Important Things to Know

Pool Maintenance

About Above-Ground

Chlorine keeps pool water clean and eliminates bacteria, microorganisms, and algae.

2. Shock your above-ground pool weekly.

Shocking the pool can be especially beneficial if several people recently swam in it or following a rainstorm.

When the water in your pool moves around, it helps keep the pool clean.

Without proper cleaning, the water in the pool may become polluted.

5. Clean out the pump and pool skimmer baskets every day.

Emptying these baskets as part of your above-ground pool cleaning routine will keep your pool cleaner and help prevent clogs.

It’s actually best to leave above-ground pools filled with water for the winter, rather than draining them.

7. Install a sump pump  to protect your house from leaks.

If the pool leaks or drains towards your home, it could potentially flood and damage your basement.