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Bob Vila Radio: How to Cut PVC Pipe
If you’ve ever tried using nothing but a hacksaw to cut through PVC pipe, you know it can be challenging. Often, part...
10 Top DIY Pipe Fitting Projects
Plumbing may be best left in the hands of a pro, but getting creative with pipe fittings is a DIY project that can yield surprising results. Here are ten designs ...
5 Things to Do with... PVC Pipe
For years now, PVC pipe has been popular for many applications in and around the house. It’s lightweight, durable, ba...
How To: Solder Copper Pipe Fittings
Connections are made between sections of iron pipe using threaded fittings. The walls of copper pipe, however, are to...
The Plumbing Rough-In
Plumbers work with three basic categories of supplies. There are the supply pipes, that deliver the clean water into ...
Bob Vila Radio: Pex vs. Copper
For anything from small plumbing repairs to running lines for a whole house, there are lots of reasons pex tubing bea...
Bob Vila Radio: Thawing Pipes
Frozen pipes that burst and cause water damage in your home can happen in all but the warmest areas, and often when y...
Bob Vila Radio: Freezing Pipes
'Tis the season for freezing pipes, and that's not just for folks in colder climates. Listen to BOB VILA ON FREEZING ...
Everything You Need to Know About Winterizing Pipes
As you ready your house for the colder months ahead, don’t forget about your water system. When water freezes, it exp...
Bob Vila Radio: Loud Pipes
If you hear banging or knocking when you turn the tap on and off in your home, you could be straining pipes and coppe...
How To: Work with Plastic Pipe
Plastic pipe requires a mini­mum of tools and experience. If you can use a tape measure and a hacksaw, you can pro­ba...
Building a First-Floor Slab and Walls with Concrete
The home's concrete-slab floor is constructed with foam decking and connected to PEX tubing that will heat the home. The ReddiForm foam blocks enable a single con...
Constructing the Porch and Reviewing the Mechanical Systems
A big farmer's porch will run the whole width of the house. Bob discusses the boiler, which will heat the domestic hot water, radiant floor heating, and hydro-air...
Installing Fiber-Cement Siding and Cellular PVC Trim
While the house is being dried out, fiber-cement siding is put in place, as well as a cellular PVC trim that has the look of wood boards without any of the hassles.
Evaluating the HVAC and Plumbing System
Bob meets with HVAC and plumbing contractor Frank Iadarola to review the HVAC and plumbing systems and discuss how to begin the remodeling process.
Reviewing the Boiler Pipes and Bathroom In-Floor Radiant Heat
Bob and plumbing and heating contractor Frank Iadarola review the air handler and bathroom in-floor radiant heat.
Removing Unwanted Junk and Debris
Bob discusses the best ways to discard debris and unwanted items before starting a renovation.
Reworking the Existing Plumbing and Replacing Brass Water Pipes with PEX Tubing
Bob reviews the work done on the existing plumbing in the basement and the replacement of obsolete brass water pipes.
Installing and Explaining a Basement HVAC System
Bob meets with the installer of the new HVAC system to discuss how it filters air and reduces energy costs.
Installing the Dishwasher
Mike Goodrich show Bob how to install a dishwasher
Removable Swimming Pool Safety Fencing
Bill Jasper joins Bob for the installation of a removable Baby Barrier pool fence.
Plumbing Fittings and Faucets, Energy Star, Whole-House Surge Protection
Bob works with Bob and Dan Gerry to install kitchen sink fixtures. Then the ceiling fan is put in and a Square D All House Surge Arrester is installed.
Ultra Low-Flow Toilet Installed
Lenora Campos shows Bob a Toto energy-efficient toilet.
Installing Bathroom Fixtures
Bob meets with Lenora Campos of Toto USA, the largest toilet manufacturer in the world. Campos introduces Toto's Mercer line of residential fixtures, giving speci...
Installing a Central Vacuum System
Ron Boffoli from Cape Cod Vacuum Supply installs the components for a central vacuum system.
Reviewing the Wood Burning Boiler Features
Back at the Cobb Hill co-housing community, Bob meets with builder Kevin O'Hara, who shows Bob the enormous Gard wood gasifying boiler that's just arrived.
Plumbing With PVC Piping
Bob meets with plumbing contractor, who demonstrates how all the waste lines come together in a residence and how they exit the house.
Flooring, Plumbing, and Plastering
The old flooring in the Gothic Carpenter-style home in Elmwood has been removed. Bob outlines the process of installing the new floor and discusses the new suppor...
Exterior Tour and Plumbing
Bob and contractor Bob Ryley tour the exterior of the cabin, whose exposed wood surfaces will pose some problems for the builders. The plumber installs a drain li...
Installing PVC Pipe
Bob checks in with plumbing contractor Jim Timino, who is running PVC pipe for the rough plumbing. Along the way, Jim demonstrates how to properly cement, or glue...
Sweating a Joint in Copper Plumbing
The plumber Steve Bowton shows Bob how to sweat a joint in copper plumbing.
Installing a New Plumbing Trap
Bob joins plumber Bob Hubbard, who is replacing the cast-iron drain lines with PVC pipe. Hubbard demonstrates how to glue or cement PVC fittings together, before ...
Joining Copper Plumbing
Plumber Tom Higham demonstrates how to join copper plumbing for the bathroom lavatory.
New Water Service Connected
Plumber Don McPoland shows how the new water service is connected to the house.
Radiant Floor Heating System Installed
John Martin (from WarmZone) is on-hand to show Bob how the medium density fiberboard (MDF) faced with reflective aluminum shielding, and precut channels for the h...
White Oak Hardwood Flooring Installation
General contractor Tim Berky installs the white oak, tongue-and-groove floor. Since the flooring will be nailed over the hyrdronic heat system, it is critical to ...
Plans for the Multi-Level Backyard Deck
The extensive new deck will have multiple levels and various sections. General contractor Tim Berky digs holes for the footings before setting them in concrete.
Dealing with a Damp Basement More_clips
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