10 States

With the Highest  Property Tax Rates

In The U.S.A.

The state has an effective tax rate of 1.43 percent based on an average home value of $164,800, which is significantly lower than the national average.


Given that Rhode Islanders pay an average of $4,483 in property taxes each year, the effective property tax rate is 1.53 percent, the same as in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Rhode Island

Some say that property taxes are high in Plains states like Nebraska (1.67 percent) because they have large areas with low populations.


Despite the fact that the median home cost is substantially lower than the national average, Wisconsin residents still pay an average of $3,472 in property taxes each year.


With an average annual property tax payment of $3,520, homeowners have to deal with an effective property tax rate of 1.74 percent.


This state has the third-highest property tax rate in the country, with an effective tax rate of 2.09 percent.

New Hampshire

With a relatively high average home cost, the state’s effective property tax rate calculates to 2.15 percent.


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