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7 Signs Your HVAC System Is Wasting Energy—And What to Do About It

As far as your HVAC system (cooling and heating system) goes, what’s out of sight is out of mind. But don’t always assume your system is running at peak performance. As units age, they become less efficient resulting in increased monthly utility bills. This is no small matter—these incremental changes add up over time, especially considering that keeping a house at a comfortable temperature accounts for about a quarter of the total electricity used in U.S. homes according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s Annual Energy Outlook 2017.

Are you concerned that your system isn’t as energy efficient as it should be—or could be? Here are seven signs of an underperforming system and what you can do to save on your utility bills.

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5 Overlooked Ways to Cool Down a Hot Room

There’s one in every home. Whether it’s a finished basement or a converted attic, a west-facing sunroom or a live-in garage, there always seems to be a particular spot in the house where the temperature soars in the summer. While other rooms under the same roof remain perfectly comfortable, in the problem area it’s 10 degrees hotter than everywhere else. To cope, some homeowners simply close off the unbearable room, leaving it mostly unoccupied until the fall. Others resort to noisy, unsightly window air conditioners, even though such appliances can be exorbitantly expensive to run. Looking for a lasting solution you can afford? Click through now to see a range of effective possibilities, from the indirect benefit of shady landscaping to the direct relief of a ductless cooling system from Mitsubishi Electric.