12 Storage Hacks for a More Organized Kitchen

With a few simple, "Why didn't I think of that?" projects, you can turn your kitchen into an oasis of order where everything is at your fingertips.
A traditional kitchen featuring a pantry storage shelf and maple cabinet
Photo: istockphoto.com

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It seems as though there’s never quite enough space to store all of a home’s dry goods, pots and pans, and dishware. With the right DIY kitchen storage hacks, though, you can make a place for everything and keep everything in its place. From tension rod shelving to tea towel holders, these homemade kitchen storage solutions will save on space and budget at the same time.

1. Tension Rod Mug Rack

kitchen storage hacks - white coffee cup rack
Photo: Jen Woodhouse

Tired of rummaging through a full cabinet every time you need a cup of coffee? Organize your coffee mugs quickly and cheaply by installing a series of tension curtain rods and S-hooks. Use an existing tight space to save on work, or build and finish your own open-faced cabinet to make this storage solution an attractive kitchen accent.

2. T-Molding Wine Glass Rack

kitchen storage hacks - hanging wine glasses
Photo: istockphoto.com

T-molding is typically used for flooring, but with a little effort you can use it to hang a lot of wine glasses in a small space. All you have to do is cut the molding to the depth of your cabinet shelves, screw pilot holes, and secure. Proper spacing will allow your glasses to slide in and out easily. Cheers!

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3. Mason Jar Storage

kitchen storage hacks - floating mason jars
Photo: Two Men and a Little Farm

When counters become cluttered with flour, sugar, teas, spices, and other staples that need to be kept fresh but ideally out of the way, consider this solution. Pick a section of your upper cabinets that has ample counter clearance below, and use short screws to secure a magnetic strip to the underside of the cabinet. Any mason jars that come into contact with the magnet should do the rest of the work, hovering in sight but out of the way until they’re needed.

4. Cooling Rack Lid Organizer

kitchen storage hacks - tupperware lid organizer
Photo: The Krazy Coupon Lady

If it feels like your Tupperware collection is out of control and you happen to have an extra cooling rack lying around, you can put the latter to good use keeping container lids under control. With just a basket and a wire cooling rack, The Krazy Coupon Lady’s method can corral assorted food storage container lids in a cabinet, on a shelf, or on the counter.

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5. Magnetic Knife Strip

kitchen storage hacks - knives on magnetic strip
Photo: Grillo Designs

Move your kitchen knife set off of the counter and onto free wall space with a homemade magnetic knife strip, as demonstrated by Grillo Designs above. With a drill, magnets, and an appropriately sized Forstner bit, a finished board can hold steel knives within arm’s reach of your cooking prep area. Your new magnetic knife strip can be mounted to the wall with screws or, if you’re a renter, with mounting putty.

6. Pot Lid Holder

kitchen storage hacks - pot lid organizer
Photo: Fix This Build That

A quick and easy woodworking hack, courtesy of Fix This Build That, transforms the inside of a cabinet door into a custom organizer for pot and pan lids. All you need is a tape measure, saw, wood glue, drill, screws, and wood strips. A hand saw and miter box can be swapped out for a miter saw if you have one, and some sanding and a finish to match the cabinet elevates this kitchen storage hack even further.

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7. Shoe Holder Storage

kitchen storage hacks - kitchen spice holder
Christa Threlfall via The Frugal Homemaker

The words “shoes” and “food” usually don’t go together, but in this case they’re a perfect match. Take a cue from The Frugal Homemaker and sling a clean plastic shoe holder over your pantry door, and you’ll have a cheap and effective way to store spices, snacks, or any other food packages that fit. You can also use it to store napkins, cutlery, water bottles, measuring spoons, and small boxes of plastic bags.

8. Pegboard Organizer

kitchen storage hacks - cooking gadgets on pegboard
Photo: istockphoto.com

Take advantage of unused wall space in a small kitchen by hanging a nicely painted sheet of pegboard. Then, attach S-hooks to it and hang lightweight pots, pans, colanders, and utensils. The board keeps everything organized and close at hand, and can even be used to air-dry damp items after washing them.

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9. DIY Can Dispenser

kitchen storage hacks - pantry can dispenser
Photo: Ana White

Keeping stock of canned goods is especially easy when they don’t share shelf space with other pantry mainstays, and this can organizer achieves just that. If you have an empty wall in the pantry, as well as some thin wood boards, acrylic glass (or, optionally, more wood), and screws, follow Ana White’s detailed plans and instructions to make this useful pantry storage DIY a reality. This intermediate project benefits from some building experience, but beginners can handle it with the right tools and a can-do attitude.

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10. Farmhouse Tea Towel Holder

kitchen storage hacks - farmhouse towel holder
Photo: The Wood Grain Cottage

Tired of storing your kitchen towels on the handle of the stove but still want them within easy reach? If so, give The Wood Grain Cottage’s farmhouse chic kitchen towel hack a try. The good news is that you only need a hook, wire coat hanger, wire cutters, and pliers. Cut, secure, and reshape the hanger into a circle, then dangle your favorite dish towel on the new holder so it’s there when you need it.

11. Freezer Bins

kitchen storage hacks - organized freezer
Photo: Simply Organized

In refrigerators with bottom freezers, it’s difficult to keep frozen veggies, junk food, and concentrates separated. Simply Organized’s inspired idea to use magazine and other multipurpose storage bins in the freezer will help you find what you need quickly. Repurpose organizers you already have or visit your local office supply store, then empty out the freezer, place two or more bins at the bottom, and sort your frozen foods into much neater groups.

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12. Wall Plate Rack

kitchen storage hacks - wall plate kitchen rack
Photo: Simply Aligned Home

If you have some unused wall space and the skills to take on a moderately challenging DIY project, consider installing a trendy floor-length plate rack to organize and display your prized plates, cutting boards, and cookbooks. Use Simply Aligned Home‘s guide (along with wood, caulk, power tools, and a few other materials) for a showy kitchen storage hack that also frees up precious cabinet space.