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7 Ways Your Home Could Get You Sued

Your home may be a comforting place of refuge, but it could also cause an unexpected—and definitely unwanted—lawsuit. While some unfortunate incidents lie beyond your control, others can easily be prevented if you take proper precautions. Here are 7 ways to ward off home-related legal issues, potentially saving you time and money down the road.

10 Surprising Ways You Can Void a Warranty

From laminate flooring to your HVAC system, many big-ticket home items are backed by warranties. These guarantees offer peace of mind to consumers making a large investment, and they can often save money on repairs down the line. But despite their attractive promises, warranties can be baffling, especially if homeowners don’t read the fine print or understand the details. There’s nothing more disappointing than thinking a damaged item is covered only to find out that something you did or didn’t do invalidated the warranty. Here are 11 common ways that homeowners accidentally void their warranties, along with tips on how to prevent this from happening to you.