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Expecting? 11 Home Renovations to Complete Before Baby Arrives
Having a baby will change your life, and perhaps your renovation schedule. Check these household updates off your to-do list before baby Aiden or Emily arrives.
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Ditch the Fridge: 7 New Ways to Display Children's Artwork
Any parent knows too well the avalanche of artwork that comes home with their children from school. There simply isn't enough space to store it all, but there are...
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Bob Vila Radio: Upcycling Cribs
In 2011, federal safety standards for baby cribs changed significantly, making it illegal to sell older models that n...
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The Royal Nursery: 12 Jaw-Dropping Room Ideas for Your Prince or Princess
Although your new arrival may not be heir to the British throne, he—or she—is no less deserving of the royal treatment. Take inspiration for your own royal nurser...
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Designing a Kid's Room: Make It Their Own
Everybody needs their space, right? Even a kid. Nothing’s better than having a little place all your own—one that fee...
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Child Safety During Home Renovations
Safety is an important consideration in any home renovation, but when children live in a home under reconstruction, k...
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25 DIY Storage Ideas to Help Corral Your Kids' Clutter
Kids may be small, but their stuff takes up a lot of space! Make sure their gear is easy to find and well organized with these unique storage solutions.
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Sweet Dreams: A New Line of No-VOC Paints for Nurseries
The health benefits of low-VOC paints for people with chemical sensitivities and respiratory conditions are well docu...
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Bob Vila Radio: Kid's Stuff Storage
Kids grow so fast, it doesn’t take long before their rooms can feel pretty small… but before you plan an addition, he...
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Bob Vila Radio: Child Safety Gates
Falling down the stairs is so common and so dangerous, if you’ve got a baby in your house, you ought to have safety g...
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Bob Vila Radio: Childproofing Tips
Bob Vila Radio is a newly launched daily radio spot carried on more than 60 stations around the country (and growing)...
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Bob Vila Radio: Childproofing Gadgets
Every home is different—and children are great at finding different things to get into every day. There’s a childproo...
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Childproofing Checklist
One of the most important tasks for new parents is insuring the safety of their child. While the basics are generally...
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The Final Word: My "Green" Nursery Challenge
I had 8 weeks and $2,000 to transform our storage room into a green nursery. After sanding, painting, drilling, and o...
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Infant Sleeper: The Final Challenge
Fine woodworker Abel Smith, of Tay River Builders, crafted a cradle for his best friend’s baby. He spent months execu...
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Furniture: My “Green” Nursery Challenge
When I was just 11 days from giving birth, I still had 11th hour projects to complete for my "Green" Nursery Challeng...
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Flooring: My "Green" Nursery Challenge
I expect there's a time for compromise with any home improvement project. If you’ve been tracking my "Green" Nursery ...
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Wallpaper and Paint: My “Green” Nursery Challenge
The nursery was 10’ X 11’ with builder-white walls. It was time for it to reflect our baby boy’s personality. Since h...
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Blinds: My "Green" Nursery Challenge
In week three of My “Green” Nursery Challenge, I saw the light… but wished I hadn’t!My father-in-law pointed out that...
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The Crib and Bedding: My “Green” Nursery Challenge
In week two of my "green" nursery challenge, I purchased the "Rolls Royce" of organic mattresses.   Now I needed a cr...
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The Organic Mattress: My "Green" Nursery Challenge
“You will never sleep again!” is something that people love to say to expecting parents.   But, I decided my baby (an...
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My "Green" Nursery Challenge
In the third trimester of my pregnancy, I never ate pickles or missed sushi. Sure, my stomach honked the horn by itse...
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Installing Sound Attenuation Insulation
The house is insulated for sound control to provide a quiet environment for baby. The installation of the insulation is demonstrated along with the necessary safe...
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Installing Insulated Windows in the Baby's Nursery
The new windows in the baby’s nursery are highly insulated for cold and sound and have health and safety features for young children. They can be installed by do-...
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Learning How to Set Up a Healthy and Safe Room for Baby
Bob continues to talk with Bernadette Upton of EcoDecor about the materials used in an ideal room for baby and safety procedures to put in place when the baby bec...
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Tour the Completed Nursery for the Newborn
Much cosmetic, insulation, and sound reduction work has transformed a tired-old attic bedroom into a peaceful, pretty, and healthy room for baby.
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Tour of the Finished Nursery and Master Bathroom
A peaceful nursery and childproofed home await the baby, and an elegant new master bath and powder room greet family and guests.
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Finishing Touches: Childproofing a Kitchen and Stairs and Completing the Nursery
Bob talks with Jay Martel from the International Association for Child Safety about kitchen safety products for toddlers and baby safety gates for the stairs. Bob...
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Installing a Fabric Sound-Absorbing Ceiling
Sound attenuating insulation is added to the nursery to reduce the echo effect of noise.
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Touring the Burpee Trial Gardens
Bob visits the Burpee trial gardens in Ambler, PA, to review the current and future catalog of plants and flowers.
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Garden Nursery Visit
Bob visits Weston Wholesale Nursery with landscape architect Clara Bachelor.
Tag icon video
Final Tour of the Interior, Part 2
Bob takes a final tour through the nursery, office, kitchen, and family room.
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Plans and Preparations for Landscaping
Bob visits Joanne, a landscape designer, at a local nursery to find plants for the project house's outdoor space.
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