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Installing Cork Floors
Bob confronts the remodeling challenge of choosing a flooring material that will deaden sound without sacrificing the sleek, clean look of tile or stone. So contr...
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Advantages of a Pre-cast Foundation System
Chris Vila discusses the benefits of a factory-built foundation system with Mel Zimmerman of Superior Walls.
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Cultured Stone and Façade
Bob talks with Mark Murphy (Owens-Corning) about a new man-made stone product for the exterior of the modular home.
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Reviewing the Modular Home's Exterior
Bob surveys the modular home project in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts, paying special attention to the products used on the exterior of the house.
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Installing Carriage-Style Garage Doors
Dave Colette from Doorworks talks Bob through the installation of the garage doors.
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Installation of Laminated Engineered Wood Floor System
Work continues at the sister project house where a new laminated floor system is being installed.
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Tour of the McLellan House in Portland, ME
Bob visits the McLellan House in Portland, ME, part of the Portland Museum of Art.
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Choosing a Historically Appropriate Door and Creating the Jambs and Hanging a Door
Bob shows the Woodport medium-density fiberboard doors selected for the Manhattan Brownstone then works with the crew from Thorough Construction as they prepare t...
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Constructing Tapered Porch Colums With Preprimed Engineered Lumber
Bob Ryley is on site to help carpenter Pat Cloutier construct tapered columns on the front porch.
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Installing Tapered Columns
Bob observes as carpenter Pat Cloutier finishes off installing the tapered columns on the front porch.
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Installing Smartside Engineered Wood Siding
Bob meets Lance Olson of Louisana Pacific as LP's Smartside lap siding is installed on a Mashpee house.
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Restructuring the First Floor and Kitchen Design
General contractor Charlie Tomaszewski completes the restructuring of the kitchen/family room, having replaced a rabbit warren of rooms with a 35-foot wide-open s...
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First Floor Framing and Barn Renovation/Demolition
Bob tours the first floor of the house, then turns his attention to the family room addition. Demolition has taken place in the barn, where a concrete floor has r...
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Interior Framing and Bathtub Installation
Much of the space on the first floor has been opened up to give the house a 21st-century lifestyle feel. The framing of the new addition is ongoing, and the Kohle...
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Installing Architectural Shingles and Skylight
A representative from Owens Corning tells Bob about the architectural shingles that have been selected to replace the old roofing material. And Velux VSE skylight...
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Installing the White Oak Flooring
Bob and Tim Colgan (from Kahrs) discuss the white oak flooring being installed in the bedroom.
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Laying Precast Foundation System and Discussing Engineered Wood
Carpenter Bob Ryley meets with Jim Whiteside, construction manager with Habitat for Humanity, and Dennis Hodgrin of APA.
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Installing the Engineered Wood Flooring System
The crew is using a crane to install the engineered wood flooring system.
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Manufacturing the Engineered Wood Floor Joists
Bob visits the Willamette I-Joist Mill in Woodburn, OR, before returning to Yonkers where the crew is assembling the second floor walls with structural insulated ...
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Setting the Glulam Ridge Beam and Structural Insulated Roof Panels
Workers set the glulam for the roof ridge and, assisted by a crane, put down the roof panel system.
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Engineered Wood Exterior Trim and Porch Ceiling
Bob meets with Dave Probst (from Louisiana Pacific) to learn about LP's Smart System Products and Lisa Francis (from the Engineered Wood Association) joins to wat...
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Manufacturing MDO Plywood
Bob visits the Simpson Plywood plant in Shelton, WA, where Jim Langenberg shows Bob how plywood, especially MDO, is made.
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Touring the LP Engineered Wood Siding Plant
Bob visits Two Harbors, MN and tours the plant where Louisiana Pacific manufactures a line of exterior trim products.
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Plastering the Walls
Tim Smyth, the plastering contractor, provides a drywall update and offers a few tips on quality, speedy installation.
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Pergo Flooring Installation
Carpenter Bob Ryley joins Steve Yates (from Pergo) to learn installation tips for, and the features of, Pergo wood laminate flooring and installation tips.
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Tour of the Perstop Flooring Factory
Bob visits the Perstop Flooring Factory to see how Pergo, wood laminate flooring, is made.
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Engineered Wood Floor Joist System
Bob discusses the advantages of engineered wood flooring with Steve Barth (from Willamette Industries).
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Discussing the Building Materials and Wall Layout
Bob discusses the wall layout with carpenter Bob Ryley and, with Bryan Readling (from the Engineered Wood Association), the talk surrounds the use of laminated ve...
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Cutting and Laying Roof Rafters for the Vaulted Roof
Bob helps lay rafters and the ridge pole for the vaulted roof of the Lifespan House.
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Limestone Tile Installation
Bob talks with contractor Tim Galvin, who is installing limestone tile over a heavy bed of mortar.
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Fire Codes and Installing Fireproofing Material
Bob and carpenter Bob Ryley review the interior construction, which must satisfy stringent fire codes.
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Pergo Floor Installation
Joel Trepitti (from Pergo) talks Bob through the installation of the wood laminate flooring.
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Flooring, Plumbing, and Plastering
The old flooring in the Gothic Carpenter-style home in Elmwood has been removed. Bob outlines the process of installing the new floor and discusses the new suppor...
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Mahogany Deck and Kitchen Appliances
Carpenter Bob Ryley works on the mahogany deck, while new kitchen appliances are installed and the lighting and cabinets undergo examination.
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Porch Restoration: Custom Reproduction Moldings and Chatsworth's Columns
Porch restoration continues on the fifth Elmwood project house, with Forester Moulding and Lumber re-milling many porch elements.
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House Eight: Side Porch Renovation, Landscaping, and Home Inspection
The home's side entry will be restored using the original columns, which homeowner Jim Verity found in the basement. On the front porch, new support beams and rai...
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Landscaping, Front Column Installation, and Home Security System
Landscaping work continues, as the new security system is installed and the reproduction railing is going into place on the front porch.
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Restoring the Front Porch
The front porch is undergoing full restoration, due to excessive water and pest damage to the columns and other structural elements. Demolition begins and repair ...
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House Ten: Attic Conversion
Owners of the tenth Elmwood neighborhood project house, Peter Haraty and Brent Bachelder, want to create one large space on the attic level, a change requiring wa...
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House Eleven: Renovating Attic Space
Homeowner Don DeSantis is transforming the attic level into an exercise space. The floor structure is being shored up in order to hold the wieght of excercise equ...
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Installing Man-made Slate Roofing Shingles
Bob helps demonstrate the installation of man-made slate roof shingles.
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Tour of the Georgia Pacific Pressure-Treated Lumber Plant
Bob visits the Georgia Pacific pressure-treated lumber plant in Sterling, GA to discover how pressure treated lumber is made to resist weather and rot.
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Installing the Rafters
The architect pays a visit to check on progress, while Bob and contractor Bob Ryley begin installing the Paralam rafters. Ryley goes into depth discussing these m...
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Placing the Engineered Wood Glulam Roof Ridge Beam
Bob and Paul Pacella (of Maine Post and Beam) discuss the cutting and placement of the engineered wood glulam ridge beam for the garage.
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Discussing the Manufacture of Glulams
Bob visits the Willamette Industries glued laminated timber facilities in Eugene, OR to learn first-hand how glulams are manufactured.
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Tour of an Ainsworth Lumber Mill
Bob travels to Canada for a tour of the Ainsworth oriented strand board (OSB) mill, one of the most modern OSB factories in the world.
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Installing a Salvaged Door
Bob helps contractor Bob Ryley install a salvaged door on the side of the dream garage, which is undergoing construction.
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Plywood Testing Facilities Tour
Bob tours the American Plywood Association testing facilities with Tom Williamson, the Executive Vice President of Engineered Wood Systems. Tom explains the diffe...
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Laying the Decking for the First Floor
Having reviewed their work on preparing the site, Bob and contractor Bob Ryley begin laying the first-floor decking by using glue and nails to attach the plywood ...
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Tour of the Georgia Pacific Plywood Plant
Bob takes a tour of the Georgia Pacific plywood plant near Savannah, GA to see how birch veneer plywood is made.
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Building a Free-Floating Deck
Due to flood plain regulations, the deck cannot be attached to the house-- it has to be free-floating. Bob helps the contractors set up the posts and joists, and ...
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Installing Cultured Marble Shower Walls
Bob helps install cultured marble panels in a bathroom. The tile professional on the job, Jack Miklaus, shares information on fabricating the panels and tips on i...
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Reviewing the Demolition
Bob and general contractor Ron Gan review the demolition and discuss replacing the bearing walls with special engineered beams.
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Tour of the Parallam Beam Factory
Bob joins David Parker at Macmillan-Bloedel’s Parallam plant in Vancouver, BC to see how the special engineered beams are manufactured.
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Installing the Parallam Beam
The crew installs a Parallam beam in the living room along with iron beams on the back masonry wall.
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Touring the Parallam Beam Factory
Bob visits Dave Parker in Vancouver, BC to see how Parallam beams are manufactured.
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Facing the Retaining Walls with Cultured Stone
Retaining walls, foundation work, and curving stairways are faced with Cultured Stone from Owens Corning. These cast cement, pumice, and iron oxide products are m...
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Completing the Trim on the Oriel Window
General contractor Tim Berky is completing trim on the oriel window that faces onto the deck. He begins by covering the underboard with MDO (medium density overla...
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Deck Framing with Pressure-Treated Lumber
Rick Kleiner (from the Southern Forest Products Association) joins Bob to talk about using pressure-treated deck members. Such lumber resists fungal growth, termi...
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