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Solved! What to Do About Squirrels in the Attic
Q: I keep hearing noise coming from upstairs and am fairly sure that a family of squirrels has taken up residence in ...
All You Need to Know About Attic Ventilation
At first glance, it can seem counter-intuitive: You insulate your home to reduce temperature fluctuations and save on...
The Little-Known Importance of Attic Fans
It's midsummer, and for hours and days, sun has been beating on the roof of your home. Measurements have shown that, ...
Bob Vila Radio: The Reason for Rafter Vents
Seasonal extremes in temperature put your attic insulation to the test. To get the best performance out of your insul...
Bob Vila Radio: Does Attic Ventilation Help or Hurt?
Does ventilating your attic make sense? To a large extent, the answer to that question depends on the climate where y...
Bob Vila Radio: Save Big Bucks with Attic Insulation
Looking to put a dent in your monthly heating and cooling bills? The answer may be right over your head. If your atti...
So, You Want to... Insulate the Attic
Are you getting the sense that your heating and cooling costs are going through the roof? You might be absolutely rig...
Under the Eaves: 10 Arresting Attic Rooms
Attic rooms are challenging to furnish. Their charming-but-awkward features like sharply sloped ceilings and angular dormers can make furniture arrangement a real...
Home Renovation: The Cellar and the Attic
When undertaking a renovation project, an examination of the out-of-sight, out-of-mind spaces may be useful. If you'r...
Optimize Your Attic Storage
A home's style and vintage often dictate to what extent an attic can be used for attic storage. Victorians and pre-19...
Planning Guide: Attic Conversion
[bobsays_inset]Want more livable space in your home? Don't want to spend a king's ransom? Attic conversion has fit th...
Touring the Home Interior
Bob and architect Gregory Rochlin tour the interior of Bob's 100-year-old Shingle Style home in Cambridge, MA.
Shoring Up the Attic With Supports
Engineers determined that the third floor roof was weak and in need of restructuring.
Installing Architectural Shingles and Skylight
A representative from Owens Corning tells Bob about the architectural shingles that have been selected to replace the old roofing material. And Velux VSE skylight...
Restoring the Guest Cottage
Bob checks progress in the basement and attic of the governor's mansion, then visits the guest cottage to see how the restoration is progressing.
House Ten: Attic Conversion
Owners of the tenth Elmwood neighborhood project house, Peter Haraty and Brent Bachelder, want to create one large space on the attic level, a change requiring wa...
Attic Insulation
Australian-born architect and homeowner, Gavin Langley, shows Bob how attics are insulated in his home country.
Installing Light Panels
Bob and carpenter Cortney Lofton demonstrate how to install light panels on the ceiling in the attic.
Applying Asphalt Roofing Shingles
Roofing contractor Kevin Benjer demonstrates the correct way to apply asphalt roofing shingles and a ridge vent.
Attic and Basement
The tour of the project house continues up into the attic and down into the basement. Bob and general contractor Ron Gan discuss the necessary repairs and desired...