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5 Home Styles That Look Like Haunted Houses
With names like “Purgatory Scream Park,” “Frightmare Farms,” “Blood Manor,” and “Edge of Hell Haunted House,” modern-...
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Buying an Old House? Be Prepared to Live With These 12 Quirks
Newly built houses must comply with strict design and construction codes, but most of those rules didn't exist decade...
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Touring the Completed Home Interior, Entryway, and Dining Room
Bob tours the front vestibule, highlighting the beautiful stencil work done by artist Kim Sweet. He explains how small touches can bring back the feel of an 1890s...
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Reviewing the Front Porch, and Installing Interior Columns and a Vanity
Bob reviews the Victorian design elements of his front-corner porch and the interior columns that echo the exterior ones, and then watches the turn-of-the-century...
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Tour of Medford, MA
Bob introduces Medford, MA, a city five miles north of Boston. Settled in 1630, Medford once flourished with industry, including the shipbuilding building. Today,...
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Discussing Architectural Plans for the Victorian Restoration
Bob walks with the owner and architect through different rooms on the first floor of the Victorian. Looking over the floor plans, they discuss the changes that w...
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Relocating the Front Door
Bob works with the general contractor Charlie Tomaszewski to move the Medford project home's original front door, so they will be able to frame up a new foyer.
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Skylight and Gable Window Installation
Bob goes up to the attic of the Victorian project house, where an ODL tubular skylight is being installed. Also, Bob looks back at the installation of windows on ...
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Garage Door Installation
Bob helps install the new six-panel garage door at the Victorian restoration project house.
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Home Three: Roof Deck and Hot Tub Installation Project
Bob tours the third Elmwood project house, an eclectic Queen Anne sometimes known as the "Castle of Elmwood". The goal is to reinforce an old sundeck, so that it ...
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Hot Tub Installation
Bob drops by the third Elmwood project house to watch as the deck is covered with rubber and the hot tub is installed.
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House Five: Queen Anne Victorian Porch Restoration
Bob meets with Judy Lee, the owner of the fifth Elmwood project house. The front porch, built in 1892, must be replaced.
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House Six: Portico Restoration, Hardscaping, and Landscaping
Bob meets the owners of the sixth Elmwood neighborhod project house and reviews the proposed portico plans. Built in 1892, the Victorian home needs a new front po...
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House Seven: Shingle-Style Renovation
The seventh Elmwood neighborhood project house has rotting sidewall and old asphalt roof shingles in need of replacement.
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House Eleven: Renovating Attic Space
Homeowner Don DeSantis is transforming the attic level into an exercise space. The floor structure is being shored up in order to hold the wieght of excercise equ...
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Bob Visits Oak Bluffs in Martha's Vineyard
Bob takes the ferry to the island of Martha's Vineyard, MA, where he tours Oak Bluffs and soaks in the town's Victorian history.
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Touring Homes on Martha's Vineyard
Bob and realtor Alan Schwikert visit a 1930s Shingle-style home just outside of Vineyard Haven and then a smaller 'in-town' Victorian. Neither project fits Bob's ...
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Touring the Exterior of Chateau-sur-Mer
To prepare for the Victorian remodel, Bob takes an inspirational tour of the striking Chateau-sur-Mer in Newport, RI.
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Lyndhurst Mansion Tour
Bob tours Lyndhurst mansion, a testament to high living during the Victoria era in New York's Hudson River Valley. The 40-odd rooms include a Gothic dining room w...
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Concrete Chimney
Bob and contractor John Clancy discuss creating the new concrete chimney at the Victorian-style project house in Martha's Vineyard.
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Building a Victorian-Style Breezeway
Contractor Bob Ryley is creating a Victorian-style breezeway using modern materials, which will bridge the old and new wings of the home.
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Victorian Architectural Style
Bob meets with an expert in Victorian design to look at homes with scalloped, diamond, and straight shingles. Gingerbread-style brackets and railings are also rev...
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Reviewing the Frame and Attaching the Verge Board
As contractor Bob Ryley attaches the gingerbread-style verge board on one gable end of the Martha's Vineyard Victorian project, Bob remarks on the notable feature...
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Installing Pella Doors and Windows
Bob and Tom Moran (from Pella) discuss the anatomy of the doors chosen for the Martha's Vineyard Victorian project, and contractor Bob Ryley demonstrates the proc...
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Installing Cedar Shingles
Bob meets with carpenter Ron Jackson, who is installing Atlantic white cedar shingles and sidewall flashing.
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Wiring the Victorian Home
Bob joins electrician Greg Roulette as he works on the rough wiring. The circuit breaker panel, Greg explains, is a receptacle for ground, neutral, and hot wires...
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Window Trim and Scalloped Shingles
Bob and contractor Bob Ryley confer about adding trim to the curvilinear top edge of an arched window. After sheet lead is installed as flashing, Ryley attaches s...
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Staining the Exterior
Painting contractor Mike Suarez sprays water-based stain on the home's exterior, while Bob, accompanied by paint consultant Sherry Hiller, tours the island with a...
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Installing Tin Ceiling Sheaths
Contractor Bob Ryles demonstrates how to install tin ceiling sheaths, a Victorian touch for the Martha's Vineyard project house.
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Victorian House Landscaping
Landscape designer Ruth Foster visits the project site to explain her choice of plantings for the formal courtyard garden.
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Progress Update and Pedestal Sink Installation
Bob reviews progress in the kitchen, where pantry space and a tin ceiling have been installed, and where contractor Bob Ryley continues working on the staircase. ...
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Wall Stenciling and Decorative Striping
Bob confers with artist Margo Datz about decorative striping and stenciling in the master bedroom. She demonstrates for Bob how to add a stencil pattern to painte...
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Costs for Building the Victorian
Bob and contractor Bob Ryley review costs for the Victorian-style remodel-and-build project in Martha's Vineyard, MA.
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Touring the Designed Interior
Bob tours the furnished, decorated Martha's Vineyard Victorian project house. The designer has sourced pieces from antique stores, salvage yards, second hand stor...
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Touring the Home Addition
The designer shows Bob around the addition, pointing out certain highlights, such as the breezeway with exposed studs and the Victorian-influenced lighting design...
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Exterior Cladding
Bob looks on as general contractor Tim Berky clads the Queen Anne Victorian project house with clapboards, taking cues from the home's original 1890s exterior.
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Matching Original Victorian Frieze Board
General contractor Tim Berky is creating a new frieze board to match the existing board and molding on the 1890 Queen Anne Victorian project house.
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Demolition and Reconstruction of Victorian Foundation
General contractor Tim Berky updates Bob on progress since the footing for the new foundation was poured and repairs to the original foundation were made.
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Reviewing Plans for Updating the Victorian
Bob meets with homeowner David Masher and architect Greg Colling at the project house, a Queen Anne Victorian in Rowley, MA's historic district, to review plans f...
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Tour of the Victorian Interior
Homeowners David Masher and Jeanne Sanviti-Masher provide Bob with a tour of the interior of their 1890s Victorian home in Rowley, MA.
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Excavation and Foundation Work
Bob joins general contractor Tim Berky to hear how the foundation and footing will be handled for the Victorian kitchen remodel and deck addition.
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