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How to Use Coffee Grounds in the Garden
When considering how to use coffee grounds in the garden, keep in mind that they don’t acidify soil, contrary to popu...
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10 Things Every New Gardener Needs to Know
Over the past few years, seed companies and nurseries nationwide have experienced huge spikes in sales due, in large ...
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5 Things to Do With Weeds After You Pull Them
Weeds are tricky plants, aren’t they? Even when you pull them out of your lawn or garden beds by the root, they seem ...
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The Best Composting Services of 2023
Recycling aluminum and plastics is standard practice for many households, but food scrap bins on the kitchen counter ...
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Want a Bountiful Summer Garden? Do These 3 Quick Things to Your Soil This Weekend
It happens to all of us: In no time flat, winter has slipped away and it’s suddenly time to get spring vegetables and...
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10 Ways Gardening May Be Making You Sick—and How to Protect Yourself
A Michigan State University article notes that “moderate-intensity level activity” such as gardening practiced for 2½...
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Can You Compost Bread? The Great Debate, Solved!
Q: Can you compost bread? It’s a reasonable question to ask and comes with a complicated answer. Is bread compostable...
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Compost for under $50: The Bamboozle Indoor Compost Bin is a Steal!
The Bamboozle Food Composter is an indoor compost bin that doesn’t create compost per se, but holds kitchen scraps un...
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This Bokashi Bin Claims to Make Compost in 2 Weeks: How Did It Do?
For serious indoor composting, the SCD Probiotics Bokashi Bin is a 5-gallon indoor composting container made of recyc...
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8 Tricks for Quick Composting Your Way to Free Fertilizer
It’s easy to get your garden growing and help it thrive with some quick-turn composting tricks any level composter can do at home.
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Bob Vila Radio: Sites for Compost
Composting puts your yard and kitchen waste to work creating nutrient-rich soil for your garden. It’s a true win-win,...
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Weekend Projects: 5 Simple Ways to Set Up a Compost Bin
Compost: It's what eventually becomes of all decomposing organic material. Essentially, it's dirt—but it's not just a...
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How to Build a DIY Pallet Compost Bin
This post has been brought to you by Dickies.  Its facts and opinions are those of BobVila. com. A compost bin is a g...
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Why Every Gardener Needs a Worm Bin
Anyone with a garden knows that fertilizer and enriched soil can be expensive. But did you know there is a source of ...
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Bob Vila Radio: Kitchen Composting
Composting’s a great idea: it helps your garden thrive and keeps valuable organic waste out of landfills. But once yo...
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Bob Vila Radio: Mulch
Autumn leaves are a gift to your garden that literally just falls out of the trees. Instead of getting rid of them al...
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Bob Vila Radio: Fall Composting
All those piles of raked leaves and mown grass don’t do much good in your local landfill. If you garden, you can cut ...
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Composting 101: How to Put Kitchen and Yard Waste to Work in Your Garden
The best gardeners know the simple truth about compost: It’s better than fertilizer when it comes to providing a nutr...
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Bob Vila Radio: Composters
I get alot of questions from folks who want to improve their garden soil with compost, but aren’t sure which kind of ...
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Bob Vila Radio: Composting
No fertilizer can do your garden as much good as compost can. It’s impossible to overfertilize with it. Even in colde...
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Quick Tip: Compost
Successful Composting: Balance Is Key Successful composting requires four things: carbon, nitrogen, water and oxygen....
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Quick Tip: Mulch
Choose the Right Kind of MulchThere are lots of different kinds of mulch to choose from, depending on what’s in your ...
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How To: Mulch Your Flower Beds
Laying mulch before the winter gives your soil a head start for the next growing season. It also protects delicate pl...
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