10 Things to

Plant Now

for Your Fall Vegetable Garden

Leave them in the ground when there’s a freeze, and their flesh will taste even sweeter!


These pungent veggies are one of the fastest-growing edibles in the vegetable garden.

It’s a solid pick for late summer planting because it can tolerate  light frost.

Stick with bush beans since they’re hardier than pole and runner beans and usually mature quicker.


Many types mature within 60 days, but you can also harvest leaves in their baby form.

Heads that mature in cooler weather are tastier and better in quality than those picked during the hot summer months.

These quick-growing greens are better suited to cool-season growing and don’t take long to mature.


By picking the right varieties, you might even be able to enjoy lettuce far past the end of fall—with the help of some protection like row covers or cold frames.

Varieties suited for late-season planting include Ishikura Onion (40 to 50 days) and Parade (60 days).

Summer Squash

Squash doesn’t like frost, so plant ASAP to ensure fruits can form and mature before the first frost date.