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The Difference Between a Pergola and Gazebo, Explained
Many of us like to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Adding a pergola or gazebo to a yard or garden offers a s...
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What to Expect When You Hear the Words "Summer Kitchen"
If you’re house hunting and come across the term “summer kitchen” in a real estate listing, you’re in for a treat. If...
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Dutch Doors: An Open-and-Shut Way to Instantly Boost Curb Appeal
Dutch doors—horizontally double-opening charmers—evoke endearing visions of quaint country cottages, thatched roofs, ...
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17 Times Shiplap Made the Room
You’ve certainly seen it—but you may not know what it's called or how versatile it is. Shiplap is a series of grooved wooden boards joined horizontally to give a ...
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All You Need to Know About Exposed Ceiling Beams
Favored for their old world and country-chic appeal, exposed ceiling beams add a dramatic sense of strength and heft ...
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All You Need to Know About Pony Walls
While pony walls aren’t new to the housebuilding scene, they’ve recently seen a resurgence in popularity—even before ...
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All You Need to Know About Vaulted Ceilings
Drawing the eye upward to create a sense of volume and spaciousness, vaulted ceilings add drama to otherwise ordinary...
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All You Need to Know About Coffered Ceilings
Inspired by a Baroque and early Renaissance architectural style in which a roof's framework exposed overhead beams cr...
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All You Need to Know About Shiplap
Shiplap has been popping up everywhere lately. The rough-sawn wooden planks arranged as horizontal panels can take an...
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17 Parts of Your Home You Never Knew Had Names
Your house is made up of walls, windows, floors, doors... and a bunch of other thingamajigs and whatsits. Here, a slew of architectural mysteries solved!
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10 Ways to Reinvent Any Room with Crown Molding
Crown molding brings elegance to nearly any space. Whether you choose to use it around windows and doorways or to line the top of the kitchen cabinets, crown mold...
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Reviewing the Front Porch, and Installing Interior Columns and a Vanity
Bob reviews the Victorian design elements of his front-corner porch and the interior columns that echo the exterior ones, and then watches the turn-of-the-century...
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Creating Decorative Styrofoam Columns
Bob works with Jesse Gonzalez to create Styrofoam columns for the decorative columns on the front of the house.
Tag icon video
Restoration of the Brooklyn Academy of Music
Karen Brooks Hopkins, president of the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), gives Bob a peek at the restoration of the main building.
Tag icon video
Elm Court's Dining Room
Bob tours one of the Vanderbilt family's most elegant dining rooms. The Berles have restored the ornate plasterwork ceilings and cornices, which were the inspirat...
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Selecting and Installing Window Treatments
Bob and interior designer Leslie Curtis discuss the window treatments in this episode, while Kevin Murphy (from Smith + Noble) finishes up installation of the com...
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Constructing Tapered Porch Colums With Preprimed Engineered Lumber
Bob Ryley is on site to help carpenter Pat Cloutier construct tapered columns on the front porch.
Tag icon video
Installing Tapered Columns
Bob observes as carpenter Pat Cloutier finishes off installing the tapered columns on the front porch.
Tag icon video
Securing Load-Bearing Columns
Installers tie steel straps down to the band joists in order to secure the load-bearing columns newly installed on the porch.
Tag icon video
House Five: Queen Anne Victorian Porch Restoration
Bob meets with Judy Lee, the owner of the fifth Elmwood project house. The front porch, built in 1892, must be replaced.
Tag icon video
Porch Restoration: Custom Reproduction Moldings and Chatsworth's Columns
Porch restoration continues on the fifth Elmwood project house, with Forester Moulding and Lumber re-milling many porch elements.
Tag icon video
House Six: Portico Restoration, Hardscaping, and Landscaping
Bob meets the owners of the sixth Elmwood neighborhod project house and reviews the proposed portico plans. Built in 1892, the Victorian home needs a new front po...
Tag icon video
Fighting Carpenter Ants and Repairing the Porch
The restoration of the front porch continues with workers putting the decking down and replacing the old columns. In addition, anti-termite control stations are p...
Tag icon video
Removing Lead Paint From Exterior Surfaces
Bob looks on as contractors remove lead paint from the porch columns, then safely dispose of the old paint.
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House Eight: Side Porch Renovation, Landscaping, and Home Inspection
The home's side entry will be restored using the original columns, which homeowner Jim Verity found in the basement. On the front porch, new support beams and rai...
Tag icon video
Landscaping, Front Column Installation, and Home Security System
Landscaping work continues, as the new security system is installed and the reproduction railing is going into place on the front porch.
Tag icon video
Restoring the Front Porch
The front porch is undergoing full restoration, due to excessive water and pest damage to the columns and other structural elements. Demolition begins and repair ...
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Discussing the Home Spa and Replacing the Finial on the Turret
The spa is installed in the third-floor exercise room and the finial section is put on the turret roof.
Tag icon video
Removing the Porch Columns
Bob helps remove the front porch columns, so they can be replicated and used on the home's new back porch.
Tag icon video
Plaster Cornice Reconstruction
Bob surveys the plaster cornice in the project home. Water damage has ruined a large section and much of the remaining plaster needs repair. Bob and restoration c...
Tag icon video
Adding Detail to the Plaster Cornice
Bob observers the expert plasterer add detail to the cornice, which is under reconstruction due to water damage.
Tag icon video
Plaster and Cornice Work
Bob joins restoration contractor Richard Marks to see how the existing plaster and cornice work is blended with the new drywall.
Tag icon video
Installing the Cantera Stone Columns
The Malibu beach house gets a pair of Cantera stone columns in the entry foyer. The pieces are fit together and Bob learns what to odo when they don't come togeth...
Tag icon video
Building a Covered Porch
Bob helps contractor Bob Ryley begin work on constructing the covered porch. Once the joists are in place, and the decking has been laid down, Bob and Bob turn to...
Tag icon video
Touring the Exterior and Entry
Bob tours the exterior of the project home, focusing on the architectural detail and final landscape design. He then moves inside to review the custom stair raili...
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