Phillip Tinner, Editor

Phillip Tinner



  • Specialties and interests: Gardening, robotic vacuums, net-zero living
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts in history from Texas A&M University
  • Other work: Former news editor at Screen Rant


A lifelong homebody, Phillip Tinner now puts his preoccupations with living space touch-ups and climate justice to better use at He joined the site’s world-class team in December 2021 and has since dedicated himself to highlighting the latest home improvement trends and explaining how to do just about anything around the house for readers.

Best DIY Advice

Phillip’s best DIY advice for any self-reliant, cost-effective home is to transition to reusable and/or repairable goods that can last a lifetime. Tote bags, Swedish dishcloths, cloth diapers, and more are must-haves, and voting for right-to-repair initiatives and supporting local repair shops (for those few things you can’t fix yourself), are absolutely essential.

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