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17 Closet Cures That Cost Less Than $100

Don’t let your closet turn into cluttered chaos. Tame the mess and get things organized with these affordable picks.
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Tired of fighting with your closet to find the blue scarf that you wore just the other day? Or your other brown shoe? It may be time to take a new look at an old mess—the closet. Closets can be one of the most cluttered and disorganized places in the house. After all, it’s easy to stuff things behind closed doors when unexpected guests arrive. But the good news is that there are some very easy—and surprisingly affordable—closet organization and storage solutions that can help create order out of chaos. Scroll through for 17 products that will tame that cluttered closet, each for less than $100!

1. Boot Rack

Closet Cures Option Boot Rack

Boots can pose a substantial storage problem. They’re often too large for conventional shoe racks, and when they do fit, their tops flop over. Meet your boots’ new best friend: The Whitmor Boot Organizer stores up to three pairs of boots, maintaining their shape while at the same time helping them air out between uses.

Get the Whitmor boot rack at Amazon for $20.22.

2. Metal Loop Scarf Hanger

Closet Cures Option Metal Loop Scarf Hanger

Keep scarves, ties, or belts on view and easily accessed with the InterDesign Axis 18-Loop Scarf Holder. The sturdy steel hanger includes loops of varying sizes to fit even the chunkiest of scarves, and its sleek design deters snags. But the best part? This unit hangs on a standard-size closet rod with the rest of your hangers. 

Get the InterDesign scarf hanger at Amazon for $8.68.

3. Shelf Dividers

Closet Cures Option Shelf Dividers

Store more, and store more neatly, by stacking your stuff between Ssawcasa Shelf Dividers. Sold in sets of six, eight, 10, or 12, and available with a metal or acrylic finish, these handy wire dividers slide right over standard shelving and require no special tools or mounting hardware.

Get the Ssawcasa shelf dividers (8-pack) at Amazon for $28.89.

4. Hanging Closet Organizer

Closet Cures Option Hanging Closet Organizer

Stash any combination of accessories—purses, shoes, shades—quickly and compactly inside the fabric cubbies of this Max Houser Hanging Closet Organizer. The six-tiered organizer features two heavy-duty hooks that allow it to hang from the closet rod, creating a convenient storage spot.

Get the Max Houser hanging closet organizer at Amazon for $14.98.

5. Hanging Organizer

Closet Cures Option Hanging Organizer

When space is at a premium—and even when it’s not—the handy Spectrum 35000 6-Hook Hanging Organizer can help you maximize your hanging storage. This wall-mounted system closes vertically when not in use. It holds empty hangers when folded or a variety of items (up to 12) when fully extended. 

Get the Spectrum Diversified hanging organizer at Amazon for $9.99.

6. 12-Pack Shoe Storage Box

Closet Cures Option 12-Pack Shoe Storage Box

Create a custom shoe storage unit to fit your space with the easy-to-assemble See Spring 12-Pack Shoe Storage Box. The 12 individual compartments can be fit together to form a rectangle of various dimensions, or it can even be assembled so it’ll fit under the stairs. Each compartment features a clear front door to keep your shoes dust-free and easy to find. 

Get the See Spring shoe storage box at Amazon for $31.99.

7. Deluxe Double Rod Freestanding Closet

Closet Cures Option Deluxe Double Rod Freestanding Closet

Stuck without a closet altogether? Enter the Whitmor Double Rod Freestanding Closet. This freestanding black metal unit is attractive enough to be left out in the open, or it can slide into an existing closet for extra organization. Leave your tool box behind: no tools are required to assemble the unit, which features two hanging bars and five wire shelves.

Get the Whitmor freestanding closet at Amazon for $62.50.

8. Hanging Storage Baskets

Closet Cures Option Hanging Storage Baskets

Tidy up sewing supplies, craft items, or other small articles without a home using these attractive Gocan Hanging Storage Baskets. The three woven organic cotton baskets might just match the ones you already use to corral stuff elsewhere in the house, but these hang conveniently on the back of any closet or bedroom door. Choose from jute, gray, or black baskets to coordinate with the rest of your decor.

Get the Gocan hanging storage baskets at Amazon starting at $25.36.

9. Space-Saving Hangers

Closet Cures Option Space-Saving Hangers

Create space in crowded closets with these space-saving hangers. Each cascading hanger can hold five items—and we don’t just mean T-shirts. Each one is sturdy enough to hold up to 30 pounds, or a family’s worth of winter coats. This set of 12 can fit up to 60 garments in the same space that a dozen hangers might fill. 

Get the Mshalade hangers at Amazon for $9.49.

10. Jewelry Cabinet Armoire

Closet Cures Option Jewelry Cabinet Armoire

Like a mirrored medicine cabinet for your closet, the Songmics Jewelry Cabinet Armoire organizes jewelry and accessories neatly behind a full-length mirror. Hang this cabinet over a door or mount it to a wall, and you’ll gain space for up to 36 necklaces, 39 rings, 72 pairs of earrings, and so much more.

Get the Songmics jewelry cabinet armoire at Amazon starting at $89.99.

11. Kids Closet Organizer

Closet Cures Option Kids Closet Organizer

Adults aren’t the only ones who need some help keeping their closets organized. This hanging organizer from Handy Laundry offers six cubbies, each labeled with a day of the week, to help kids lay out shoes, clothing, or other items for the week. Even younger children can learn independence by getting themselves dressed in the outfits they picked out with their parents.

Get the Handy Laundry kids closet organizer at Amazon for $9.99.

12. Space-Saving Pants Hangers

Closet Cures Option Space-Saving Pants Hangers

If you hang your pants up in the closet, you know how much space they can consume. To reclaim some of that precious hanging space, consider this space-saving option from Songmics. It lets you hang up to five pairs on a single hanger, and the set comes with three stainless steel hangers, each with five padded nonslip arms that swing out to make it easy to hang up or remove each pair of pants. The hanger hooks also swivel a full 360 degrees to help you access the hanger.

Get the Songmics pants hangers (set of 3) at Amazon for $24.99.

13. Over-the-Door Shoe Organizers

Closet Cures Option Over-the-Door Shoe Organizers

This set of two over-the-door shoe organizers from Storage Maniac was our experts’ top pick in our guide to the best over-the-door shoe racks. Each organizer offers 12 pockets, which you can use for more than just shoes. You can hang each organizer over a different door or connect them, giving you a total of 24 slots to keep scarves, shoes, belts, gloves, and more easy to grab and off your closet floor.

Get the Storage Maniac shoe organizers (set of 2) at Amazon for $32.99.

14. Closet Dividers

Closet Cures Option Closet Dividers

Whether you need to separate baby clothes by size or want to separate your sweaters from your T-shirts, these closet dividers from ERA Accents may be the closet organization solution you’ve been searching for. The set includes 30 dividers that you can slide over the closet rod. There are 10 different colors to help you group like items together, and you can even write on the dividers with a marker to make it easier to locate the specific garment you need.

Get the ERA Accents closet dividers at Amazon for $9.75

15. Pull-Out Tie and Belt Storage Rack

Closet Cures Option Pull-Out Tie and Belt Storage Rack

Are ties or belts taking over your closet? Do you struggle to keep them from falling off a regular hanger? If so, then check out this pull-out tie and belt storage rack from Rev-A-Shelf. The 12-inch rack screws into the side of a closet or cabinet, then pulls out to help you easily locate the tie, belt, or scarf you need.

Get the Rev-A-Shelf tie and belt storage rack at Amazon for $29.89.

16. Flush-Mount Closet Light

Closet Cures Option Flush-Mount Closet Light

Without proper lighting, you may as well give up on being able to find anything in your closet or keep it organized. Shed some light on a dark or dim closet with this 18-inch flush-mount LED closet light from Lithonia Lighting, our top pick in our guide to the best closet lighting. The bright white LED lights offer 920 lumens to help you find exactly what you need. The light even features a motion sensor that will turn it on and off automatically.

Get the Lithonia Lighting closet light at Amazon for $48.23.

17. Purse Organizers

Closet Cures Option Purse Organizers

Try storing your extra purses in the individual compartments of these Zebricolo Purse Organizers. The set of two hanging organizers offers a total of 16 plastic pockets to keep your purses off the floor and clean. Each pocket is clear, making it easy to grab the purse you’re looking for. The spacious pockets can also be used to hold caps, scarves, and other accessories. 

Get the Zebricolo purse organizers (2-pack) at Amazon for $19.99.