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14 Secrets of People with Low Energy Bills
Keeping up with the Joneses can be a frustrating and fruitless pursuit…but what if those enviable neighbors are saving money, supporting a cleaner environment, an...
Is It Wise to DIY? A New Survey Says, Not Always
We Americans are a can-do crowd, particularly when it comes to maintaining and improving our homes. Need proof? Look ...
14 Jaw-Dropping Remodeling Ideas You Can Copy for Less Than $1,000
You don’t have to break the bank to break up with outdated home design. These 14 pretty, practical, and penny-wise renovations of rooms all over the house prove t...
21 Money-Saving Tricks That Every Homeowner Needs to Know
Putting a dent in your home improvement to-do list can often put an even bigger dent in your wallet. But these 21 humble DIY projects reduce, reuse, and reimagine...
Genius! The Indoor Clothesline You Didn't Know You Needed
Homeowners know that even energy-efficient washers and dryers drive up electric bills, and renters are even worse off...
11 Sneaky Ways to Save When Buying a Home
Good deals on great homes are hard to come by these days. If, however, you’re a die-hard do-it-yourselfer, or you don’t mind living in a new build, or you enjoy t...
14 Sneaky Ways to Save Money on Your Water Bill
Owning a home is expensive: There are property taxes and mortgages, tiny repairs and big maintenance projects, energy costs and water bills. After all's said and ...
8 Home Costs That Take New Buyers by Surprise

While renting has the advantage of being affordable and carefree, purchasing your own home can be a great investment opportunity—if you’re prepared. Unlike with ...
12 Ways Your Home Can Save You Money This Year
A new year offers new opportunities to save money. Look around your home and you will see a huge variety of ways to save money, from increasing energy efficiency ...
8 Wise Ways to Winter-Proof Your Home for Practically Nothing
Winter is coming! Is your house ready to deal with harsh winter winds, blowing snow, and frosty windows? A well winterized home has what it takes to stand up to w...
9 Sneaky Ways to Cut Your Home Heating Bills
Home heating bills can be daunting, especially for those who live in colder climates. But there are ways to keep costs down without resorting to wearing jackets i...
Bob Vila Radio: Are Home Improvements Tax-Deductible?
When you finish a home improvement project, you can certainly take pride in a job well done. But in many cases, you c...
9 Things You Didn't Know About Flood Insurance
If you think your home insurance policy will protect you in the event of a flood, you may be in for a shock. Because standard homeowner’s policies do not cover fl...
7 Ways to Skimp on a Kitchen Renovation
Who doesn’t love the idea of a brand-spanking-new kitchen filled with gleaming appliances, flawless cabinets and pristine countertops? Kitchen remodeling top home...
Bob Vila Radio: President's Day Inventory
For those of you in the tristate area who aren’t hitting the ski slopes or escaping to the Bahamas this weekend, Pres...
5 Things Your Homeowner's Insurance May Not Cover
Before disaster strikes, make sure to check for potential potholes in your property insurance policy. Doing so now could save you money—and heartache—later.
Clean Credit Wins Home Loans
Mortgage interest rates continue at record lows, but if you're hoping to snag a home equity loan for a planned renova...
Maximizing Your Remodeling Dollar
The average American is said to move every five to seven years. As that statistic suggests, you would be wise to thin...
How Much Will a Designer Cost?
The title "architect" conjures up in many people's minds fancy designer houses, monumental homes out of the pages of ...
Contractors, Contracts, and Costs
Dankmar Adler—architect and partner of the great Louis Sullivan in the firm of Adler and Sullivan—once remarked that ...
Getting Professional Help
In order to be assured that you're not embarking on a trip straight to debtors' prison, it's a good idea to consult a...
Footing the Bills
If you have the cash on hand to pay for your remodeling project, you needn't read this section. Most people, however,...
Affording a Renovation
A renovation project requires more than the skilled handling of different sorts of people. Good management is always ...
Estimating Checklist
Cost overruns are certainly common in renovation work, but there are steps you can take to try to anticipate some of ...
Want to Build Wealth? Pick the Right Mortgage
Owning a home is the best way to build family wealth—that's been the prevailing wisdom, at least, for the last severa...
5 Hidden Costs of Remodeling
Labor. Materials. Pizza?Some costs do not fit neatly into a renovation project's line-item budget, but if you ignore ...
Measure Twice, Borrow Once: Home Equity Loan Success
Home values are bouncing back—is the trend strong enough to support your bid for a home equity loan?According to the ...
Energize Savings with a "Green" Tax Credit
In the midst of the budget crisis in Washington, home energy tax credits were retained for the 2012 tax year. That me...
Experts agree that the housing market has touched bottom in most markets. With values stabilizing, now is a good time...
FHA Financing for Renovations? Yes, But...
It's not a snap, but the Federal Housing Agency's 203k program enables homeowners to finance home improvements as par...
The Rising Cost of Low-Rate FHA Loans
In the wake of the housing bust, the Federal Housing Authority (FHA), once a lender of "near-last resort" for moderat...
How To: Cut Construction Costs
What if the sum your construction estimates total is greater than you had budgeted? Sit down with your designer, espe...
Understanding Costs
Frank Lloyd Wright was once asked if he could design a $10,000 house. The question was asked many decades ago, so it ...
Open a Separate Checking Account
Unless your project is very small or you've one professional to manage everything for you, open a separate checking a...
Cutting the Crud on Your Kitchen Cabinets More_clips
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