Tour of the Premier Building Systems Factory

Project: Habitat for Humanity, Episode 2, Part 2

As the walls go up on the Habitat house in Yonkers, Steve Thompson (from Premier Building Systems) joins Bob to discuss the use of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). Then, Bob goes off to visit the Premier manufacturing facility in Washington State to see just how SIPs are manufactured. Back in Yonkers, framing work continues, while Bob moves to the basement to check out the GFX-- a new, money-saving system for recapturing heat from drain water.
Part 1: Building Walls With Structural Insulated Panels
Part 2: Tour of the Premier Building Systems Factory
Bob tours the Premier Building Systems plant with general manager Steve Thompson. This is the plant where the structural insulated panels for this project have been made.

There are several layers and materials used in the construction of the SIPs-- oriented strand board, expanded polystyrene, and glue. Each panel is cut from the templates provided by the contractor. Heated wires are used to quickly cut through the polystyrene, then OSB plates are attached.
Bob Vila introduces the latest in sustainable materials and efficient building techniques on a Habitat for Humanity build. This project documents a five-day process that transformed an empty lot into a snug, comfortable, and sustainable home in Yonkers, NY.

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