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10 Brilliant Ways to Lock a Door Without a Lock
Locks are the best method for securing a door. But if a lock fails, if the door doesn’t have a lock, or if you don’t ...
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7 Ways to Winterize Your Apartment or Rental Home
As a renter, there are limits to the changes you can make to your residence to prepare for the colder winter months. ...
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20 Apartment Decor Ideas That Prove Small Spaces Can Have a Big Impact
Many apartment dwellers struggle to decorate their homes due to budget constraints and landlord-imposed limitations. ...
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Don't Forget This Important Step After Signing Your Apartment Lease
Don’t Lose Your Security DepositIf you’ve ever rented a property and lost some or all of your security deposit—or eve...
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Trick-or-Treating at an Apartment Building
Trick or TreatHalloween is fast-approaching, and we all know what that means! Children will soon be donning their cos...
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Condo vs. Apartment: What’s the Difference, and Which One Is Right for You?
The current real estate market is making it difficult for many individuals to afford a single-family home or a townho...
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How to Keep the Peace With Your Roommate
Living with a roommate can be a lot of fun and less lonely than bunking on your own. However, cohabitation doesn't co...
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How to Make a Rental Feel Like Home
Even though you love your new place, it can sometimes be difficult to make your rental house or apartment feel like y...
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Renters, Here’s How to Make Sure You Get Your Security Deposit Back
In some states, landlords charge more than a month’s rent for a security deposit, sometimes twice as much or more. Th...
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7 Truths About Micro Apartments That May Surprise You
Micro apartments, which are generally less than 350 square feet, are tight on living space but offer gigantic benefit...
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9 Things You Shouldn’t Hide From Your Landlord
Secrets don’t make friends: Always fess up about these issues to stay on your landlord’s good side.
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Here’s What Life Is Like in Some of NYC’s Tiniest Apartments
What these New York apartments lack in space, they make up for in style.
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The Best Ways to Soundproof a Room Without Tearing Down Your Walls 
Figuring out how to soundproof a room doesn’t have to be difficult. As working from home is becoming more popular, ho...
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13 No-Fail Small Space Solutions
Space is a limited resource in many homes, and figuring out how to make the most of it is no easy task. These 13 surefire tactics will show you how to use smart d...
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How To: Get Your Security Deposit Back
Oh, wait. . . you WANTED your security deposit back?!Well, buckle your seat belt, responsible former tenant: You are ...
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10 DIY Ways Renters Can Remake Their Space
Life as a renter is a mix of pros and cons. While you don't have to fix the leaky faucet yourself, you don't have the option to change it either. Sure, you have l...
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7 Ways to Make Your Dorm Room a Home Away from Home
In her book, Speed Decorating, interior decorator Jill Vegas offers tips and tricks for anyone interested in putting ...
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Renovate Your Rental
When Jamie Kaneko was looking for a new home, she was excited to finally find a rental property large enough for her ...
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Consider a Condo for Your Second Home
Bob Vila’s Home Again opened its fifteenth season with a bay-front condo remodel along the Venetian Island stretch of...
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How To: Decorate a Loft
There’s no question that lofts are unique. But the qualities that make them appealing can also create significant cha...
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10 Mood-Altering Decorating Tips for City Dwellers
City living offers its own set of challenges, not the least among them finding peace and quiet. Here are some simple ways to help you find the calm within.
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10 DIY-Doable Projects for Apartment Renters
If you are a renter—especially in a crowded, noisy city—make your life and abode more enjoyable by completing a few of these affordable do-it-yourself projects. R...
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A Little Income Adds a Lot of Value
If you’ve inherited or converted even a small slice of space to a standalone living unit that could be rented, you’ve...
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On-Campus Living
There’s no time like college to get acquainted with beginners’ DIY projects. In most on-campus living scenarios, you’...
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Bob Vila Radio: Dorm Room Storage
Whether it’s back to the dorm or just back to school, making room for kids and their stuff gets harder as they get bi...
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General Colin L. Powell Apartments, South Bronx
The South Bronx The South Bronx’s reputation conjures up violent street life in the shadow of menacing apartment tow...
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Tour an Affordable Green Apartment Building
Bob visits the South Bronx, NY, where Habitat for Humanity has partnered with private developer Les Bluestone to create a green oasis for low-income families that...
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Interior Demolition for Warehouse Conversion
Bob meets with the construction foreman to discuss the demolition work that's underway. Having removed the elevator shaft, the crew plans to move ahead by taking ...
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Tour of Luxury Loft Space and Brick Facade History and Restoration
Bob tours the multi-story luxury loft space of developer and artist Jane Walentas. Next, Bob and his son, Chris, consult with Cas Stachelberg about the history, a...
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Privacy Glass Installation
Bob looks on as the window installer puts in the glass walls for the head house (the structure surrounding the stares that lead up from the penthouse).
Tag icon video
Planning the Decor
Bob meets with Darren Brown and Jonathan Adler to discuss the interior design of the penthouse apartment, which Adler envisions being a casual space, enhanced by ...
Tag icon video
Reviewing the Penthouse Living Area & Kitchen
Bob surveys the interior decorating of the penthouse apartment, as well as the top-quality materials and appliances in the kitchen. Also, Bob learns about the dif...
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Reviewing the Penthouse Bedroom & Office
Bob tours the bedroom and office, rooms which have been designed by Jonathan Adler and Darren Brown, who explain their aesthetic choices.
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Locating the Ideal Miami Condo Fixer-Upper
Led by real estate broker Gina Kirkpatrick, Bob tours a 950-square-foot one-bedroom condo in a bulding designed by the renowned Miami architect Morris Lapidus in ...
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Evaluating the Miami Beach One-Bedroom
Bob and real estate broker Gina Kirkpatrick evaluate the 950-square-foot one-bedroom condo in Miami Beach, FL.
Tag icon video
Seeking Design Ideas for the Miami Condo
DD Allen shows off her updated 600-square-foot retreat in downtown Miami. By removing interior dividing walls, Allen has converted her one-bedroom into a studio. ...
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Demolition Review and Shower Installation
With much of the demolition having been completed, Bob walks through an open, loft-like space, which was dark and cramped feeling pre-demolition. Carlos Leuchtman...
Tag icon video
Touring Lincoln Road in Miami Beach
Bob visits Lincoln Road guided by architectural historian Allan Shulman, who chronicles the Lincoln Road saga from its beginning with Carl Fisher, "Mr. Miami Beac...
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Installing Kitchen Cabinets
Bob meets with LesCare cabinet representative Brad Brewster, of Princeton Custom Cabinetry, who explains the features of this semi-custom cabinet line and also ou...
Tag icon video
Installing Glass Tile in the Shower
The crew prepares to grout the Vitrus Glasstile, which has been installed in the shower using a mildew- and stain-resistant epoxy grout. Bob remarks that, unlike ...
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Fitting a Vanity Top and Sink
Ernie Wernecke of Princeton Custom Cabinetry shows Bob how to customize the vanity countertop so it fits snugly against a bulging wall.
Tag icon video
Installing a Toto One-Piece Toilet
Bob watches the installation of a low-flow Toto toilet with a sleek design. The installation is simple, thanks to a special flange that reconfigures the tradition...
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Installing a Water-Cooled HVAC System
Bob and Jeff Akers of The Air Authority review the water-cooled HVAC system, granting focus to its ingenious mechanical design and up-to-code energy efficiency.
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Installing Moen Faucets in the Bathroom Vanity
Carlos Leuchtmann of Blue Ridge Plumbing joins Bob to install a faucet and handles from the Moen Kingsley line.
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Kitchen and Butler's Pantry, Venetian Blinds, and Luxury Kitchen Appliances, Finishes, and Cabinetry
The huge space that is the kitchen of the Manhattan Brownstone has received its finishing touches. Bob tours.
Tag icon video
Tour of Boston's Leather District
Bob takes a walking tour of some of Boston's best-preserved antique commercial buildings in the Leather District with architectural historian Brian Pfeiffer.
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Loft Conversion Plans
The developers, Neal and Ron Gold, review how they've begun converting this old fur storage building into a residential loft complex.
Tag icon video
Discussing the Loft's Features
Architect Greg Rochlin and carpenter Bob Ryley are on-site to consult about possibilities for this loft unit.
Tag icon video
Converting an Industrial Building to Housing and Office Space
Bob tours the home and office of world-renowned landscape architect Martha Schwartz.
Tag icon video
Modeling the Loft Project
The architect and interior designer of the loft conversion project have modeled some intriguing ideas for Bob.
Tag icon video
Progress Report on the Loft Common Areas
Developer Neal Gold gives Bob a progress report on the work underway in the common areas of the building.
Tag icon video
Loft Living Discussed
Realtor Lynn Zekis leads Bob on a tour of her own loft conversion in the Boston Leather District.
Tag icon video
Stripping Old Paint
Bob and the loft developer, Neal Gold, discuss stripping old paint. They then oversee the plate glass window installation.
Tag icon video
Review of Neighboring Loft's Layout
Bob peeks into another loft conversion, one that's just been plastered, to see how other loft residents are using all of their space.
Tag icon video
Building Cabinets
Bob visits Todd Allen's cabinet shop, where he helps to mill and assemble the cabinets for the loft conversion project.
Tag icon video
Bookcase Building
Bob gives assistance to carpenter Todd Allen, who is building a bookcase for the built-in cabinet array.
Tag icon video
Fabricating Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertops
Bob visits a stainless steel fabrication shop to see how the kitchen counters for the loft project unit are made.
Tag icon video
Building and Installing Cabinets
Bob confers with carpenters Bob Ryley and David Ives, as they construct and install cabinets in the loft conversion unit.
Tag icon video
Hanging Blueboard and Installing Corner Beads
Bob interviews Brian Dauphinee, who's hanging blue board, installing corner bead, and applying the scratch coat of plaster.
Tag icon video
Kitchen Plumbing Installed
The final connections are made to the new kitchen appliances, including a garbage disposal and a gas stove.
Tag icon video
Tour of the Building in Boston's Leather District
Bob tours the restored façade, and the updated common areas, of the building.
Tag icon video
Tour of the Completed Loft Conversion
Bob tours the completed loft conversion with collaborating architect Lisa Shire.
Tag icon video
Tour of the Completed Loft Conversion, Part 2
Collaborating architect Lisa Shire accompanies Bob, as he continues his tour of the completed loft conversion.
Tag icon video
Visiting the NYC Remodeling Project
Bob makes his final visit to the sister project, a conversion of a Manhattan tenement. The new tenants have moved into the recently renovated low-income units on ...
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