Editorial Standards

Our Mission

Since the site began in 2011—following nearly 30 years of Bob Vila’s television career on This Old House, Bob Vila’s Home Again, and more—BobVila.com has served as a resource for anyone and everyone interested in maintaining and upgrading their home. Our goal is to be a complete toolbox for the average homeowner or renter, with a library chock full of inspiration, patient explanation, supply recommendations, and helpful step-by-step instructions.

We’re not here simply to spit out the answers to homeowners’ biggest queries. We strive to educate and offer ideas for all levels of homeowner knowledge and DIY skill sets, and we do so through thorough research and comprehensive stories.

Our Experience and Expertise

Our writers and editors include experts in all home and garden areas, from general contractors to master gardeners, as well as journalists with a focus in home improvement and DIY. Often, the same knowledgeable people writing detailed how-tos are the ones we trust to research, vet, and test the products for the projects, too. After all, who better to advise on how to use a tool than the person who tried a dozen? Conversely, those with project experience know best how to assess products.

Our Commitment to Accuracy

Every improvement to the home and garden is an investment, and we want our readers to feel confident that they have the tools for success after consulting our guides. Factual accuracy and precision is paramount for instructional content and any articles that offer advice. As such, we thoroughly researched every topic on BobVila.com. Even when our team has firsthand experience with a product or a project, we’ll consult credible sources and subject matter experts—industry professionals, scientists, academics, and leading manufacturers in the field—to ensure that our advice is accurate and top-notch.

Furthermore, BobVila.com and its parent company Recurrent Ventures do not and will not use AI tools to generate content. All BobVila.com stories are written and edited by sharp journalists as well as fact-checked and copy edited for accuracy and clarity. 

We recognize that errors can still happen. If you have feedback on advice given in any article, please send us an email at contact [at] bobvila [dot] com. Our editorial team will review the content, consult additional expert sources as needed, and update the story if necessary.


We may earn a commission through any of our product review links, and we will always disclose this. Likewise, any “sponsored” stories will be clearly identified. However, these affiliate and advertising relationships do not influence our opinions in any way; our reviews and ratings of products are our own.

Editorial decisions as well as our product reviews are solely guided by our knowledge on the topic or project, market research, expert insights, and firsthand experience. We stand behind our recommendations, from tools and materials found in project tutorials to favorites in buying guides. Any recommendations we make are ones we’d feel comfortable putting to use in our own homes.

Our Editorial Team