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The 9 Smartest Ways to Organize Your Entire Home with S-Hooks

We’re always looking for new ways to organize every room in the house, but storage systems and fancy containers take up a lot of space and can get pretty pricey. One clever solution for your organizational woes is surprisingly compact: the S-hook. When paired with a sturdy towel bar or rod, those utilitarian, unassuming stainless steel hooks can hold kitchenware, gardening tools, and much more. Here are the 9 smartest ways to put S-hooks to use in your quest for total home organization.

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Hang Up Cooking Utensils

Cooking in a small kitchen certainly has its challenges—especially when you have a lot of utensils and other supplies and no countertop space to store them. Suspending cooking utensils from S-hooks on a strong rod or rack will clear up counter space, leaving you with more room to chop, stir, and serve.

Store Cleaning Supplies

No matter the size of your home, it seems like the utility closet, or whatever space you use to stash your cleaning supplies, is always a chaotic mess. Keep your mops, brooms, dusters, and dustpans off the floor and neatly suspended from S-hooks on a towel bar, Command hooks, or rod.

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Get Gardening Tools off the Ground

If you’ve got even a hint of a green thumb, you’ve probably accrued plenty of garden tools over the years to help you water, weed, and dig. Instead of letting tools pile up in a corner of your shed or garage, display them tidily by installing a towel bar and hanging them up with S-hooks.

Organize Pots and Pans

Whether you lack cupboard space or you’re simply tired of digging through your cabinets to find the right pot or pan, a few S-hooks hung from a sturdy metal pipe or rod can fix this annoying kitchen issue. Just be sure that the rod or pipe you use is securely attached to the wall and strong enough to handle all the weight.

Hang Plants or Vases

Plants are beneficial to our living spaces in so many ways. They help reduce carbon dioxide levels and pollutants, they keep air temperature down, and they add splashes of color. But they can also take up space on furniture, mantels, and other surfaces, and when left on the floor they’re a hazard or temptation for curious kids and pets. Keep your spaces neater and safer by mounting a rod or rack near a sunny window and hanging your plants from S-hooks. 

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Keep Jewelry off Your Dresser

Jewelry adds so much to our outfits—and creates so much clutter on top of our dressers and bathroom counters. Clean up those messy surfaces by hanging a rod inside a closet door or above a dresser and using it to suspend your jewelry from S-hooks. As a bonus, you’ll never have to untangle a necklace again. 

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Squeeze Space out of a Small Bathroom

Without a linen closet or vanity cabinet, you have limited storage options for towels and other bath supplies. But if you invest in just a few S-hooks, you can keep these bathroom must-haves off the floor and close at hand. 

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Tidy Up Your Entryway

When you get home from a long day at work, a cluttered entryway does nothing to soothe your stress. Clear the mess and organize all those hats, purses, and umbrellas with S-hooks and a pretty pipe or rod. After all, your entry way is the first thing your guests will see when they walk into your home!

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Create More Space for Craft Supplies

If you’re a crafter, whether you crochet, scrapbook, or knit, you know just how much space all the supplies can take up. Install a towel bar and use a few S-hooks to hang up scissors, baskets of colored pencils, or jars filled with buttons to keep your craft space organized and efficient.

Hang It Up

Who knew something as simple and elegant as an S-Hook could do so much?