes of the home design toolkit. An attractive version can add textural interest to a bland space, define living and sleeping zones in an open loft home, or disguise a cluttered corner in any room. Want to divide and conquer your space? Check out these inventive, wallet-friendly room divider ideas to DIY or buy.

7 House Sounds You Never Want to Ignore

Homes make strange noises on a regular basis, from groaning and creaking to popping and scratching. As a homeowner, you should be able to tell whether that noise you’re hearing could possibly be a sign of something serious. Here are the top seven problem noises and how they can be solved.

9 DIY Ways to Redo Your Wall—Without Paint

The walls of our homes have the power to speak volumes about our lives. Filled walls produce a lived-in look packed with personality, while blank walls suggest that you don’t plan to stick around for long. All that empty space is just a missed opportunity. Perplexed by a blank wall? Here are 10 uniquely creative ways to jazz it up without having to reach for a brush and bucket of paint.