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The 7 Essential Tools of Deconstruction
There’s demolition, which totally trashes a room in preparation for remodeling, and then there’s deconstruction. The latter takes a kinder, gentler, smarter appro...
Bob Vila Radio: Dodge the Dangers of Demolition Work
Demolition is one part of the remodeling process that most homeowners can lend a hand with. But there are some import...
Second-Floor Plans, Door Demolition, and Staircase Disassembly
Bob goes over plans for the second floor with architect Gregory Rochlin and then joins carpenter Bob Ryley for meticulous demolition and disassembly work.
Fixing a Rotted Deck and Columns on the Porch
Carpenters replace a rotted deck, and a rotted porch column is reconstructed with concrete.
House Failures in Hurricanes
Bob is joined by Wayne Sallade who explains that demolition takes time and skilled, certified contractors and it's going to take a long time to rebuild Florida
Interior Demolition for Warehouse Conversion
Bob meets with the construction foreman to discuss the demolition work that's underway. Having removed the elevator shaft, the crew plans to move ahead by taking ...
Reviewing the Architectural Floor Plans for the Brownstone Remodel
Reviewing the architectural floor plans for the Brownstone remodel, salvaging the vintage sink, and removing asbestos tile uncovered at the start of demolition.
Leveling the Floor
Bob meets lead carpenter Connor McKenna from Thorough Construction, who is working with the original floor joists in preparation for the hardwood floors.
Installing Steel-Stud Framing
Bob joins Connor McKenna of Thorough Construction as he works on installing the new steel-stud framing.
Planning for the Second Floor and Master Bedroom
Bob surveys the current layout of second floor, then meets with the general contractor, with whom Bob talks about the plans for the second floor and the master be...
Demolition in the Upstairs Living Quarters
After the controlled demolition is complete, Bob tours the upstairs living quarters of the governor's mansion.
House Ten: Attic Conversion
Owners of the tenth Elmwood neighborhood project house, Peter Haraty and Brent Bachelder, want to create one large space on the attic level, a change requiring wa...
Block Wall Demolition
Bob and contractor Ed Weller meet to demolish a block wall in order to open up the room for remodeling.
Kitchen Demolition
Bob and carpenter Cortney Lofton review and demolish the original kitchen cabinets. Bob then visits a salvage yard to view the turn-of-the-century cabinets purcha...
Deck Demolition
Bob and carpenter Bob Ryley begin demolition work on the deck. The supporting beams are cut and the deck parts are carried away, and Bob notes the flaws found in ...
Wall Demolition to Create a Doorway
Bob and carpenter Bob Ryley demolish a wall on the second floor in order to connect the framed-in addition to the existing house.
Demolition of the Front Porch
Bob and contractor Bob Ryley discuss the demolition of the existing farmer's porch, and, once the electricity has been turned off, they begin to remove the roof.
Demolition Continues
Bob reviews the newly completed caissons with the architects, and demolition continues with the removal of a tree from the courtyard.
Malibu Beach House Demolition
The roof types of surrounding homes are discussed, together with the possibilities that exist for the project house. As roof demolition begins, Bob addresses the ...
Roof Framing and Constructing a Turret
Bob confers with contractor Bob Ryley, who is beginning demolition work on the roof dormer in order to make way for the planned turret.
Roof Removal
Demolition continues on the roof, as the crew removes the sheathing, rafters, and some of the ceiling joists.
Demolition Begins
Bob makes plans with the architect and demolition begins on site. The chalet front is removed and scaffolding is built to enable workers to reach tough jobs.
Demolition of the Bathroom
Plumbers gut the bathroom by removing the tub, sink, tile, and toilet.
Naples, FL Home Demolition
Bob confers with contractor Al Stouse as his crew begins demolition work on the Naples project.
Demolition Work Starts
Bob joins general contractor Ron Gan on the site of the two-flat greystone in Chicago's Wicker Park, as demolition work begins on the property.
Ceiling Joists and Roof Rafters
Some demolition is done on the old ell to prepare it for renovation, while ceiling joists and roof rafters go up in the new section of the house.
Reviewing the Demolition
Bob and general contractor Ron Gan review the demolition and discuss replacing the bearing walls with special engineered beams.
Garage Entry
Bob helps general contractor Ron Gan and his crew take down a section of brick wall in order to make way for a garage door leading into the basement.
Basement Demolition
Bob joins demolition Jim Ferguson in the basement of the coach house to review progress.
Removing Horsehair Plaster and Door Framing
General contractor Tim Berky and his crew remove the old horsehair plaster in the kitchen. The framing and sheathing are found to be original to the house. Bob lo...
Cutting the Crud on Your Kitchen Cabinets More_clips
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