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The Best Circuit-Breaker Finders Tested in 2023
While a circuit-breaker finder isn’t one of the most common tools in a DIYer’s arsenal, it can be essential for home ...
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How to Install a Doorbell
Ever since we’ve had doors, we’ve been reinventing ways to be alerted to a visitor’s arrival. Hefty iron knockers gav...
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How to Splice Wires for Home Electrical Projects
If your around-the-house to-do list includes an ambitious DIY electrical project, be it installing a light fixture, r...
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8 Warning Signs of Dangerously Outdated Electrical Wiring
Most people don’t give too much thought to what’s behind their walls. Yet every time you flip a light switch or use your toaster, you are drawing on your home’s i...
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How to Wire a Light Switch: Easy Steps for Single-Pole and 3-Way Switches
Although it's easy to wire a light switch, you need a basic understanding of how electricity works in the home in ord...
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Retrofitting a Gas Light
Bob meets electrician Barry Driscoll, who is retrofitting an old gas light fixture to make a modern electrical one. Then Bob meets with lighting consultant Penny ...
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Wiring an Electrical Box to Support a Backup Generator
Bob meets with Electrician Harry Cunningham to install a backup generator.
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Installing an Impact-Resistant Front Door, Electric Wiring with Metal Studs, Plumbing with Metal Studs and a Concrete Slab
Bob meets with Jesse Gonzales to install an impact-resistant front door, electrician Jose Rodriguez to install wiring and plumber Dan Gerry to learn how to work w...
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Residential Electrical Wiring
Bob meets Eddie Fisher, the master electrician on the Brooklyn project's infrastructure team. A team of five electricians from AC/DC Electric is rewiring the buil...
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Structured Wiring Explained
Bob watches the installation of a Leviton structured wire system. The system is designed to seamlessly allow the transmission of data, phone, and cable signals wi...
Tag icon video
Structured Wiring Options
Bob and Tim Woods (of Internet Home Alliance) discuss the basics of structured wiring and connectivity in the basement of the Vermont farmhouse.
Tag icon video
Convection Oven Installation
Bob joins electrician Larry Dana in the Vermont farmhouse kitchen, as he installs the Kenmore Elite 30 self-cleaning convection oven.
Tag icon video
Structured Wiring Installation
Bob joins Tim Woods (from Internet Home Alliance) in the basement to look over the network connection center, the area responsible for the homeowners' internet, t...
Tag icon video
Networking, Entertainment, and Security Wiring for the Home
Bob Ryley meets with Ken Frankel (from Lucent Technologies) to discuss the new HomeStar wiring system.
Tag icon video
Discussing the Home Automation System
Bob meets with Tom Morgan (from Home Automation) to view and discuss the "brain" of the home automation system. Next, Bob checks in with the wiring contractor to ...
Tag icon video
Technology Systems in the Governor's Mansion
Bob inspects the remote device, controlling the PA system, HVAC, lighting, and entertainment systems. In the basement, Bob Ryley is exploring the wires and cables...
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Electrical Wiring in the Accessible Home
Bob joins a three-man team from Cliff Electric, the firm performing all the 'rough-in' wiring.
Tag icon video
Installing Recessed Lighting
Ed House (from Cliff Electrical Contractors) is installing recessed lighting.
Tag icon video
Home Elevator Installation
Bob meets Mike Vogt (from Access Industries) and carpenters (from the Whitaker Company), who are installing a residential elevator.
Tag icon video
Block Wall Demolition
Bob and contractor Ed Weller meet to demolish a block wall in order to open up the room for remodeling.
Tag icon video
Plumbing in the Bathroom and Wiring in the Kitchen
Plumber Kevin Hanley reviews the installation process for a pedestal sink and antique toilet in the new half-bath. And electrical wiring is pulled through the wal...
Tag icon video
Wiring the Cabin
Bob and the electrician look over the plastic-sheathed electrical wiring and discuss how to protect the installation, while still making it look good.
Tag icon video
Smart-House Wiring and Waterproofing the Stairway Planter
Bob talks about the "Smart House" system that will be installed in the house with the electrician, Pete Tim. Meanwhile, hot-mopped tar is used to waterproof the s...
Tag icon video
Installing a Lightning Rod
J & G Lightning Protection, Inc. installs a lightning rod system that will draw lightning toward the two copper rods, which perch on the garage roof. The copper p...
Tag icon video
Wiring the Home Addition
Electrician Steve Bradley is on hand to install the electrical wires and boxes for the addition. Bob discusses the codes regarding receptacle placement and Steve ...
Tag icon video
Recessed Lighting Installation
Bob lays out the lighting design for the kitchen. Electrician Steven Bradley shows Bob how to install a high-hat light fixture, from the mounting to the wiring to...
Tag icon video
Wiring a Thermostat
Bob observes as electrician Steve Bradley snakes a thermostat wire along a wall in service of the new air conditioning system.
Tag icon video
Wiring the Colonial Lantern Fixture
After taking stock of progress that's been made, Bob begins wiring a hanging light fixture for a special colonial lantern in the front hall.
Tag icon video
Hooking Up the Refrigerator Ice Maker
Bob has finished wiring the Colonial-style light fixture in the entryway and, back in the kitchen, the refrigerator ice maker is hooked up.
Tag icon video
Electric Layout
Bob discusses the electrical layout of the first floor with electrician Slav Witowski.
Tag icon video
Reviewing the Electrical Wiring
Bob goes over the electrical wiring with John Hickey. Also, cedar clapboards are put up on the exterior.
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