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10 Sneaky Ways to Store Winter Gear

Winter weather lovers make the most of the season with outdoor activities like sledding and snowboarding. It’s all fun and games—if you have the right gear. But once inside, the same coats and boots that make cold weather bearable can be almost too much to store. If your cluttered coat closet is groaning under winter's weight, fear not. Take a hint from one of these clever storage ideas to coral your winter-gear quicker than you can catch a snowflake on your tongue.

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Hooks & Baskets

There’s no seasonal delight that can match the sight of kids playing in the snow. Once they come inside for hot cocoa, though, they may leave a melting mess dripping in the doorway. A board fitted with baskets and hooks makes the perfect solution to combat the clutter. Create a spot for each family member to stash their stuff where it can dry out so it’s ready for the next snowy play session.

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Clothespin Clipboard

This elegantly simple solution for storing wet hats and gloves comes together in a snap. Just paint a board, and attach clothespins to it with wood glue. A couple of hangers and some picture wire make it wall ready. Once it’s hung, you’re ready to clip up your wet hats, gloves, and scarves to dry.

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Pipe Dream

There never seems to be enough closet space to hang all of winter’s bulky outerwear. But you can create more easily, and fashionably, without a major overhaul. This DIY copper pipe clothing rack mounts directly to the ceiling and can be used to keep heavy sweaters and jackets out of already cramped closets.

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Basket Case

While you might think the top rack of the coat closet is the only place to store hats, gloves and scarves, it’s not necessarily the best place. The reason is family to anyone who’s had a tangle of the small garments end up cascading down in a jumble while searching for a single glove. Gather your loose items together in a single basket, then pull it off the top shelf when you’re hunting for something warm to wear.

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A Bench for Boots

Mudroom storage is always a challenge, not least of all because space is usually a limiting factor. Turn a simple bench into a storage station when you undermount wire baskets to the seat. The extra space will allow you to store shoes and boots, keeping them exactly where you need them to be when you’re ready to walk out the door. Find the full tutorial here.

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Slim Storage for Scarves

All those lovely scarves that keep a neck warm in winter aren’t so easy to keep organized. Keep them from becoming a tangled mess by sliding them into the rings on this DIY hanger organizer. Constructed with a wooden hanger, screw eyes, and binder rings that easily open and close, it can transform into a storage space for baseball hats, belts, or jewelry in the off-season.

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Scarf Storage Decor

Let all your pretty scarves serve as decor to brighten a gray winter day. Simply wrap each scarf on a wrung and let them hang down behind one another. When the weather warms up, box up your scarves and use the same ladder to store throw blankets or display costume jewelry.

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Boot Pegs

The glistening white snow, so picturesque when seen from afar, looks less glamorous when it appears as a slushy mess on your entryway floor. Check snow at the door by enforcing a boots-off rule at your front step. Then employ this simple DIY wooden boot rack. Though simple in design, it solves two problems in one: Maintaining dry floors and keeping flurries out of the inside of your guests’ boots. 

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Storage Bench Cubbies

If the main entry to your home is already cluttered with winter gear, you can pray for an early spring—or use this simple and attractive solution. Tuck some storage bins into an upholstered storage bench or ottoman. Each bin can serve as a cubby to organize gloves, hats, or scarves, keeping all the clutter under wraps.

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Rustic Wall Bins

This rustic wall unit can store an entire family’s collection of hats, scarves and gloves, and yet still look attractive in a country chic home. The plan calls for basic lumber and simple cuts, plus a little staining, and decorations as desired. Even a novice DIYer can knock this storage solution out before the first snow falls. Find the tutorial at Remodelaholic.

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